123 Thieves
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Author :HotIce
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123 Thieves

Military Temporary Camp

Kang Jiayi rushed to get out of the meeting with the other three heads in the camp. One of his subordinates told him that the portal disappeared. He and the other three rushed out when they heard that.

They were just talking about who they should choose for the scout team. Now they heard the portal suddenly disappear.

Kang Jiayi knew that his subordinate was not lying but he still came out to check with his own eyes. Sure enough, the portal truly disappeared, it was no longer there.

There was a crowd outside, they were surrounding the original spot of the portal too. The moment he arrived at the spot, the robotic voice rang in his head.

[The first portal has been cleared! The second portal would be summoned in 17 hours!]

*** ***

Tang Shaoyang thought there would be a portal to lead them back but no, they just got teleported back to where they entered the first portal.

Sixty-four people appeared near the entrance of HZ Bay. He scanned the surroundings and found everyone was successfully teleported back.

"It's lunchtime boys!" Tang Shaoyang yelled as he headed back to the mansion. They finished the first portal in less than five hours, he was happy about that.

Before he could enter the house, he heard a commotion behind. He halted his steps and turned around, his subordinates were surrounding the bus. They were making a ruckus, he heard glimpses of it as they were making a fuss about something that got stolen. He walked back, and at the same time, Wei Xi walked toward him with a helpless smile, "Boss, someone took our supplies and our reserve equipment,"

The supplies, food, and water they brought for the expedition were gone. On top of that, the reserve gears of thirty sets of armor and scythe were gone as well.

Tang Shaoyang walked past Wei Xi and went to the bus. The bus was empty, while he found a few cup noodles scattered on the ground. He did not go to the second bus, he stood in front of the bus while rubbing his chin.

Kang Xue and Zhang Mengyao checked the first bus and the second bus, just like Wei Xi reported, everything was gone. When they got out of the bus, everyone was looking at Tang Shaoyang. None of them dared to interrupt him.

'Someone dared to steal from him, these people would be doomed for sure,' Wei Xi thought to himself.

After a moment of silence, Tang Shaoyang nodded his head, "I guess I know who stole our supplies. Follow me, we are going to take back what is ours!"

Everyone was surprised that their Boss figured out this fast. Now everyone was confused and curious, they wanted to know who stole their supplies.

Instead of telling his subordinates, he walked toward Kang Xue, "Even though he is your father, I won't tolerate him from stealing what is mine!"

Tang Shaoyang guessed the one who stole his supplies was the military side. It was not just a random guess. First of all, only the military side knew their temporary base here. Second, if it was the other group, The Flame Castle, they would not bother to move the supplies. They just occupied this place for themselves or even drove the busses with them. Why bother to move the supplies? So the biggest possibilities were the military, their camp was near to their base, and they had many people to move everything out.

Zhang Mengyao let out a sigh, she had the same guess as Tang Shaoyang. If there were people who took the supplies, it must be the military people. Kang Xue was not a fool, but she could not believe that her father would take their supplies like this.

Zhang Mengyao did not say anything, she pulled Tang Shaoyang onto the bus, "Don't act recklessly, let's talk it out and try to get the supplies back from them!" At this moment, Kang Xue followed onto the bus, she closed the door to make sure the people outside did not hear the conversation.

"Yes, there must be a misunderstanding," Kang Xue spoke out. She did not want her father to fight against her man, it was the last thing she wanted to happen.

"Of course, I will talk to them, but what if they don't want to give our supplies back?" Since the other party took the supplies, it was less likely they would give the supplies back.

"Violence is not the only way to solve the problem!" Zhang Mengyao told him in a solemn tone.

"But violence is the most effective way! If they know that we are someone they should not offend, they would never try to steal our stuff. I am going to show them that their toy is useless!" The toy in his mouth was the gun, of course.

"Do you forget about your dream? You want to be Emperor, right? If you want to be an Emperor, you have to control your temper. You have to know when to use violence when not to. If you keep doing this, one day your enemy will use that against you!" Zhang Mengyao spouted random stuff to convince her man.

Hearing this, Tang Shaoyang did not talk back. He felt silent for a moment before he looked back to the two girls, "Good, let's talk it out with them. You two would be the ones doing the talk, I will watch! If they give our supplies back then I will not do anything to them!"

After they reached an agreement, the three got out of the bus. Tang Shaoyang brought his people to the military temporary camp. His subordinates were unaware of what they were about to do, but since it was an order they followed their Boss.

"Sister Mengyao, thank you," Kang Xue was grateful to Mengyao. She convinced the man to not use violence, she was truly scared that her family would be implicated.

"Mnn," Zhang Mengyao tapped her back.

*** ***

As soon as they reached the outer perimeter of the sports hall area, they found two guards guarding the entrance. At the sight of the two guards, Tang Shaoyang grinned.

The two guards were equipped with plate armor. Their chest area, shoulders, the wrist, thigh, and the boots. It was the set of plate armor that belonged to the empire and without any shame, they used it now.

The two guards noticed the big crowd that headed toward them. Looking at how equipped the other party was, the two guards raised their guns toward them, "Halt! Identify yourself!"

Zhang Mengyao and Kang Xue raised their hands as they approached the two guards.

The two spoke to the two guards, and they were allowed to enter. However, not all people could enter the sports hall area, only three people while others stayed outside.

"Get ready for the worst!" Tang Shaoyang warned his people before he entered the sports hall with the two women.

*** ***

In one room

"Huh!? Stealing your supplies, what are you talking about?" Kang Jiayi was informed that her daughter came to meet him. He happily met her but when they met, her daughter asked him to give back the supplies his people stole from them.

Tang Shaoyang's smile became wider the moment the old man played innocent. There were two possibilities for the old man to react like this. First, Kang Jiayi did not know his subordinates stole the supplies. Second, he knew but he played innocent because he did not want to give the supplies back to them. Tang Shaoyang was more inclined to the latter.

"Hah," Kang Xue sighed in disappointment. She also saw clearly that the guards wore the plate armor but her father did not admit it, "Then what about the plate armor your guards have? Do your people forge the armor?" She was slightly upset.

"Hah!? Plate armor?" Kang Jiayi was still confused. He was busy investigating the portal, so he had not realized that his people were wearing plate armor, at all.

"So those things are yours?" An old man who sat next to Kang Jiayi asked Kang Xue. "Yes, those are ours," she nodded in return.

"Then the military will take it. The civilian is not allowed to bring sharp weapons like those on the street, so we will be confiscating the weapons and armors. As for the supplies, the military lacks food, so I wish you to understand if we take the supplies as well," Liu Jian, one of the four leaders of the military temporary camp, said.


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