110 Ambition Ra
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Author :HotIce
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110 Ambition Ra

The expedition team departed under many people's gazes. Two black SUVs and two busses left the base in a row.

Tang Shaoyang was in the front car, Bai Yuan drove the car just like the first expedition. On the middle seats, Kang Xue, Li Na, and Zhang Mengyao. The order was from the right to the left, the exact order. On the back seat, Lu An, Wei Xi, and Yan Sheng.

Zhang Mengyao and Kang Xue were in an awkward situation. Even though both accepted each other, it was still awkward for them. So, during the journey, no one was speaking, it was just a silent awkward atmosphere in the car.

Twenty minutes later, the car stopped in an unfamiliar district. It was a big road surrounded by tall buildings. It was the area where big companies' offices gathered.

"Boss, we have arrived!" Bai Yuan turned off the car and reported to Tang Shaoyang. Their destination was HZ Bay, but the plan was to check every building to find the mini-game since this was the only way.

Tang Shaoyang immediately went out of the car, scanning the surroundings. A few stage-1 zombies were walking toward them, but arrows flew toward the zombies, taking all of them down immediately.

Zhang Mengyao was going back to the people behind. She organized the people to check the buildings around them. Soon, over sixty people spread out to the buildings.

Tang Shaoyang also did not stay still, he went to the biggest building. Lu An, Kang Xue, and Wei Xi followed him to the building.

He chose the biggest building with the hope the mini-game would be in this building. He pushed the glass entrance that was surprisingly fine even after over a month behind abandoned. Unfortunately, there was no notification rang in his head even after four of them entered the building.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

No mini-game but three Crawlers lunged toward them from the top. The three zombies seemed to wait for them to enter.

Kang Xue was not aware that three zombies attacked her from the top. She just felt that a big hand circled her waist and pulled her to the side. At the same time, Lu An and Wei Xi flipped around and slashed their swords to the air.

There was no communication between the two, but they handled three Crawlers pretty well. Lu An killed two while Wei Xi took down the remaining one.

Kang Xue was holding tightly to Tang Shaoyang's neck as she was still confused. The confusion was cleared when she saw the two beheaded zombies.

"You should learn to fight as well to protect yourself from such circumstances in the future," a whisper entered her ears, she looked up to say something but decided to stay silent when she saw Tang Shaoyang's earnest expression. He was surveying the building carefully for a while before he shook his head.

"Let's go back, no mini-game in this building," Tang Shaoyang released Kang Xue and turned toward the exit.

"We are not clearing the zombies?" Lu An sheathed the sword back while approaching his Boss. From his experiences, there would be a lot of stage-2 zombies inside the building if three Crawlers greeted them by the entrance. He did not want to miss the chance to level up.

"Nope!" Tang Shaoyang shook his head, "Our priority is HZ Bay and finding the mini-game. You can come back here later after the expedition,"

As soon as they came out of the building, Bai Yuan came over to him, "One group found a mini-game, but we can't enter to help the group," he reported that one team encountered the mini-game.

Before they departed, Zhang Mengyao had arranged the teams. It was just in case they encountered the mini-game so they could clear the game.

Tang Shaoyang then hurriedly followed Bai Yuan. In front of the smallest building, people gathered. This was Tang Shaoyang's first to see the mini-game from the outside. The building was glowing in light red and the thing inside was not visible to the eyes.

"Who's inside?" He walked to Zhang Mengyao's side and asked, "It's Fu Yintao's group, three Tarriors, and five slaves," she told the composition of the group.

Tang Shaoyang nodded his head and looked at the others who were also watching, "What are you guys doing here? Go search for the other buildings!" These guys were idle, watching the building that glowed, so he ordered them to move.

With his words, none of them dared to stay. They immediately spread out again, leaving Tang Shaoyang, Kang Xue, Zhang Mengyao, and her team. Lu An and Wei Xi decided to go to search for the mini-game by themselves as well.

Just like that, half an hour passed but the mini-game was still not over yet. Tang Shaoyang started to crease his brows, "Why are they so slow?" He then looked toward Mengyao, "Do these people consist of low-level individuals?" 

"All Tarriors have class while two out of three slaves did not have class. They should be fine if the enemies are stage-2 or even stage-3 zombies, unless…" her voice trailed off as she noticed the building stopped glowing. Not long after that, a group of people came out of the building.

Eight people entered the building and eight people came out of the building. However, two people needed to be carried to get out. Tang Shaoyang saw a chunk of meat on his neck disappear while the other seemed to break his leg.

Kang Xue was about to rush to give first aid to the injured. A hand was holding her back, she was about to protest but Tang Shaoyang had rushed forward to the group. He was faster than she would expect. In the blink of an eye, he arrived at the group, to everyone's surprise, the person who had lost a chunk of meat on his neck pushed the person who carried him. He opened his mouth, was about to beat the person he pushed down but Tang Shaoyang came at the right time.

He kicked the person who had turned into a zombie in the chest.


The zombie crashed to the glass behind. He did not stop there as he took the battle-ax out of his inventory. Before the zombie could get up, Tang Shaoyang slammed the Destroyer down to the zombie's head.


The zombie's head was split open and the body completely stopped moving. Tang Shaoyang put his battle-ax back to the inventory and walked back.

"If you wish to die, then you can do the same next time," Tang Shaoyang reproved the person who carries the zombie.

With just one look, he could tell the person was bitten by the zombie. There was only one end if one got bitten by the zombie, you would be a zombie, of course. Despite knowing this fact, the man still carried the man instead of ending the zombie's life.

The man's body shivered at the words. However, deep inside, he was grateful to Tang Shaoyang. If not for his Boss, he might get bitten and turned into a zombie as well. The man stood up and bowed, "I learned my lesson, Boss. Thank you for saving my life,"

Tang Shaoyang waved his hand lazily as he went back to the group, "Go treat him!" He instructed Kang Xue to give first aid to the man who broke his leg.

"We encountered seven Crawlers and three Crushers. One Crusher and one Crawler are Stage-3 zombies," Fu Yintao reported what they encountered inside, "Also, we got one Level 8 Treasure Chests and seven Level 9 Treasure Chests. The chests are still inside," he pointed the building inside with his finger.

Tang Shaoyang looked toward the building, but he did not go inside to take the chest, "You pick one…" he pointed to the Tarriors to pick the chest. They deserved the reward while he noted the slaves to reward them later.

The three Tarriors including Fu Yintao happily went inside the building. Even though they drooled over the treasure chests, none of them dared to touch the chests without Tang Shaoyang's consent. With their Boss's consent, they happily went inside to get their chests.

Just like that, the first search for the mini-game was over. Only Fu Yintao's group encountered the mini-game while the other buildings got nothing. Afterward, they continued their trip toward HZ Bay while searching for the mini-game on the way.

*** ***

Meanwhile, back to the base, the second floor, cafeteria

Ding Hao gathered the security guard and the people from the SH Hospital. Then others did not have any suspicion until the man opened his mouth, "Kuhum, Kuhum! Can I have your time for a moment?"

Zhang Wen and the others stopped eating. They looked toward the young man, wondering what he wanted to say.

If it was before the world turned upside down, they would happily bootlick the young man. He was the son of the SH Hospital's head, they would gladly flatter Ding Hao so they would have an easy time in their work.

"Do you guys still want to stay here or follow me to join the military base? I have a close friend in the military, if we can reach the military base then we will be safer than here," Ding Hao offered something these people never expected.

If they could reach the military base, they would gladly follow Ding Hao. Their eyes brightened when they heard those words from his mouth, "With my name, we could live peacefully without being forced to work like in this place,"

Ding Hao planned to persuade the people closest to him to join his side. Later on, he would spread their influence within the base. If he could persuade at least half of the people in the base, he could take the base for himself. That was the plan, he planned to take the base for himself.


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