125 Subduing The Soldiers
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Author :HotIce
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125 Subduing The Soldiers

Da! Da! Da! Da!

The gunshots rang, it could be heard from inside the sports hall. Kang Xue was alerted to the noise from the outside as she immediately ran toward the exit.

She was panicking, gunshots meant the clash between two sides happened. She rushed outside when she got to the exit, the girl saw Tang Shaoyang. In front of him, Zhang Mengyao was using her [Shield Wall] to protect him from the bullets.

Tang Shaoyang who was standing idle noticed her arrival. He turned his head to the back, "They started it! Tell your family to not meddle because I am not gonna let this slide easily!"

The eight people finished a round of magazines and noticed not even a bullet hit the target. They noticed the bullets scattered around the man and the woman while the two were standing still.

"Help! Help! Help!" While the eighteen people were shocked at this phenomenon, someone was calling for help loudly from the back. The captain and his subordinates looked back.

A young boy was punching their comrade, Yi Qiao. The young boy kept punching Yi Qiao as blood started to ooze out from the lips, cheeks, and forehead.

The captain immediately pointed his muzzle toward Lu An who was beating his subordinate, "Stop!" He warned Lu An to stop, "Stop or I will shoot!" To his surprise, the young boy only glanced at him for a while before he continued beating Yi Qiao.

The Captain gritted his teeth, Lu An was forcing him to release the shot. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, there was a hand holding his gun from the side. He looked to the side and was shocked to see Tang Shaoyang was next to him.

"You should quit while you can, Soldier!" Tang Shaoyang grinned at the captain as his hand bent the muzzled upward, "You are the only one who did not shoot, so I am not going to hurt you if you stay still, Soldier!"

The Captain looked at the muzzle that bent upward. If he pulled the trigger, the gun would explode in his hand for sure. However, he was more shocked at the man's strength, he could bend the gun easily like that.

While the captain was in a daze, he saw the man attack his people. Tang Shaoyang swung his arm to the right, swept to one of his subordinates' necks. His subordinate's body was getting slammed to the ground with a loud thud followed.

Then another one came to Tang Shaoyang, he tried to use the rifle to hit the head. But Tang Shaoyang smashed the gun with his left hand. The assault rifle crumbled in pieces while the hand was fine, not even a scratch.

With a big grin, Tang Shaoyang grabbed the soldier's arm with his two hands. With a big swing, he threw the soldier flying to the wall. Just like a ball hit by a baseball bat, the man flew over and crashed into the sports hall's wall.

Witnessing such a scene, the others panicked. They tried to reload the gun by taking a new cartridge from their waist. However, none of his subordinates managed to reload their guns. The young boy, the man, and the woman demolished his subordinate in a minute.

The captain truly did nothing this entire time. He just watched his subordinates getting crushed by three civilians.

After taking down the last soldier, Tang Shaoyang turned toward the captain, "You truly do well. Rather than staying in this bandit camp, what about joining my empire? I like someone who listens to order," he tapped the captain's shoulder while trying to recruit the captain.

"Boss!" From the entrance, Wei Xi called out. The captain turned around and saw a big group of people entering the area. He was shocked to see the big group. From his understanding, a hundred people were sent outside to keep a watch on them, how could they enter here?

"How is it? How many people do you kill?" Tang Shaoyang's question caused the man to freeze for a moment. But then Wei Xi easily brushed off the awkwardness with a smile, "They can't resist so no one is killed,"

He said they could not resist, not they did not resist which meant the hundred people were taken down without much resistance. The captain understood the meaning behind the words, and he was beyond shocked now. A hundred people, armed with guns could not do anything to these people.

"Lu An! Have you discovered where they store our supplies?" Tang Shaoyang asked Lu An. While he and the two girls were talking with the leaders, he sent Lu An to search where these people stored their supplies. He had prepared for the worst from the start.

"Yes! They stored our stuff in the third sports hall. There are a few cars that can be used to transport our stuff too," Lu An reported his discovery.

"What about you? Have you taken off our equipment from these people?" He then turned toward Wei Xi. He saw a few soldiers were wearing their armor so he asked if he had taken those off.

"I have them stored in my inventory, everything is good, Boss!" Wei Xi nodded his head.

"Good!" Tang Shaoyang tapped Wei Xi and Lu An's back, "Good job, now move our stuff back!" He pushed the two slightly.

Lu An and Wei Xi led the people to the third sports hall. At this moment, the four leaders of the camp came out and were shocked to see their people were taken down.

"What are you doing? Are you insane?" Kang Jiayi yelled at Tang Shaoyang when he saw the soldiers were lying down here and there. All of them were for sure injured.

Tang Shaoyang smirked at the old man, "Insane? I am the sanest person here! Do you wish me to stay still when they try to gun me down?" He pointed to the old man's ground with his index finger.

The four old men followed his finger and were surprised to see hundreds of bullets around their feet. He did not need to hear an explanation to know what happened here. He immediately could tell what actually happened by just seeing these bullets.

Qiu Shan pulled out a pistol from his waist and directed the muzzle toward Tang Shaoyang, "You truly have rioted against the country, we will not tolerate this!"

Tang Shaoyang let out a chuckle, he kicked the assault rifle around his feet toward the four old men's direction, "Use that instead! But I advise you to not pull the trigger. If you are ready to kill someone you have ready to be killed as well!"

His voice and tone were enough to deter Qiu Shan. The man could survive from these many bullets, what he could with a mere pistol?

But the old man was contemplating pulling the trigger to try his luck as well. However, his thoughts were interrupted by Kang Xue. The girl smashed the pistol away from the old man before she grabbed the old man and slammed him down to the ground.

"Arghhh!" The old man let out a painful scream as his back slammed to the hard ground. Tang Shaoyang and Zhang Mengyao were shocked that the gentle Kang Xue would slam the old man.

After she slammed Qiu Shan, the girl rushed to her father. Without any words, she pulled him with her toward the second sports hall, "Please wait for me, I will bring my family with us!" Kang Jiayi tried to struggle, but his strength could not be compared to Level 23 Kang Xue.

"What about you, Soldier? Do you want to follow me? The Tang Empire also has a military, you can start from the bottom again," Tang Shaoyang did not give up to recruit the captain.

After taking down over a hundred soldiers, no one dared to obstruct his people to take back the supplies. The Tang Empire went back to its temporary camp smoothly with their supplies.

*** ***

With the supplies, they started a party to celebrate their success in taking down the first portal. On top of that, they also felt the thrill of winning against the military. The fact that bullets could not penetrate their armor made them realize that the military was not as invincible as they thought. The camp was filled with a cheerful cry.

After they were done with the party, people started to go back to the mansion. Tomorrow was the second portal, they had to get enough rest for the next battle.

Meanwhile, a few people stayed behind as they were holding their half-finished meal. Three people in total and these three were from the slave group. They were injured during the initial mini-game and the portal.

One had his right foot broken, one had his left hand broken, and the third was someone who got struck by thunder. They did not get special treatment since they were slaves.

Wei Xi sat next to the three with a cup of cola in his hand, "Captain!" The three people immediately greeted him respectfully. They tried to stand to give a proper greeting. However, Wei Xie motioned them to stay still, "It's okay, sit!"

Silent followed afterward, none of them dared to start the conversation with the captain rank.

"Finish the meal, I will head in after I finish my drink," he raised his cup. The three nodded as they were their unfinished meal. The three slaves did not know what Wei Xi wanted to do here, but they quickly finished their meals.

After they finished their meals, Wei Xi also finished his drink. He placed the cup on the ground, at the same time, he also placed two vials containing red liquid next to the cup, "This is healing potions, you take one since your condition is the worst, you two share the other potion!"

He told the one who got struck by thunder to consume one while the broken leg and arm had to share the potion. He had three healing potions from the treasure and saved one for himself.


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