124 Clash
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Author :HotIce
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124 Clash

"Pfft… Hahaha…" Tang Shaoyang could not hold his laughter when he heard that. He was not expecting the old man would admit and shamelessly claimed the supplies openly.

Liu Jian furrowed his brows at the young man who laughed rudely after he spoke. Kang Jiayi looked at his friend dumbfoundedly, he never heard a report about this before.

"Then let me ask you a question, old man. What makes you different from a thief?" Tang Shaoyang grinned at Liu Jian. He said that he would not speak but he just could not hold back at how shameless the old man was.

The other two old men looked at Tang Shaoyang, Qiu Shan and Fan De were the other two heads of the camp.

"Young man, we are the military. The world is now in chaos…" Qiu Shan tried to speak but Tang Shaoyang cut him off, "The world is in chaos so the military now can steal whatever they want to steal? Is that what you are trying to say?" Tang Shaoyang glanced at Qiu Shan.

"Young man, we mean good. With the supplies from you, the military can protect everyone including you. You are the Hero of many people for giving supplies to us. The weapon also can be used to kill the zombie," Fan De smiled while praising Tang Shaoyang. He thought by praising the young man the thing would go smoothly.

"Fortunately we don't need the military's protection. I don't need weaklings to protect me either, I want my stuff back, now!" He deepened his voice.

"You…" Liu Jian slammed the table, but then he sneered, "The Military has confiscated everything, you are not going to get anything from us!"

Zhang Mengyao's hand moved to stop her man to escalate the situation further, "Sir, not only the military who needs the supplies, but we also need the supplies. I hope you can give our supplies back," she asked them politely.

Meanwhile, Kang Xue signaled her father through her eyes. She signaled him to persuade the other old men to give the supplies. She was starting to get anxious the longer she stayed here.

However, Kang Jiayi was powerless if the three men joined hands. He felt the thing they did was not the right thing to do but one against three, his voice was bound to be ignored. He helplessly shook his head to his daughter.

"Then you should come to our camp, young lady. We have food to share here. The male survivors can work for us to clear the zombies while the female can work in the barrack to treat the injured," Qiu Shan offered them to come to the camp with a gentle smile.

Tak! Tak! Tak!

Tang Shaoyang's index started to hit the table next to him. He was starting to get impatient with the talk.

"I work and live for the Tang Empire, and I will not join your camp, never. We want the supplies, I wish you can give the supplies back, Sir," Zhang Mengyao felt disgusted inside. As someone who came from a military background, she did not expect the higher-ups in the military could be this shameless and overbearing.

"Hahaha… Young Lady, I advise you to quit while you can! If the country finds that there's a small group like you try to riot, you will be executed for sure!" Liu Jian laughed when he heard the name of the Tang Empire, "Rather than following the snotty brat like him, what about becoming my secretary instead? You will be safe, and you don't need to worry about food as well. How is it? Are you interested?" The old man licked his lips as he looked at Zhang Mengyao tender face. 

Kang Jiayi's eyes widened in shock when he heard this. He did not expect his friend would be like this, at all.

Tak! Tak! Tak!

The sound of a finger hitting the table was getting louder. He looked toward the noise and saw the young man was looking at Liu Jian coldly. For some reason, he got a bad premonition from this.

"Will you give the supplies back or not?" Tang Shaoyang's patience was running out. He asked this for the last time.

"I told you, young man! You are our hero, but we can't give back the supplies, we need the supplies for the greater good," Fan De shook his head.

"Good! Since you have the choice then don't regret it," Tang Shaoyang stood up. Even though he was grinning at the old men, his eyes were extremely cold.

He then turned around and headed toward the exit. Zhang Mengyao followed him, but Kang Xue rushed toward her father, "Leave! Leave this place with me, bring Mother too. You can't stay with them!" She tried to bring her father, she did not want her family getting implicated in the conflict, especially against the merciless Tang Shaoyang.

"What are you afraid of, Little Girl. We have a gun here, your snotty boyfriend can't do anything to us. My advice is you better leave while you can!" Qiu Shan spoke to the anxious girl.

Kang Xue glanced toward the old man, "Stupid Old Men!" After she spat those words, she chased Tang Shaoyang and Zhang Mengyao. She tried to take her father with her, but she could not convince him.

She left to convince Tang Shaoyang to not touch her family.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang reached the exit of the sports hall. He noticed Kang Xue did not follow him. "Maybe she tries to convince her father, you don't need to worry about her,"

He nodded his head, he then opened the door. After he opened the door, Tang Shaoyang did not step out of the sports hall. He was standing still. Zhang Mengyao was about to ask what was he doing, but she heard a chuckle from the man, "Not only they stole our stuff, now they try to capture us as well it seems,"

"Huh!?" She did not understand what he talked about. Not until she peeked out to see what was outside.

Right outside the first sports hall, a group of twenty men standing with their guns directed toward the door, right at Tang Shaoyang.

"Raise your hand and turn to the wall!" The captain of the twenty men shouted at Tang Shaoyang.

Instead of raising his hand, Tang Shaoyang stepped out with a big grin plastered on his face, "The bullet does not work on my body, so you don't need to worry about the toy," he whispered to Zhang Mengyao.

"Stop!" The captain called out, but Tang Shaoyang did not heed his words, "Stop or I will shoot!" At the third step, the captain pulled the trigger and directed his gun upward. He released the shot to the air to warn Tang Shaoyang.

To the captain's surprise, the man was not afraid of the shot. His warning shot did not work, at all, "Stop or I will shoot!" The moment the captain finished his words, one of his subordinates pulled the trigger.


The captain was surprised and looked to the side. He recognized who pulled the trigger, Yi Qiao was the one who shot the gun. He was about to scold him, but he heard a loud clank noise. He turned toward the voice and saw the man was now holding a big battle-ax, the man stopped the bullet with the battle-ax.

"Wei Xi!!! Start! Kill if they resist!!!" Tang Shaoyang roared to notify his subordinates outside.

At the same time, a shadow flashed toward Yi Qiao who released the shot. The shadow delivered the kick to Yi Qiao's belly, sending the guy flying backward.

The captain did not know who started it, but his subordinates yelled "Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!" The eighteen people pulled their trigger, raining down Tang Shaoyang with bullets.


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