114 Petty Trick
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Author :HotIce
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114 Petty Trick

Kang Jiayi did not discuss the relationship between her and Tang Shaoyang. He just brought her daughter to her wife.

Kang Xue rushed to her mother's embrace and cried a lot. It had been hard for her trapped in the hospital for a month. She poured everything that she experienced outside to her mother while Kang Jiayi smiled on the side.

She told everything how scary the hospital had become, the monsters, and the zombies. Kang Xue's mother stroked her daughter's back gently while listening to her daughter. Ten minutes later, Kang Xue stopped crying, she looked up and kissed her mother's cheek.

"Aiyo! Aiyo! My baby girl~," Mu Liqiu did not know how to console her daughter, she could just stroke her back to calm her down, "So, tell me, who's the guy who saved you from the hospital?"

Kang Xue pulled herself out from her mother's embrace. Since Tang Shaoyang admitted it openly, she would be open as well about her relationship with her mother. Just as she was about to tell her about Tang Shaoyang, Kang Zian barged into the room with a big laugh, "Haha, I have sent Yi Qiao to that cocky guy, Father!"

"Huh!?" Kang Xue immediately turned her head when she heard the familiar name. Kang Jiayi also turned her head toward his son with a frown on his forehead, "What did you say? Who told you to do that?"

Kang Zian turned his head toward his father. From his father's tone, he could tell that his father was angry. He then met with his father's stern expression then he realized that he misunderstood his father's thoughts. Telling him to send the man to the guest room, he thought his father signaled him to teach the brat some lessons.

"You sent Yi Qiao to meet Tang Shaoyang?" Kang Xue abruptly stood up and questioned her brother.

Yi Qiao was her father's subordinate and the guy her father introduced her to. He was her ex-boyfriend, at least now she had regarded him as her ex.

Kang Zian smiled wryly as he looked at his sister, "Don't worry, I told Yi Qiao to beat him in consideration. He should be fine,"

Kang Xue's mother was still clueless about what they talked about. She still did not know Tang Shaoyang's existence and who he was.

"Fool!" Kang Xue yelled at her brother loudly. It shocked the mother and the father. The daughter they knew was not this, she would not scold her brother out rightly. What happened? The couple was puzzled at this.

"Where did you send him? Bring me there, now!" She rushed toward her big brother, asking him to bring her toward Tang Shaoyang, "Why rush? Let them solve their problem just like a man!" Kang Zian smirked at her sister. He did not plan to bring her sister to meddle with what he had done. He thought her sister was worried about Tang Shaoyang being beaten by Yi Qiao.

"You idiot blockhead, Yi Qiao would die!" Kang Xue continued to yell at her brother. Her family did not know how strong and how merciless Tang Shaoyang was, but she knew. So the moment she heard her brother's conversation, she panicked.

Kang Xue was also aware that Tang Shaoyang was willing to go here to recruit these people. If Yi Qiao died in Tang Shaoyang's hand, it was bound to be chaos here. The thing she worried about was what happened if her family clashed against him.

Without a doubt, the people here were not the match of Tang Shaoyang and his group. She was pretty sure of that.

Kang Zian did not react, he looked at his sister's expression. He found out that her sister was not joking with her words. He then looked toward his father, the latter nodded his head with a stern expression plastered on his face.

Kang Jiayi could tell that the man in her daughter's story was the same man she brought with her. If what she said was true then Yi Qiao might be in trouble.

Kang Zian nodded and turned around while his sister followed him closely. Kang Xue's mother, Mu Liqiu did not know what happened but she still followed.

*** ***

Back to the guest room

Yi Qiao rushed in pure anger after he listened to Kang Zian's story, telling him that this man was snatching his girlfriend. He ran and delivered the fist to the man's face. But then, the man merely smirked at him, pissing him off more.


Tang Shaoyang easily received the fist with one of his hands, "Well, well, well… This is our first meeting but you already want to kill me? May I know if we have met before?" He looked at Yi Qiao's face while recalling his blurred past, "I don't remember we have met before though," he murmured in a low voice.

Yi Qiao tried to pull his fist but to no avail, the grip was so strong that he failed to pull the fist back. He then raised his foot and delivered a kick to Tang Shaoyang's waist. The latter merely looked at the kick, did nothing to counter or even dodge. The man received his kick while holding his fist tightly.


The kick landed on his waist, but the man was still grinning at him. Yi Qiao was left flabbergasted, he was sure that he was giving his all in the kick but the man was not affected in the slightest.

Tang Shaoyang grinned at the shocked Yi Qiao, "You should kill more zombies to gain more strength," he caught the man's calf and threw him away to the wall.


Yi Qiao grunted in pain as his back bumped into the wall. He stood up immediately, the pain on his back reminded him to be more cautious against the man. This time, he did not rush over blindly but he scanned the man from the distance.

After what happened just now, he could not think of a way to win against the man, 'Provoking him could give an opening for me maybe?' Fighting face to face did not work against the man in front of him, so he tried a mind game.

"Tsk, so you love to pick secondhand goods?" Yi Qiao tried to imply that Kang Xue was secondhand goods. Little did he know that Tang Shaoyang did not know that he was Kang Xue's boyfriend.

"Huh!?" Tang Shaoyang stood there, trying to comprehend what this man wanted to say. 'Secondhand goods? Did I encounter a crazy man?'

"Your mother is slut!" Realizing the provocation did not work, Yi Qiao came up with a new one, "Your father is b*stard!"

The grin on Tang Shaoyang's face vanished. He was an orphan, he did not have a father or a mother. He did not have any memories of these two figures, but for some reason, he was pissed off when the guy said that.

In the orphanage where he stayed, he was someone with an average grade. Not good at studying and he did not have a good talent to show as well. No one wanted to adopt him while the other kids were being adopted.

For someone who did not have parents, it was weird that he was upset when someone insulted them like that, "I wonder why, but if your goal is to provoke me then you have successfully provoked me!" With that being said, Tang Shaoyang approached Yi Qiao to step by step.

"Huh!?" Yi Qiao looked at the man warily. He successfully provoked the man but why was the scenario he imagined completely different than what happened right now. He thought the man would charge at him madly after he insulted his parents.

"Why do you stop now? Come to me, parent insulter!" Tang Shaoyang motioned the man to come at him. Yi Qiao however remained on his spot, he did not move even an inch. "If you don't want to come then I will come to you!"

Tang Shaoyang ran toward Yi Qiao as he threw a single yet plain punch to the man's chest. The latter moved to the side, avoiding the punch by a few millimeters away from his shoulder.

'An opening!' Yi Qiao found the opening he was looking for.


A loud bang noise entered his ears. The noise distracted Yi Qiao as he looked back. He saw the man's punch breaking into the wall. His eyes widened in shock, not expecting the man who had such a big strength to break the wall by a single punch.

At this moment, there was only one thing in his head, "Run!". He realized the man was not just a normal human anymore. But it was merely his thought, the moment Yi Qiao turned his head around, he was doomed.

"Uarghh!!!" Yi Qiao groaned in pain as a kick landed on the side of his waist.


With one kick, Tang Shaoyang sent the guy flying to the side. Yi Qiao's body bumped into the wall before falling to the ground. He was holding the area where he got kicked, but then he noticed a shadow hovered over him. Yi Qiao immediately forced his body to roll to the side, but he was too late.

"Arghhhhh!!!!" Yi Qiao screamed as Tang Shaoyang stepped on his shoulder.

"Why don't you insult me more? Why are you just screaming now? Oy!" Tang Shaoyang slapped him in the head. But Yi Qiao could not reply as he was withholding the pain.

Since he did not receive the response he wanted, Tang Shaoyang kicked Yi Qiao in the belly this time. Yi Qiao's body just like a soccer ball, it flushed to the side of the room.

At this moment, the door was opened. Kang Zian was about to enter the guest room but he halted his steps immediately as he witnessed Yi Qiao's body fly right before his face.

Kang Zian without a shred of hesitation pulled out his gun and pointed to the side, right at Tang Shaoyang, "Stop right now or I will shoot!"

Kang Xue did not care about the gun that was being pointed at her man. She rushed toward him and hugged him, she made sure that she hugged his two hands as well.

"Oh, you are here, have you met with your mother?" Tang Shaoyang asked as if nothing happened.


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