113 Father-In-Law
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Author :HotIce
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113 Father-In-Law

Tang Shaoyang moved fast even with Kang Xue on his back. Compared to the Destroyer she was much lighter so it was no difference with or without Kang Xue on his back.

Under her guidance, soon they entered the military compound. What made the difference between the military compound and the normal residence of HZ Bay was the exterior design. The house in the military compound that was as big as a mansion had the same design, everything but the front courtyard that differed between one house to another.

Kang Xue guided her to her house. So far, they had not encountered anything dangerous, not even a single stage-1 zombie. "This is a good sign, maybe your family is safe," he said to the girl.

Despite his words, Kang Xue merely shook her head. She hoped her family was safe too but it had been over a month since the absurd game started anything could happen to them.

"To the right!" Kang Xue quietly guided Tang Shaoyang to her house. Knowing the girl's mood, he kept his mouth shut and followed her instruction. Just as he was about to pick up his pace, he heard the girl's voice, "Stop! We have arrived,"

Tang Shaoyang stopped and looked at the girl. Kang Xue was looking to the left, he followed the girl's gaze to see a white-colored house with a silver steel fence.

He placed the girl down and pulled her with him to the house. There was no need to ask her, he was sure this was her house. Tang Shaoyang easily pushed the fence open, he looked down and saw the lock was broken forcefully.

"Huh!?" He stopped his steps, the lock was broken forcefully. He then scanned the fence, it looked normal without a sign of the gate being broken forcefully.

"What's wrong?" Kang Xue asked upon noticing the man stopped walking. "Aside from your parents, who live in your house?" He replied to the girl with a question.

"Since my parents are over fifty, while my father is almost in his sixty, my brother and sister-in-law stay with my parents, what's wrong?" Even though she was confused, she still answered honestly.

Tang Shaoyang pointed at the broken lock, "Look! The lock is broken and from the gate's condition, the lock is broken from inside," she followed his finger and saw the broken lock. She checked the gate as well, "Maybe it was my brother…" her tone was lack of confidence, in her head, she was imagining her parents turned into zombies, and they broke the lock to get out of the house.

"Let's check inside!" He tightened his grip on her hand and pulled her to the inside. The door was not locked as well as he pushed it easily.

Inside the house was dark with all lights off, "Mother! Father!" Kang Xue called out as soon as they entered the house. Her voice echoed through the dark house but she received no reply.

The two kept walking forward until they reached the living hall. Kang Xue kept calling her parents but the answer was her voice's echo.

Tang Shaoyang scanned the room, it was still neatly organized with just dust on top of it. A typical house that was left behind for a long time.

"Where is your parent's room?" The game started in the middle of the night. It was possible the zombies were locked inside the room.

The zombie appeared next to everyone in the middle of the night. If her parents were asleep when the game started, her parents should be dead by now. That was one of many possibilities and also the worst scenario for the girl.

Kang Xue seemed to catch what Tang Shaoyang tried to say. She immediately ran to the second floor. He followed her closely while looking at their surroundings, making sure no dangerous creature lurked around in the dark.

Soon, they stopped in front of the door. Her hand was at the doorknob, with a light twist and push she would open the door. Tang Shaoyang was waiting quietly, but he put his ears to hear movement inside the room. However, he heard nothing from inside, 'it should be safe inside,' he thought to himself without telling the girl.

Kang Xue opened the unlocked door, she was prepared for everything. Nothing was inside, she entered the room, she truly found nothing. Her parents were not inside, zombies also not here. However, compared to the outside room, the bedroom was messier, it was a sign that someone was here before.

Tang Shaoyang checked everything inside the room, from the corner to the closet. Every possible hiding place, but he got nothing as well. No corpses, no zombies, it was a positive sign.

"Huh!?" Tang Shaoyang heard a voice from the outside. It was two male voices that talked at each other.

"What's wrong?" Since the girl did not have sharp hearing like him, she did not hear what he heard. He pulled the girl's hand and went out of the room, "There's someone outside!"

They went back to the original living room. He opened a small gap in the curtain and looked out. Sure enough, there were three men right outside the fence. From their appearance, they looked like someone in their forties.

Kang Xue also peeked out from the same gap. She did not recognize the three middle-aged men, but the fact they gathered in front of her house after they entered the house was strange.

The three talked at each other without realizing they were being spied on from the inside. However, soon, five more men gathered with the three, one of them was an old man. The old man had his hair turned completely white that combed to the side.

At the sight of this old man, Kang Xue immediately dashed out of the house. She ran as fast as she could to the outside when she came out of the house, she yelled out, "Father!"

The old man with white hair subconsciously turned toward the voice. Then he saw a girl with long hair ran toward him, he immediately recognized the girl. The old man opened his arms open as Kang Xue threw herself to the old man.

Tang Shaoyang who was at the door subconsciously smiled. He was also happy if the girl was happy, slowly he approached the group.

"He is the other one!" A middle-aged man pointed his index finger toward Tang Shaoyang.

A man that looked in his thirties with a sharp countenance stood in front of Tang Shaoyang. He looked to the eyes, "Who are you?"

"Shouldn't you introduce yourself before asking someone else's name?" Tang Shaoyang grinned at the man.

Just as the man was about to talk back, Kang Xue intervened, "Stop it, brother! He's someone who saved your sister's life! You can't be rude to him!" Kang Xue pulled her brother back. She did not forget to signal Tang Shaoyang with her eyes as well so the two did not break into a fight.

However, it was not Tang Shaoyang's style to hide it. He knew the girl wanted to hide their relationship from her family, but he did not like the plan. He took a big step forward and pulled the girl into his embrace, "There's something she left out, I am not only her savior but also her man!" The declaration was followed with his usual grin.

After that shocking declaration, he waved his hand to the old man, "Hello, Father-in-law~," he greeted Kang Xue's father casually, it was as if they were friends.

"You bastard! Release your filthy hand from my sister!" Kang Zian pointed the gun toward Tang Shaoyang's head. To his surprise, Tang Shaoyang did not waver in front of the gun, the man still had his grin on his face. The man just stood there, he did not even use his sister as a shield.

'This man is dangerous!' From the first time he saw the man, he could tell the man was dangerous. That was why he showed an aggressive stance toward Tang Shaoyang.

However, soon his expression crumpled as he saw her sister merely lowered her head coyly. "Huh!?" Kang Zian could not believe what he saw.

"Alright, stop it, Zian!" Kang Xue's father, Kang Jiayi stopped his son from acting further. Kang Jiayi was more cool-headed than his son and since he knew his son's temper, he did not want her daughter's savior to suffer under his son's hand.

"Xue'er, what about bringing your boyfriend with us to the safe with us?" The old man smiled at his daughter. He just met with her lost daughter, so the old man did not want to ruin the good atmosphere between them.

"Alright," Kang Xue replies in a small voice. She was surprised that her father was not angry at her.

Kang Zian approached his father and started to complain as to why they have to bring Tang Shaoyang with them. But his complaints were not listened to by his father.

"Why didn't you listen to me?" Kang Xue whispered to the man, "Why should we hide our relationship? I am going to recruit your family to my faction, it's just a matter of time before they know our relationships," he replied with a shrug. He did not like to make things complicated so he just admitted directly. "But what if my father does not accept you?" She was more concerned about this issue. She did not want a fight to break out between her family and Tang Shaoyang. "I will convince your father with my way!" He replied confidently.

The two were whispering at each other while following Kang Jiayi. Of course, the others were surrounding them, watching them just like they were prisoners. The two were bickering but in front of these people, they were flirting.

Kang Zian gritted his teeth when he noticed the couple were flirting in front of them. 'He must threaten my sister! Yes, that must be the case!' Kang Zian thought to himself.

Soon, the group reached the sports hall. HZ Bay had four big sport halls and the group used the sports hall as their temporary camp. As soon as the group reached the sports hall, two men with assault rifles saluted the old man.

Tang Shaoyang was a little surprised, but he was surprised nevertheless. Kang Xue never told him her father's rank in the military, but he expected the rank should be high if they lived in HZ Bay. He just did not expect that everyone in the base would choose the old man as the leader.

They were about to enter the sports hall, Kang Jiayi suddenly turned around. The old man faced Tang Shaoyang, "It's been months since the last time I met my daughter, can you give us a private time to talk? I want to bring her to meet her mother as well,"

Tang Shaoyang was about to say, "Why can't I follow you?" but then he noticed the girl was begging him, so he nodded in return.

"Zian, please bring him to the guest room!" He ordered his son before facing Tang Shaoyang again, "We will talk later!" After saying his piece, the old man brought Kang Xue to the second sports hall.

Kang Zian brought Tang Shaoyang to a room in the first sports hall. He then locked the man inside, but Tang Shaoyang did not bother with it. Since his father-in-law said they would talk later, he should just wait here.

Kang Zian smirked as he closed the door, he had a plan for the cocky Tang Shaoyang, "Since you asked for it, I will teach you some lesson to respect the elder," he spats those words before leaving the room locked.

Tang Shaoyang was oblivious to Kang Zian's petty tricks. He scanned the room, it was decent for a guest room. He laid down on the comfy couch, waiting for his father-in-law to come.

If he wanted these people to follow him, the easiest way was to convince his father-in-law since he was the leader of these people. He was thinking of how to convince the old man.

Just like that, ten minutes passed. The door then opened with a loud bang. Tang Shaoyang opened his eyes and glanced to the door. A man wearing a green military uniform stood on the door. The man had a furious expression, then he rushed forward, "I am going to kill you!"

"Huh!? A fly comes, it's good to kill some time while waiting for my father-in-law," Tang Shaoyang immediately stood, he licked his lips as he waited for the man to come at him.


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