107 Meeting
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Author :HotIce
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107 Meeting

The blue strips on Moon's body glowed, and the crescent mark that crossed its eyes also glowed. It kept glowing brighter and brighter, forcing the people in the meeting room to close their eyes.

The evolution lasted for a minute before the blinding glow died down. Tang Shaoyang opened his eyes and saw the five meters bear now had grown taller, around six meters. Not only that, but the white fur also changed into silver.

The straight blue line strips also changed on its body. The strip was now turned into something similar to a tribal tattoo. The blue strips had changed into violet tribal tattoos embellished its body.

A big change of appearance also happened to its head as the thirty centimeters spiral horn protruded upward from its forehead. Circling the horn was Moon's crescent mark that also turned bigger that also turned into violet in color. The edge of the crescent mark passes through its eyes down to the side of its mouth. Its black eyes also changed as it was not violet in color.

"Grawr!" While standing with its hind feet, Moon released out a roar. It showed its excitement by roaring. After that, Moon got down and walked toward Li Na. It circled around its Master before rubbing its smooth fur to her cheeks.

"It still can't talk?" Tang Shaoyang could not help but ask. The Fogged Ape could communicate with him, so he wondered if the bear could talk to Li Na like the apes talked to him.

Zhang Mengyao could not help but shake her head at the question. People would ask about the growth of the bear instead of that question. But Li Na happily replied to Tang Shaoyang, "Moon can't talk but I can understand what it tries to convey to me. Moon is currently excited with the evolution,"

Tang Shaoyang nodded his head, but his thought was different, 'It seems the Fogged Ape is much smarter than this bear,'

He was in his thoughts while the girls tried to inquire about how strong Moon had become. The three girls were happily talking about Moon growth while rubbing the bear's smooth and thick silver fur.

"Alright, that's enough," Tang Shaoyang called them out, "While we are here, there's something that I want to discuss with you guys. Origin! Call Wei Xi and Lu An to the meeting room!"

Since the people were here, he wanted to consult about purchasing land for the farm.

Ten minutes later, Wei Xi entered the meeting room with Lu An. The two were surprised to see the change on Moon. Lu An walked toward the bear and looked at it curiously.

"It has evolved, this is Moon's stage-2 evolution," Cao Jingyi told the curious Lu An. The boy's eyes brightened understandingly, then he turned toward Li Na, "Can it talk like Pride?" Normal apes could not talk but to Tang Shaoyang, but Pride could communicate with the others.

The question left Cao Jingyi's speechless. It was the exact same question as to his Boss's. Instead of asking what was Moon gotten from the evolution, they asked whether Moon could talk or not.

Li Na was giggling when she heard the same question. She responded with a shake of her head, "No, Moon could only communicate with me,"

"I see," glancing at Moon for the last time, he went to the chair, "Hello, Boss!" He cheerfully greeted Tang Shaoyang as he had lost interest in the bear.

"Since everyone is here, let's start the meeting!"

Wei Xi, Cao Jingyi, Lu An, and Zhang Mengyao were the core of the base. They were executives of his Empire for now. After everyone sat on their respective chair, Tang Shaoyang started the meeting.

He talked about purchasing land and farmland for the Agricultural and Provision Division. Wei Xi was the person in charge to watch the division.

"Do we need to purchase the land from the system? Can just search for the empty land and start farming?" Wei Xi raised a question to Tang Shaoyang.

Five million for a thousand square meters of land. He felt it was a waste of the coin if they could look for empty land instead.

"Don't forget about the advantage the system gives us, we can modify the land as we like if we purchase the land, such as irrigation or maybe building the greenhouse for the specific crops, we can modify the land with a few clicks if the land officially under our faction's name. We can do more by just a few clicks,"

Wei Xi did not know that the purchased land could be managed like that. If that was so, purchasing the land might better choice for them. Since the people left the base when the zombie horde attacked, they did not have enough manpower to build proper farmland.

"Or we have the second choice, conquer the city!" When the others heard "conquer the city", they had the same expression as Tang Shaoyang, confused.

Tang Shaoyang flicked his fingers, "Origin! Tell them the mechanic of conquering the city!"

Origin then told everyone about how to conquer the city. It was indeed the second choice for them, also the best one rather than purchasing the land with the coin. However, doing so would need a lot of time, the fastest might take them two to three months, and it also might them years.

"But it will take a long time to conquer the city, we need more food since our people keep increasing every day, we don't know how long our food will last at this point," Wei Xi voiced his thoughts. The Tarriors and the slaves would go out to look for the survivors and kill the zombies. Every day, they would bring back at least ten to twenty people. The food supplies they gathered from scavenging the houses and market might be not enough to fill everyone's bellies in a few months.

Tang Shaoyang did not respond to Wei Xi's concern, he turned toward Zhang Mengyao. He was asking for her opinion.

Zhang Mengyao got the message and voiced her thoughts to the others, "We can still purchase the land for the farmland, but we can purchase less land instead, like two or three hundred square meters,"

"What about looking for empty land instead of buying the land? We can use that for temporary farmland until we conquer the city," Cao Jingyi voiced her idea. It was a good idea, including Tang Shaoyang. That was the best solution for now, but Zhang Mengyao seemed not to agree with the idea.

"We don't have enough manpower for that. If we want to conquer the city as soon as possible, we can't split our people! If we look for empty land, it would be nowhere near our base, right?" The base was in the middle of the city, looking for an empty land to be farmland around here almost impossible.

"If the farmland is far from our base, we need to split the Tarrior to guard the farmland. The people we choose to manage the farmland could not fight, what if stage-2 zombies attack the farmland?"

"Moreover, we don't have enough people to manage farmland. If we have to start from scratch, it will take a long time before we can plant the seed. It's not efficient,"

"What about the Fogged Land? We can use that for our farmland," Wei Xi voiced out his thought as well.

This time, Tang Shaoyang spoke up, "I don't think we can use the land. First of all, we have taken almost half of Fogged Ape's home as our drill ground. Secondly, I don't think Fogged Land is suitable for farmland,"

He did not agree to change Pride's land to be farmland. They might be his vassal, but he could not arbitrarily take their home just because of that. As long that was not the last option, he would never agree to the proposal.

They were discussing the farmland about fifteen minutes before they came to a single decision. Zhang Mengyao convinced the others to purchase the land while Tang Shaoyang merely became a listener. This was why he recruited them, he was not good at management.

"Since the farmland is done, I am going to announce our second expedition next. Our destination is the military compound at HZ Bay," since they needed more people to conquer the city, the ex-military was the best recruit. He only needed to arm them, and they were ready to slay the zombies.

"This time, I will bring more people with me. All slaves should join the expedition team, and I need twenty-nine Tarriors to follow me as well!" He announced the people that should join the expedition.

"Me! Me! Me! Let me join the team too!" Lu An was the first one to raise his hand to volunteer. He was so eager to follow Tang Shaoyang since he did not join the first expedition.

"Mnn, I will bring Mengyao and Lu An for the expedition…" then he looked toward Li Na, he had seen the status screen for Moon that returned to level 1, "You should bring her with you, Moon would need to level up since it just evolved," Cao Jingyi pushed Li Na's name while he was considering whether to bring Li Na or not.

"Alright, Wei Xi would also join the expedition team. You stay to manage the base," he decided to bring Wei Xi as well while choosing Cao Jingyi to manage the base. After the first expedition, he could put some trust in her, and he found out the people also respected her.

"Should I?" Wei Xi smiled wryly as he was reluctant to leave the base while his wife stayed. From the talk earlier, the second expedition would take days.

"You can stay if you want, but if your level is left behind, you can't keep your current rank," Tang Shaoyang shrugged, letting him decide, "You choose the team," he asked Mengyao to pick the team again, "If you don't want to join, you can speak to Mengyao, she will be looking for your replacement,"

"Alright, the meeting is over!" With that, Tang Shaoyang ended the meeting.


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