97 The Broken Contrac
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Author :HotIce
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97 The Broken Contrac

Tang Shaoyang went out of the laboratory but then he recalled something. He turned around and entered the laboratory, "Where are you going?" Kang Xue asked out aloud. She just came back from the hospital and saw the man was going back while the others headed toward the hospital direction.

Everyone turned around looking toward Tang Shaoyang who was about to enter the laboratory. He waved his hand, "I am going to collect something, you guys can leave first!" Kang Xue did not leave, she followed Tang Shaoyang since she only knew him amongst the group.

"Why are you following me?" Tang Shaoyang asked the girl as he headed toward the Death Reaper's headless body. 'Do you need to ask? Because I only know you!' The girl thought to herself.

Then she noticed the man was about to pick the dead body. She was about to ask, 'Why do you want to pick the body?' However, the headless body disappeared the moment his hand touched it.

"Huh!? Where did it go?" Kang Xue instantly asked that out as the dead body magically disappeared. Tang Shaoyang smirked at the girl, "It's magic!" With that simple answer, he went out again.

The reason Tang Shaoyang collected the body was to use it as sacrificial later on. An offering for [Spirit Summoning] skill. Since the monster was strong, it could be used as a good offering. After that, he began to collect the other Death Scythe's bodies as well.

"Just how!?" The girl muttered as she witnessed the body disappear one by one when Tang Shaoyang's hand touched the body. She focused to rescue the man from the slave group early, so she missed the opening Treasure Chest event.

"I told you, didn't I? It's magic," he kept teasing the girl as the two walked together out of the laboratory.

Outside the laboratory, Cao Jingyi did not leave. She was right in front of the entrance, leaning her back against the wall near the door. When the two came out of the laboratory, her eyes immediately moved toward the girl.

She did not know the girl, the only thing she knew about Kang Xue, she was a doctor. Cao Jingyi scanned her from the top to bottom. She had to admit that the girl had a great body, even her as a woman had to admit it. Looking at her face, the doctor was a stunning beauty. Cao Jingyi frowned at how clingy the girl was to Tang Shaoyang.

Of course, Kang Xue immediately hid behind Tang Shaoyang the moment Cao Jingyi scanned her. She could notice the hostility from the woman's gaze so she was slightly afraid of Cao Jingyi.

"You are scaring my swan!" Tang Shaoyang called Cao Jingyi out as the girl stared at Kang Xue for too long, "What's wrong? Do you need anything from me?"

"I want to talk about the Alchemist Facility…" she sent a distrusting look at Kang Xue. Cao Jingyi did not want their talk to be heard by a stranger. On top of that, she sympathized with Zhang Mengyao to have an unfaithful as this guy.

"We have no way to use it, for now, it's still in a broken state. I already did something about that, but nothing we could do," he tried to call the access to Alchemist Facility a few times, but nothing happened, "We will ask about that to Origin, it may know something about the facility,"

"Alright, our trip is over so let's go back," hearing the explanation, Cao Jingyi nodded her head. Kang Xue followed Tang Shaoyang closely as they came out.

When they came out of the hospital, Tang Shaoyang could see the two groups that were being left out now regrouped. The trip was bountiful, Tang Shaoyang did not regret his decision to go to the hospital even though he lost a few people.

He was going to let Cao Jingyi and the others take care of the aftermath while taking a nap in the car. The battle against Death Reaper was exhausting and mental-breaking. He needed to take a nap to organize his thoughts and his body.

Tang Shaoyang was about to open the front door of the car until a young man blocked his path. The man's face was dirty, his hair was messy, and he was smelly, more unpleasant compared to Kang Xue's smell before she took a shower.

"Are you the leader of this group?" The man asked out. His tone contained a slight arrogance and his eyes fell to Kang Xue behind Tang Shaoyang as he asked.

'Not again!' Tang Shaoyang thought to himself. It was kind of de javu, he knew where this was going on, "Kang Xue! You survived~," before he could reply to the smelly man, the man called out Kang Xue cheerfully. The man was about to bypass Tang Shaoyang as he opened his arm, the smelly guy wanted to hug his swan.

Tang Shaoyang moved to the side, and the man bumped into him instead of hugging Kang Xue. The man was pushed back, it was as if he was bumping into a wall instead of a body of a human. The smelly man felt a slight pain on his forehead. The man frowned deeply as his eyes met with Tang Shaoyang's tranquil eyes, "Don't touch the others belongings, especially without the owner's consent!" The smelly man heard the man's voice.

"Huh! You are not Kang Xue's boyfriend! I know her boyfriend!" The smelly man claimed loudly as he pointed his finger right to Tang Shaoyang's face. He caught the finger and squeezed the finger.

The smelly man's face changed from arrogance to distorted in pain. His legs went weak, kneeling in front of Tang Shaoyang while screaming pain, "Arghhhh!!! Release my hand you mothersf*cker!"

As the man cursed him, Tang Shaoyang sent a kick to the man's belly. The body was sent five meters flying back, he coughed for a while before he passed out.

The people around watched the whole situation in a daze. Especially the survivors just saved by the group, they were shocked to meet someone as overbearing as Tang Shaoyang.

Tang Shaoyang himself was too exhausted to take care of this matter patiently. Integration with Zaneos was too taxing for his body and he finally understood why the Demon Swordsman spirit told him not to integrate with it.

Two men that wore the same uniform as Zhang Wen, the security guards tried to rush over but Zhang Wen held them back. He was shaking his head to them, indicating them to not make any move against the man. For someone who had witnessed how crazy Tang Shaoyang was at fighting, Zhang Wen knew even three of them were not enough to take the man down.

Tang Shaoyang sent a thumb up at Zhang Wen as a grin plastered on his face. He then entered the car, he took the middle seat this time.

Kang Xue was left in an awkward situation. Since Tang Shaoyang had entered the car, she was now becoming the center of attention, "What are you doing outside, Swan? Get in!" With no choice, she followed Tang Shaoyang into the car. It was too awkward for her to stay outside.

"Boss surely has good luck with women…" Zhao Zhong remarked while looking toward the car with admiration.

Cao Jingyi merely shook his head and tossed a scythe that was used by the Death Scythe to Zhao Zhong, "Lead the survivors to collect the scythe, it's your Boss's order!"

*** ***

Tang Empire's main base

Zhang Mengyao was just coming back from the drill field. She just finished with her routine training with the others. The moment she entered the base, she heard Origin's voice inside her head.

[Lady Mengyao, I have something important for you, can you please go up immediately?]

Usually, she would get breakfast first before going up to take shower. Since Origin asked her to go too early, she went to the elevator to go back to her room.

Origin guided her to the control room, [Please check the slave contracts] the AI instructed Zhang Mengyao. Even though she did not know why the AI asked her to check the slave contracts, she followed the instruction.

Zhang Mengyao opened the drawer where she saved the contracts. Inside the drawer, there were two different stacks of contracts, the stack on the left was the slave contract who stayed in the base while the stack on the right was the people who followed Tang Shaoayang's team.

To her surprise, the topmost contract on the right stack was charred black. She frowned with the change.

[The person who signed the contract is dead if the contract turns charred black!] Origin told Zhang Mengyao, [The thing I want to show is not this, please check the slave contract in the middle of the stack!]

Zhang Mengyao picked the stack on the right. The moment her finger touched the topmost contract, it dissolved into dust. She found four more charred slave contracts, meaning five slaves died.

This was not good news, this was a sign the expedition was quite dangerous if five people died. She looked further, then she noticed one unusual contract.

This contract was not charred black as the other fives, and it also had changed from the original color. The contract had turned blood red from the original brown. She looked at the name on the top of the contract, "Mo Wen". The blood-red contract was Mo Wen's contract.

[This guy broke the contract, he killed one of the Tarriors! For more details, you can look behind the contract!]


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