102 Punishment and Reward - Part 2
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Author :HotIce
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102 Punishment and Reward - Part 2

The source of the treasury was from the faction member. When the faction member killed a zombie, they would get one coin, and at the same time, the faction itself also got the same amount of coin.

Tang Empire managed to amass 17 million coins in the last two months. Of course, he used a few million to upgrade the smart base and also to sponsor his people to get an advanced class.

Li Na, Lu An, Zhang Mengyao, Cao Jingyi, and Zhao Zhong had used a total of 5 million coins for their class. On top of that, he also had to arm his people by buying them the gears from the General Shop.

He then checked his coins by opening the status screen. To his surprise, he had around 9 million. He felt weird by the number, this meant more than half of the treasury was coming from him.

"What have my people been doing all this time?" He could not but question that out. But then he thought of an idea since the treasury could be used for his member, then he could use his coin to buy the land too, "Should I use my coin?"

[I advise Master to not use your coin for the faction because you will need the coins for your growth too] Origin had different thoughts than his Master, [We don't need to hurry to upgrade the base, and we can also buy the land little by little]

That was what was on his mind too, "Let's wait for Mengyao before we make the decision," Tang Shaoyang closed the translucent map in front of him, "What about the Alchemist Facility, how to use that facility?" He then remembered the bonus reward he had gotten from clearing the mini-game.

[Facility? Did you get the facility from clearing the mini-game?] Origin's surprised voice rang in his head.

"Yes, we got Alchemist Facility. It was a reward for killing the boss," Tang Shaoyang nodded in response. Because of Mo Wen's matter, he forgot to mention this facility to Origin, "But it says the facility is in a broken state, do you know how that facility works?"

[I see, unfortunately, we need to connect the smart base to the facility to use the facility] Origin's disappointed voice answered Tang Shaoyang.

"Connect the smart base to the facility?" He did not understand what the AI said.

[Yes, there are two methods to connect the base to the facility. First, you buy the land all the way to the facility. For this method, we don't have enough resources]

For that method, they needed hundreds of millions of coins or even billions of coins. It was impossible to do, at least for now it was not possible.

[The second method is by upgrading the smart base into a smart territory! In order to do that, you have to conquer the city first, by doing that the land in this city automatically will be yours without spending a single coin]

"Conquer the city? How?" More confusion hit Tang Shaoyang. If it was a mere declaration just like, it would be easy. But he knew that it would not be that simple.

[Finish all available games in SH City then the city will be yours! If there is another faction within the city, you have to destroy them!]

It was simple yet hard at the same time. Finishing the game was simple but finding the game location that was hard. But then, he imagined his faction cleared all games that were available in the city, meaning the city would be his. His dream to be an emperor would be closer by that time.

"Then, do you have a method to find the games in the city?" This was the main problem. If they could not find the games, conquering the city would take him a very long time. They needed the method to locate the games.

[You have the method to find the games but it's still locked. Level 5 Smart Base, the method is available at Level 5 Smart Base!] Origin's answer gave him hope, [From level 4 to level 5, you need 100 million, that means you need 110 million to get the method!]

Hearing the number, Tang Shaoyang was not discouraged in the slightest. What he needed to do was to work harder and drive his people even harder than before. Gathering more survivors, recruiting more Tarriors, and more coins for the treasury. If needed, he could spend his coins as well.

"Alright, new goals are added to the list, it's time to work!" He stood up from the chair and stretched his stiff body, "What's my agenda next?" He asked himself as he was in his thoughts.

Yesterday, he tortured and killed Mo Wen in front of the other slaves. He showed the punishment for breaking the contract, "Now it's time to reward the remarkable slaves," Reward and Punishment method what he used for the slaves. Since the bad slave was punished, the good slave had to be rewarded. If he did not do this, the riot was just a matter of time.

"Origin! Gather all slaves that came back from the expedition in my office! It's time to reward these people," After that, Tang Shaoyang went down to the office. The office in his mouth was a room behind the counter at the lobby. Not an official office, but he would make one later.

Fifteen minutes later, fourteen slaves gathered in the room. They stood and lined up in order. Tang Shaoyang nodded his head as he walked to his chair.

He forked out three new contracts from the drawer, "Bai Yuan, Chen Jianping, and Qian Jianguo come forward!" Three men walked closer to the table. Tang Shaoyang placed the contracts in front of the three and continued, "This is your reward for your contribution in the expedition,"

Bai Yuan took the paper and read the content. It was the same contract he signed a week ago. He furrowed his brows for a moment until he noticed the duration of the contract was shortened in this new contract. His contract was shortened by three months. His eyes brightened, without hesitation, he signed the contract. He did not question Tang Shaoyang or ask for more, he just signed it directly. He placed his palm at the provided space, then it was glowing. At this moment, he felt his palm was pricked by thousands of small needles.

A few seconds later, the contract stopped glowing, indicating the signed process was done. Chen Jianping and Qian Jianguo also followed Bai Yuan. They signed the contract, reducing the duration of the contract.

After everything was done, he waved his hand, "Alright, it's done! You guys now can leave!" The remaining eleven slaves who did not get the new contracts did not dare to voice their voice as to why they did not get the new contract. After what happened to Mo Wen, they were more afraid of Tang Shaoyang.

However, the moment they came out of the office, the eleven people immediately approached Chen Jianping and Qian Jianguo. They were asking what was about with the new contract. Tang Shaoyang could hear they were talking from the inside office.

After everything was done, he had his lunch. Then he was left with nothing to do, idle. That was him, having nothing to do. Usually, he would go outside, exploring the city, looking for the survivors, and cleaning the zombies. But for now, he did not want to do that, he wanted to have a break for today.

"Ah, I heard Zhang Mengyao already formed the Medical Division. Let's check the new division,"

The building right to the main base that was always empty was now used for the Medical Division. At least, the first five floors were used by the Medical Division. That was what Origin told him.

"We only have a few people in the Medical Division, why do they take so much space?" He muttered in a low voice while entering the door toward the Medical Division. Just as he thought, the lobby was so empty with only two females standing behind the counter.

"Where's the head division office?" The two female nurses did not notice his presence as they were gossiping about a man they just met at the base. Hearing Tang Shaoyang's deep voice, both startled as they immediately put on a smile but the smile froze immediately when Tang Shaoyang's face came to their sight.


Tang Shaoyang tapped the counter with his index finger, "Do you know the head division office?" He repeated the question, only then the two nurses snapped out of their thoughts.

"Y-ye-yes, t-the head office is on the second floor…" the nurse on the left stuttered as she replied.

"Then lead me to the office!" He asked the nurse to lead him to the office. On the way to the second floor, he could see the nurse's body kept quivering, 'Am I that scary?' He thought to himself.

When they arrived in front of the office, he immediately sent the poor nurse away. He did not bother to knock on the door but he opened the door as quietly as possible. The room was simple and plain. White plain wallpaper plastered on the wall, a grey couch, and a desk work with a chair.

Behind the desk, someone was reading the documents. She was holding a paper with a thick stack of papers next to her hand. To his surprise, the beautiful swan was the head of the Medical Division.

'What great timing,' Tang Shaoyang thought to himself. A man and woman in a room with a comfy couch inside, this was the timing he had been waiting for.


Character's Status Update


Name: Lu An

Class: Assassin

Age: 18

Affiliation: Tang Empire

Level: 53

Talent: Agile

Attribute Point: 0

Strength: 95

Agility: 292

Vitality: 20

Stamina: 54

Magic Power: 3

Sense: 10

Skill Points: 10

Skill: [Basic Detection], [Dash - Lv1], [Fatal Strike - Lv1]


Agile Talent: +4 Agility each level up.

Lu An's Focus Attributes: Agility and Strength before he gets the class, and Strength and Stamina after he gets the class.

Note: His reason for choosing Stamina over Vitality would be explained in the later chapter.


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