121 Magic
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Author :HotIce
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121 Magic

"It seems our main target is here!" Tang Shaoyang muttered in a low voice as his eyes locked at the Shaman.

"Boss!" He heard the yell from the side, he turned his head and found Lu An waved his hand excitedly at him. His team was behind him with all of them alive.

Soon Tang Shaoyang noticed that not only Lu An but the other teams also arrived at the peak as well. For some reason, Tian Donghai's team and Yan Sheng's came up together. Wei Xi and his team also arrived at the peak, he was on the other side of him.

Five teams arrived almost at the same time, surrounding the group of Hobgoblins and the Shaman from four directions.

The Shaman who has its eyes closed all the time finally opened its eyes at their presence. It looked toward Tang Shaoyang's group first before scanning the other three groups. Its emotionless eyes scanned the surroundings before it stopped back at Tang Shaoyang's group.

"Isn't this too easy?" Tang Shaoyang muttered in a low voice after counting the Hobgoblins who surrounded the Shaman. He thought the Survival Game would be harder than the mini-game he encountered beforehand, but it was not.

Goblins, Rabbidog, and Hobgoblins were an easy opponent for him. None of these creatures were challenging to him. He felt suspicious, suspicious to the Shaman, "Maybe the last boss is tough,"

Sixty Hobgoblins in total, The Shama was being protected by sixty Hobgoblins that armed randomly. The metal club, big ax, even broken greatsword.

"What should we do? We are waiting for your order!" Zhang Mengyao elbowed Tang Shaoyang who was in his thoughts. Only then he realized that everyone was waiting for him, for his order.

"Of course, we are going to kill them!" He raised his battle-ax to the air and slowly descended, pointing toward the Shaman and its underlings, "Kill!" He roared the word.

"Kill!" Lu An followed as he sheathed his sword up. The young guy did not wait for his Boss to lead the move as he charged forward, alone. Hu Feng looked at his captain's back speechless. In the end, he had to follow the captain who charged forward carelessly, "Let's cover the captain's back!" He led the remaining people to charge forward.

Just like that, the other three teams also charged toward the monster at the center.

Since they fought the Boss of this portal, Tang Shaoyang went all out. He activated [Spirit Integration] with Karan from the start. His skin turned green as his muscle bulked up.

Of sixty-four people, Lu An was the first one to reach the monster. One Hobgoblin smashes its metal club toward him but the young man easily dodged the club by bending his body down. Rolling his body to the ground, he leaped up to reach Hobgoblin's head, "Goodbye!" He swung the sword to the neck, separating the head from the body.

In the air, he noticed the Shaman was mumbling some unknown words. Soon the crystal on the top of the staff was glowing in red, and then a dark cloud started to gather on top of him. He could hear a rumbling noise beyond the dark cloud.

"It's magic!" Lu An yelled loudly to warn the others, "Be careful from the top!" As he warned the other, thunder was brewing from the black cloud. He immediately stepped at the still-standing Hobgoblin's dead body and pushed his body backward.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Thanks to Lu An's quick warning, everyone was alerted. Thunder struck down from the black cloud. The first strike tried to hit Lu An but missed and hit the hobgoblin's dead body instead.

The second strike descended to Wei Xi's group. The thunder created a pit at the center of the group but they managed to escape from the strike. The third strike descended to Yan Seng and Tian Donghai combined team. Unfortunate to one person who reacted late, the hundred hit the guy.

The fourth strike came down toward Tang Shaoyang. The thunder specifically targeted him. Instead of running away, Tang Shaoyang challenged the thunder by staying on his spot as he pushed Kang Xue to the back.

As the thunder was a few meters away to hit him, an angry yell came from behind. It was Zhang Mengyao's voice, she was scared out of her wits when she noticed Tang Shaoyang did not try to dodge the thunder. She rushed forward and arrived next to him in time. The girl immediately faced her shield toward the thunder and cast her skill, [Shield Wall].

Bluish aura spread out from the shield, creating a blue transparent wall, wide enough to protect both of them from the thunder.


The thunder crashes to Zhang Mengyao's [Shield Wall], causing a deafening blast. Tang Shaoyang and Zhang Mengyao's eardrums were ringing.

The Shaman noticed its thunder was blocked by the shield wall. Feeling threatened, it rained the shield wall with the second, third, and fourth thunder.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At the third thunder, the shield wall started to crack, and when the fourth struck down, the crack was getting bigger as it spread all over. If the fifth thunder hit the shield wall, it would break for sure.

Fortunately, the fifth thunder never came as the black cloud started to dissipate. Before, everyone was looking at the black cloud, making sure to avoid the thunder. But now everyone turned their head toward The Shaman.

Everyone noticed that The Shaman looked very exhausted after summoning the thunder. Noticing everyone's gaze, The Shaman immediately took something from its weird attire. It was a vial containing blue liquid, the monster immediately chugged down the potion.

'It must be mana potion, he ran out of mana, that's why he can't cast more spells,' Lu An guessed correctly, 'I can't let him use the spell again or it will be dangerous for the others. I have to kill The Shaman before it recovers the mana!'

The young Lu An glanced toward his Boss and yelled, "Boss! I am going to take the Boss Kill!" He told Tang Shaoyang he was going for the kill. After shouting to inform Tang Shaoyang, he immediately used [Dash]. His figure blurred as he charged toward The Shaman. Lu An easily passed the line of Hobgoblins.

Meanwhile, Lu An's shout awakened Tang Shaoyang. He looked toward the voice and noticed Lu An was charging toward the last boss at a frightening speed.

"Then let's have a contest, shall we?" Tang Shaoyang grinned as he also ran forward. He was not trying to beat Lu An in speed, he was not that crazy enough to do that. He ran to build momentum, a momentum to throw the Destroyer.

After running forward for five meters, he threw the battle-ax toward The Shaman.


The big battle-ax was spinning in the air as it accelerated toward the target.

Lu An was not aware of his Boss's trick. He had all of his attention on The Shaman. It was the same for The Shaman, it had its eyes locked on Lu An as well. Unfortunate for The Shaman as its eyes could not follow Lu An's speed.

In the split of a second Lu An's figure arrived in front of him. The young man leaped to claim The Shaman's head, "I am not going to let you cast the spell again!" He raised his sword, he was about to slice the head from the top.


The sword descended, but then, a big battle-ax came. The big blade struck the head from the side, immediately pushing The Shaman's body to the ground.


Lu An's sword hit the empty air as The Shaman was taken down. He looked at the familiar battle-ax before turning his head toward his Boss's direction. The young man saw his Boss was smiling triumphantly at him.


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