106 Mystical Bear
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Author :HotIce
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106 Mystical Bear

"Cover for Li Na and get ready to retreat!" From a distance, Cao Jingyi commanded her team members while shooting the arrows, covering for them.

'There's something wrong with the girl!' She thought to herself while looking at the girl who was being carried by Moon. The bear understood her words so instead of fighting the zombies, it carried its Master away from the battlefield.

With her accurate arrows, the team safely retreated into an abandoned building. When they were safe from the pursuit, Cao Jingyi approached Li Na, "What's wrong with you?" She slightly raised her voice. In response, Li Na lowered her head.

It was only Stage-2 Zombie, she should be able to take it down easily. But the girl's mind was not on the battlefield. In the end, Cao Jingyi sighed, "Do you have something in your mind?" She sat down next to the girl while motioned the other three girls to leave.

Li Na was aware of her mistakes, so she was prepared to receive the scolding. She deserved to be scolded at the least because her mistakes might implicate the others too.

"You can share it with me, I am all ears. Maybe I may help with your problem as well," Cao Jingyi gently voiced her thought. She was genuinely worried about the girl as she might die if she continued to be like this.

Li Na slowly raised her head after some hesitation. She wondered whether she should tell Cao Jingyi about her secret crush on Tang Shaoyang.

"Tell me, girl! I will keep your secret well," Cao Jingyi persuaded Li Na while making a motion of closing the zipper with her mouth, indicating the secret would be safe with her.

After a little hesitation, Li Na spoke the truth about her crush on their Boss, "What!?" A high pitched and shocked voice came from Cao Jingyi's mouth. She could not believe that the girl was shaving a crash on that cruel and ruthless man. On top of that, the man had two women now, how could this little girl fall for him? She failed to understand what was in the girl's mind.

"You know, right? That he has two girls now?" Making sure she did not hear wrong, she asked Li Na with a serious look on her face. She did not want this pitiful girl to fall into that man's hand. She tried to confirm if the girl truly had feelings for the man or she just wanted to climb to the top, 'That's not right! She is not that kind of girl!"

It was natural for Cao Jingyi to have some suspicion. After all, who was falling for a man who had two women already? It did not make sense to Cao Jingyi.

Li Na slowly raised her head and nodded her head weakly, "Yes!" She confirmed with a small voice, "Actually…" the girl then told Cao Jingyi what happened to her before. Before she joined the combat squad, she told Cao Jingyi how she got a safe job, the receptionist.

"What? That b*stard! How could he do that to a minor! " Cao Jingyi yelled out and cursed the man. She thought Li Na was a high-schooler, so she was furious when the man had sex with a minor.

"I-I am not a minor… I am twenty…" Li Na flinched slightly at Cao Jingyi's fury but she managed to reply. She did not expect the figure that as an older sister to her could be this scary.

"You are t-twenty?" Cao Jingyi was surprised, but then she immediately calmed down. Even though the girl was a minor, she could not blame Tang Shaoyang's completely. She offered herself, not as Tang Shaoyang forced her. It was more like a one-night stand with a benefit on it. But she also could not blame the girl completely either since she understood her family's condition.

Li Na nodded her head in return. Yet another sigh came out of Cao Jingyi, "So now you are upset that he took a new girl but he never looked at you?" The girl nodded her head weakly, "Can you help me, Sister Jingyi?"

Cao Jingyi scanned Li Na from the top to the bottom. Li Na was actually a beauty, but she was still too young while her rival had matured. She had a sweet-looking face, typically a cheerful idol on the tv. However, the man she looked up was someone who was into a woman with a hot body. Even she did not dare to compare herself to Zhang Mengyao and Kang Xue.

"Let's continue our talk after we clear the zombie. We will talk when we are back at the base," Cao Jingyi decided to save her opinion for later. Now she needed to have the girl to focus on the work. If she told the truth, the girl might even get even more distracted.

'But should I help her, though?' Helping Li Na was the same as pushing him to the pit. At least, that was her opinion as she truly did not agree with the girl's taste.

"Okay, but you will help me, right?" Li Na asked for a promise. The girl left Cao Jingyi with no choice but to nod to promise her, "Alright, het up!"

"Wait a minute, Siter Jingyi! I need to show you something," Li Na held Cao Jingyi's hand, then she showed Moon's status, "It says Moon has met the requirement to evolve!"

Cao Jingyi halted her steps and turned around. She looked at the screen that Li Na showed her. Since Li Na allowed Cao Jingyi to see Moon's status screen, she could see the status screen.


Name: Moon

[Beast - Crescent Moon Bear]

Affiliation: Tang Empire

Evolution: Stage 1

Level: 25

Strength: 90

Agility: 38

Vitality: 75

Stamina: 80

Magic Power: 109

Sense: 23

Loyalty: 91

Skill: [Charge]



She saw the button of [Evolve] at the bottom, then she looked at the moon who was lying down next to Li Na. It was lazily laying down on the ground with its chin touched the floor.

"Do it then! Evolving mean Moon would grow even stronger!" Cao Jingyi encouraged Li Na to evolve Moon.

Without hesitation, Li Na nodded and pressed the [Evolve] button. That was her plan, she asked Cao Jingyi was to ask her opinion about whether she should show the evolution process to the others.

[Do you want to evolve your summon "Moon" to Stage-2? Yes/No?]

She chose yes and a new screen appeared in front of her.

[Evolving your summon will consume your 30 Magic Power, do you still want to evolve your summon? Yes/No?]

[Mutation is detected, Mutation Evolution will consume your 50 Magic Power, do you want to evolve your summon? Yes/No?]

"Huh!?" Li Na froze, there was too much information entered her head. Now she was faced with two choices. What was making worse, she did not understand both choices? On top of that, the evolution would consume her Magic Power, now she was hesitant whether she should go with her choice to evolve Moon or saved her Magic Power to summon a new summon instead.

*** ***

Tang Shaoyang brought a table next to the bed. Opposite him, Kang Xue was devouring the food at inhumane speed, "Eat slowly, I am not going to take the food from you,"

He was accompanying the girl to eat while listening to her story. Before this absurd game started, she was coming from a well-off family. To his surprise, her family background was from the military, her father and her big brother were in the army.

She did not go into details about their ranks, but he assumed their ranks were not low.

"What about your boyfriend then?" His question caused her to choke the food. She was coughing hard with the sudden question. He calmly handed the water to the girl.

"You still have the nerve to ask about my boyfriend after last night?" Kang Xue rolled her eyes. After the deed last night, she did not expect he would inquire about her boyfriend.

"I am curious about my love rival, it's normal," Tang Shaoyang nodded his head while he was in fact curious about what kind of man could get this girl's heart.

"Nah, actually he was my father's trusted subordinate. My father introduced him to me, he was good-looking and has a decent personality, so we tried to have a relationship," She explained casually, from her expression she did not actually have a deep feeling for her boyfriend.

"After two weeks, I was accepted to SH Hospital and he has to work as well so we have a long-distance relationship. He visited once or twice, but that was it," since she had fallen into this man's hand, she accepted her fate. Especially after last night, for some reason, she had no resistance to this man.

Tang Shaoyang nodded his head understandingly. No wonder she was still a virgin even though she had a boyfriend, he thought to himself.

In the next moment, Kang Xue suddenly stopped eating. She placed the chopstick back in the bowl and looked at him. She wanted to say something but hesitated.

"Do you want me to look for your family?" It was as if Tang Shaoyang could read her mind, the girl nodded her head with a hopeful gaze.

"Where does your family live?"

"We live in a military compound near HZ Bay!" She instantly answered.

"A military compound, it's worth visiting!" Tang Shaoyang nodded hopefully as well. Since it was a military compound, he could recruit the real soldier into his empire, "But I can't promise to save your family, we don't know–"

"I know!" Kang Xue nodded understandingly. She was grateful already for the fact Tang Shaoyang wanted to try to look for her family. It had been over a month, she was not that optimistic either.

"Good if you understand," Tang Shaoyang nodded his head and moved his chopstick to take the gravy meatball, "But it will take a few days for the preparation for the expedition, around two to four days preparation,"

They continued to finish their lunch. At this moment, Origin talked in his head.

[Master, Cao Jingyi calls you to the meeting room! She wants to consult you on something important!]

Tang Shaoyang nodded and stood up, "Where are you going?" Kang Xue asked out as they had not finished their meal.

"I have a meeting, you finish your meal," he approached the girl and kissed her lips. Because of Tang Shaoyang's habit, she subconsciously opened her lips to let his tongue enter her mouth.

They exchanged a hot kiss briefly before their lips parted. Tang Shaoyang licked his lips and whispered to her ears deeply, "You are quite naughty," after saying that, he left the room.

*** ***

In the meeting room, Cao Jingyi and Li Na faced Tang Shaoyang. They told everything about Moon's evolution, including the requirements in detail.

"Then go for it, choose the mutation evolution!" He confidently told his opinion without even asking for Origin's opinion. Pride was living proof that mutation was the best evolution hence he told Li Na to choose the mutation evolution.

"But she will lose 50 Magic Power, and she would not be able to summon the second summons," Cao Jingyi voiced her doubt. She did not know if the evolution was worth enough to sacrifice half of Li Na's Magic Power.

"Having one strong summon is much better than having two weak summons! So go for the evolution, or you can use your remaining spell now and evolve Moon after that!" Tang Shaoyang suggested, but then he shook his head, "No! Go for evolution, it's not like you can't earn your Magic Power back, right?"

"We can also re-roll her talent later, she does not have the suitable talent for her class. Getting a new talent is a must for her!" He added.

"Alright!" Li Na completely believed Tang Shaoyang. Origin also did not interject their conversation, meaning the AI also agreed with its Master's choice.

She then summoned Moon and chose the mutation evolution.

[Your Summon "Moon" has undergone mutation evolution!]

[Your Summon "Crescent Moon Bear" has evolved to "Mystical Bear"]


Name: Moon

[Beast - Mystical Bear]

Affiliation: Tang Empire

Evolution: Stage 2

Level: 0

Strength: 105

Agility: 45

Vitality: 95

Stamina: 90

Magic Power: 169

Sense: 23

Loyalty: 95

Skill: [Charge - Lv2] [Flame Armor - Lv1] [Flame Torrent - Lv1]



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