122 Mana Mastery
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Author :HotIce
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122 Mana Mastery

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

Tang Shaoyang's grin became wider as he heard the notification. The Shaman was truly big to have leveled up just by killing a monster.

Just as he was about to rush forward to face the remaining Hobgoblins, a strong grip came from behind. The hand was circling his chest and hugged him tightly. Not long after that, he heard a familiar sobbing voice, "Stupid! Why didn't you dodge the lightning?"

It was Zhang Mengyao's voice. She was talking about earlier when Tang Shaoyang tried to tank the thunder. The girl was scared that something would happen to the man. Dodging from the thunder should be easy for Tang Shaoyang but the man was standing still. That was why she panicked.

With the girl crying on his shoulder, there was no way he would tell her that he was going to try how tough his body was. It would only escalate the girl further, "I will be fine, I am tougher than you thought!"

Even though he said so, the girl refused to release him. Li Na, Fu Dandan, and Dai Wenqian bypass them, rushing forward to the group of Hobgoblins.

"Oi? We are on the battlefield, we have to help them," only then the hug loosened slightly, "You should trust your men more. Look over there, he's fine even after getting struck by the thunder!" He pointed at the guy who got hit by the thunder.

The man was not fine at all, he forced himself to stand because he knew that he would truly die if he just laid down on the ground. Half of his face had the charred mark, and he limped his way to regroup with his team. The guy was okay at all.

"He could survive from the thunder, so it should be easy for me," Tang Shaoyang tried to assure the girl, "But still, you can avoid the thunder, why didn't you dodge it?" She questioned him.

—Indeed, so stupid! Why did you try to take it if you could dodge?

Zaneos also did not stay silent. The Demon Swordsman expressed his opinion in Tang Shaoyang's head.

—I think he's courageous, that's the warrior way! Running is only for a coward!

The Great Warrior Karan took Tang Shaoyang's side for this matter. The bulky warrior agreed with Tang Shaoyang's view to test his body with the thunder.

—These two musclebrains…

Tang Shaoyang ignored his two Spirits as he apologized to Zhang Mengyao, "Alright, I am sorry, okay? I promise that I will not do it again," only then Zhang Mengyao released him from her tight hug.

Tang Shaoyang then looked at the Hobgoblins group but he found out that no Hobgoblins were standing anymore. All of them were taken down by his subordinates already.

As he glanced at them, they purposely looked away from him. Only Lu An who waved his hand excitedly at him, calling him to come over, "Boss! Come over, we get two Treasure Chests!"

He walked over. Two chests laid down next to the Shaman's dead body. The Shaman still had its head split by his Destroyer. It stuck down to the ground, he saw its eyes were wide open, and could not believe it was dead.

Tang Shaoyang retrieved his battle-ax and stored it in his inventory. Not only the battle-ax, but he also stored the Shaman's body. Since it was a stage-4 monster, he could use the body for the next [Spirit Summoning].

After that, he glanced at the chest. Both chests were glowing in golden light, but the two had different sizes. The chest on the right was smaller than the one on the left. He squatted down while his subordinates surrounded him. They did not come closer, not wanting to get scolded.

Since it was the reward for killing the Shaman, he would take it for himself. He opened the smaller chest first. Five Crystal Inventory Bags were laying down inside the chest. He took the crystals and saved them into his inventory. He had a plan on how to share the loot for the inventory bag.

After that, he looked at the other chest. He opened without any ceremony and a book was inside the chest.

"Huh!?" Tang Shaoyang was surprised, he was not expecting to receive a book from the treasure chest. His hand moved to take the book from the chest.


[Skill Book]

Skill: Mana Mastery (Apprentice)

Use: 3/3


"Mana Mastery?" He muttered in a low voice. He heard about this mana thing from Lu An too, it was a type of energy to use magic. He furrowed his brows for a moment before he stored the skill book into his inventory.

—That skill is very useful! If you learn to use Mana, it can strengthen your skill.

Zaneos who were usually silent spoke up.

—If you are part of my race, I can guide you to use the mana without a skill book. But different races have different techniques, I can't teach you the Demon Mana Mastery carelessly.

'Should I learn it now?' Tang Shaoyang asked his spirit who was also his teacher, 'Not now, we are over anyway. I can learn the skill later,' he shook his head and stored the skill big to the inventory.

He did not want to use the skill book in front of his subordinate. So he decided to save it for later.

As he took the thing inside the chest, the chest disappeared. He stood up and called a few names, "Lu An! Wei Xi! Zhang Mengyao! Yan Sheng! Tian Donghai!" He called the captain from each team. Five people immediately walked to his front.

He took out the Crystal Inventory Bag and gave it to them, one crystal for each team, "This is for you guys, use them to reward your subordinates that deserve to be rewarded!"

Rather than having a headache to choose who he had to give to, he decided to let his subordinates do that. The five captains did not refuse the crystal as they nodded their heads. However, they did not immediately hand out the crystal but saved it to the inventory first.

"What about the chest from the goblin cave, Boss?" Lu An asked while taking out the treasure chest he got from clearing the goblin cave. He did not open it, not without his Boss's consent.

"Take it back! The treasure chests are yours, share them among yourself!" Tang Shaoyang waved his hand at them. Since they got the chest with their efforts, the chests belonged to them.

"Alright, we are done here, so how do we get out of this place?" He then checked the objective screen.


[Portal 1 - The Unknown Forest]

Main Objective: Kill The Shaman (Accomplished)

Side Objective: Clear 9 Goblin Caves (9/9)


Not long after that, the toneless robotic voice rang in his head.

[Congratulations! You have cleared the first portal and prevent the monsters from the Unknown Forest from coming to your world!]

[You have accomplished all objectives! You gained a bonus reward: +1 Level for every participant!]

[You will be teleported out from the Unknown Forest in 10 seconds!]

After that, a number 10 of giant projection appeared in front of everyone. Slowly, the number ticked down, from ten to nine and further.

When the number reached zero, everyone got teleported out from the first portal. Tang Empire alone finished the first portal.


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