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Author :HotIce
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105 Doub

"Mnnn~," Kang Xue opened her heavy eyelids while grunting uncomfortably. But soon, her eyes wide opened as she realized something. She immediately stood on the bed, "Ouch!" Such an abrupt reaction evoked sore pain in her aching waist.

"Ughh~" she rubbed her sore waist, it was just too uncomfortable that she had to lay back on the bed, "So it's real…" the girl muttered in a low voice while rubbing her ache waist.

"What's real?" Then a familiar voice rang in the room. She looked in the direction of the voice and saw Tang Shaoyang walking toward the bed with a tray of food in his hand.

He placed the tray next to the bed and looked at the girl who was laying down on the bed who looking at him with her reddish-black eyes, "What's real, my swan?" He repeated the same question to the girl.

"He does not even know my name…" Tang Shaoyang heard the girl muttering while pulling the blanket up. He could tell there was a disappointment in her tone, "Of course, I know your name! You are my Medical Division's head, and my swan," he immediately responded confidently, it was as if he knew her name.

In fact, Tang Shaoyang truly did not know her name. She never said her name to her and the girl admitted herself to be a swan so he kept calling her a swan.

"Then why do you keep calling me swan? Why don't you call me by my name?" The girl refuted immediately while her eyes locked onto his, "Uhh…" he was caught off guard by the girl's persistence.

[Kang Xue. Her name is Kang Xue, Master!] Origin came to help by telling her name in his head.

In the split second, his expression changed. He grinned at the girl and got on the bed, he slowly approached the girl until their faces were only a few centimeters away from touching, "So you prefer me to call by your name, Xue-er?" He whispered with his deep voice to her ears.

Kang Xue was not surprised but she was a little bit suspicious. From his expression, she thought he really did not know her name, and she indeed never told her name to him before.

"Alright, get up and have your lunch, sleepyhead!" He kissed her cheeks and hopped off the bed while pointing at the tray with food.

"Whose fault it was?" The girl talked back as she tried to get up. Then she realized that she could not feel her lower bottom. Last night was so crazy and they overdid it.

"I wonder who kept saying more~ more~ more~" Tang Shaoyang smirked as he tried to imitate her moaning voice. Kang Xue's face instantly reddened as she lowered her head. Being reminded by him, she remembered she did indeed say those.

*** ***

Meanwhile, on the fifth floor

In one room, Qin Shoushan was sitting behind a table with a towel hanging around his neck. On the table, there was a scroll he got from the Treasure Chest, Class Change Scroll. After a moment of silence, he spoke, "Origin! What do you think about this class?"

[What do you mean?] Origin asked back as it did not understand the man's meaning from asking it a question.

"The Shield Breaker Class! Does the class fit with me?"

[Fit you? What do you mean by that? But if your fighting style is close combat, Shield Breaker is not a bad class] Origin expression its opinion.

"Boss told me to consult about the class with you before I use the scroll. I want to know whether the shield breaker class is suitable or not for me,"

[Ah, so Master asked you to consult with me before you use the scroll? Since you choose your class as Warrior and if you are comfortable with your current class then Shield Breaker may be suitable for you. Anyway, just use the scroll, for now, and if one day you feel the class suck, you can just change to a new class. But for now, having an advanced class as Shield Breaker would give you a big advantage, so use the scroll is my advice for you. As to whether it's suitable or not, you will find out after you use the scroll, no?]

"But wouldn't it be a waste if the class is not suitable for me?" Qin Shoushan was not convinced, at least he appeared so as he enquired further. The doubt in his heart had not been cleared, "Wouldn't it better to give the class to a suitable person?"

[Good way of thinking!] Hearing those words from Origin, Qin Shoushan's heartbeat spiked up. If the AI told him to hand the scroll to the empire then his doubt was no longer a doubt but a fact. If that truly happened, he had no choice but to give the scroll to the empire. He did not want to be on the bad side of Tang Shaoyang, but later he would leave the base.

[However, you don't need a suitable class. If the class is not suitable for you, then you can adjust so you are suitable for the class. The class is dead but you are alive, my advice is still the same, use the scroll and get the class!]

Hearing those words, Qin Shoushan fell silent. He had his eyes locked to the scroll, his hand then moved to pick the scroll.

[Do you want to use the Class Change Scroll (Shield Breaker)? Yes/No]

'It seems I was thinking too much…' he thought to himself. After a little hesitation, he chose yes. What Origin told him was true, he could adjust to the class instead of thinking whether he was suitable for the class or not.

The scroll was glowing in red and it broke into a red dot of lights like fireflies. Then the lights shrouded Qin Shoushan's body, and in the blink of an eye, the red lights entered his body.


Name: Qin Shoushan

Class: Shield Breaker

Age: 29

Affiliation: Tang Empire

Level: 49

Talent: Enduring

Attribute Point: 0

Strength: 156


Vitality: 106

Stamina: 59

Magic Power: 6

Sense: 9

Skill Point: 20

Skill: [Basic Detection] [Shattering Strike - Lv 1]


Qin Shoushan's pupils enlarged in shock when he learned his Strength attribute had almost tripled. Before he used the scroll his Strength was 60, but now he had 156 Strength.

His heartbeat was accelerating in excitement. Then he looked down further and found he had a new skill. There was no explanation whatsoever about the skill, but he could try it out later.

Not only was his doubt cleared, but he also got an amazing class. He thought Tang Shaoyang would be eyeing his Class Change Scroll, but after having a conversation with Origin, his suspicion was clear.

'Maybe he has a much better class than me, why would he eye my class?' He could not help but ridicule himself for doubting his Boss. In the end, he realized Tang Shaoyang just wanted to give the best option.

"Let's try a new class then!" Qin Shoushan went out of his room. A Tarrior had a responsibility to gather the survivors outside and also cleared the zombie at the same time. They at least had to explore the unexplored area for six hours. Qin Shoushan went out to finish his duty as Tarrior.

*** ***

Meanwhile, to the west of the smart base

Cao Jingyi led four women to explore the west area of the base. Li Na was one of these four women.

Since no one had visited the west, they found a big group of zombies in a certain district. From the number of zombies, she guessed that most like the people around here had turned into zombies. A lot of stage-2 zombies also appeared around here.

From the four women who followed her, Li Na was one of them. Since she was the strongest among the four, she became the front line with Moon. The girl also changed her weapon with the scythe they got from the Death Scythe. She was holding two scythes and hacking the zombies madly.

'There's something wrong with this girl,' Cao Jingyi thought as he watched the girl fight the zombies.

Cao Jingyi guessed right, Li Na was having something in her mind that bothered her a lot. It was related to Kang Xue, the news Tang Shaoyang had another girl was spread quickly. Since only limited people could use the exclusive elevator, everyone soon found out the Medical Division's head was Tang Shaoyang's new girl.

'Why her? Why her? Why her?' Li Na kept uttering the same question on the inside, 'Am I not good enough for him? Why did he never look at me? Was it because of our first contact?'

She sold herself to the man in order to get a safe job. She thought Tang Shaoyang did not look at her because he was thinking of her cheaply, 'But my I never did anything like that with other men, but him!'

Li Na was frustrated, and she vented all his frustration to the zombies in front of her. She kept hacking the zombies in the neck with the scythe. Next to her, Moon was also slapping the zombie with its big paw. A stage-1 zombie's head would explode by Moon easily.

At this moment, three zombies broke out from the three-story building to her left. The three zombies lunged toward her from the top.

The sound of glass shattering rang, she looked up. Three Crawlers were right above her head, they had their horrendous claw aiming at her head.

Li Na was caught off guard by the zombies' sneak attack. She could not react in time as her thoughts were occupied with useless thoughts of hers.


Fortunately, Moon quickly reacted to the sneak attack. It jumped from its spot toward the Crawlers, its two paws managed to reach two Crawlers and slapped two of them away. However, one Crawler managed to pass Moon's defense. The third Crawler was about to reach Li Na.


A strong arrow whistled through the air and hit the Crawler's head from the side. The arrow broke the Crawler's balance and its claw missed Li Na's head a few centimeters.

Then the Crawler fell to the ground. Moon did not want its Master to get hurt, it rushed toward the falling Crawler quickly and smashed the zombie's head.


The Crawler instantly died after that with its head flattened. At the same time, a notification rang in Li Na's head.

[Your summon "Moon" has leveled up!]

[Your summon "Moon" has reached the maximum level!]

[Your summon "Moon" has met the requirement to evolve!]


Talent Enduring (C tier Talent): +2 Vitality +1 Stamina.

Shield Breaker Class: The class gives +2 Strength but only grants one skill.


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