145 Hidden Treasure Ches
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Author :HotIce
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145 Hidden Treasure Ches

Thanks to Tang Shaoyang's earlier attack, the beastmen sent out their guards to search for him in the forest. While the beastmen were searching in a group of five, Tang Shaoyang had a full team ambushing them.

"There's a group ahead, four of them," Yu Shun reported to Tang Shaoyang. He sent the Shredder to scout the area since the zombie was agile with his movement. This was the fifth group they encountered so far.

Tang Shaoyang nodded and asked in return, "Do you still need them for your zombie army?"Yu Shun now had seven zombies under his order, with an additional three beastmen zombies became his collection.

"No? The maximum zombies I can control are seven, more than that I need to level up my skill first," the young man shook his head, "Even if I have spare space, I will not take more zombies. I need to level up my zombies first before taking more zombies in,"

"Alright, we don't need to hold back anymore then. We will confront them head-on," Ambushing the beastmen was for Yu Shun's sake as they need to capture at least one of them alive. Since Yu Shun said he did not need any more zombies, facing them head-on was the simple way to finish them off.

Li Na summoned Moon, and let the Mystical Bear charge toward the group of beastmen. Zhang Mengyao and Tang Shaoyang followed the Mystical Bear closely. The tribal tattoos on the bear's body lit up, releasing blue burning flame as Moon put its head forward, crushing one beastmen and using its paw to take another beastmen down. A slam of its paw crushed the beastmen's chest.

Taking this chance, Zhang Mengyao cast [Unbending Strike], tearing the beastmen's body apart with her lance. Tang Shaoyang was simply swinging The Destroyer to the neck, killing the last beastmen instantly. With Moon joined the battle, it was much easier to kill them since their attention was solely on Moon.

"Where's our share?" With her jaw dropped, Shi Niu muttered in a low voice. Of course, she was not intending to ask for a share for real, the girl was shocked how they easily killed the beastmen when thirty seconds barely passed.

"You will get your share when we attacked the village," Tang Shaoyang grinned at his subordinate. The reason he hunted the guard around the wood was to let his subordinates familiarize themselves with the beastmen, "The Guards are looking for me, we can attack the village while the guards are away,"

The group then headed toward the village. Tang Shaoyang noticed that Dee Guards were concentrated in the right-wing of the village, the place where he killed two beastmen, leaving the left-wing empty.

"Beast is still a beast after all," Tang Shaoyang muttered when he saw the village naively tightened the guard on the right-wing.

"We will sneak into the village from the left-wing," through the woods, they went to the left side of the village while avoiding the watchtower at the village's entrance.

On the left-wing, the group found two Dee Guards standing in guard. Tang Shaoyang turned toward Yu Shun and the latter understood his intention immediately. He sent Shredder into the village to scout more about the beastmen.

Even though they now could handle the beastmen well, with their skill, and how weak they were in close combat. Tang Shaoyang did not lower his guard, especially with his subordinates' lives on his shoulder.

Three minutes later, the stage-4 zombie came back with good news, "The Dee Guards mostly at the village's center, four Dee Guards stationed around fifty meters behind these two while the remaining Dee Guards on the right-wing," Yu Shun reported the discovery since the zombie could not speak.

"Don't summon Moon until they are alerted," He told Li Na to not summon Moon in the battle, at least not until the beastmen alerted by them. It was pointless to do a sneaky move if the bear would make a ruckus.

Li Na nodded her head in return, indicating she understood, "I still have my crossbow and shortsword to fight," she showcased the crossbow in her right arm while showing the short sword in her waist.

"Good, let's get them!" Tang Shaoyang nodded and turned toward the two Dee Guards. The distance between them around a hundred meters. Thanks to the dense trees, they could sneak to forty metes close to the guard.

[Wild Axes]

Within this distance, Tang Shaoyang was confident that his axes would not miss. Sure enough, the transparent axes made of mana struck the two beastmen's throat. Blood spluttered from their necks while the two Dee Guards were holding their neck in pain.

Slowly the Dee Guards fell on their knees before they finally died. As soon as the two beastmen stopped moving, Tang Shaoyang led the team entered the village. The moved very and stopped behind the wooden house, "The four Dee Guards come to our direction," Zhang Mengyao sensed the incoming beastmen through her high Sense. Since the Dee Guards word bronze plate armor, it caused some noises when they fell to the ground. The noise that might be alerted the four Dee Guards.

"Don't let them open their mouth, cut their throat then kill them," Tang Shaoyang reminded his team. "Ten meters! Get ready," hiding behind the wooden house, Zhang Mengyao sent a whisper to the rest.

As soon as the four Dee Guards passed the wooden house, everyone made their move. Li Na immediately shot her crossbow to the throat while Shredder appeared behind one of the Dee Guard. It did not take them ten seconds to kill the four Dee Guards.

After that, they immediately moved to the center of the village. As they reached the center, a sight of a big wooden house greeted them. It has a pointy roof and stair to the entrance, the only different house in the village.

"It must be the village head or leader's house," Fu Dandan commented in a small voice, "Most likely," Li Na agreed to that.

"Let's start the attack. You can summon Moon now," killing the Dee Guards sneakily was no longer possible since there were dozens of them in the square. It was an open area that made it impossible for a sneak attack. 

Li Na nodded and summoned Moon. At the sight of the beastmen, Moon let out a roar that immediately alerted the dozens of Dee Guards. The Dee Guards immediately swarmed toward the intruded, but Moon tapped his right paw to the ground.


While the Dee Guards rushed in the crowd, the ground below them exploded as the blue flame-like magma burst out from the ground. The explosion engulfed six meters area, burning the beastmen near it. The flame burned three beastmen into crisp while nine near the explosion got half of their bodies burned.

'He was only stage-2, but that bear is so strong,' though everyone when they saw flame burst out from the ground. With a single tap, the bear had taken twelve stage-4 beastmen.

While everyone was focusing on the Dee Guards on the square, and the beastmen focused on Moon. Tang Shaoyang took this chance to sneak into the biggest house.

Inside, he saw the beastmen, the same beastmen on the outside but they wore clothes instead of armor. He even saw with a white headband and colorful feathers, 'That one seems to be the village head,'

[Basic Detection]

He cast the skill amidst the panicking beastment. To his surprise, the one that looked like a village head was just stage-4 beastmen. Even in the term of level, these beastmen were lower than the Dee Guards outside.

Nine beastmen including the village head, eight of them immediately stood up and cast [Fire Spear] at him. He was calm in the face of nine fire spears, his teacher, Zaneos taught him more things about mana. The mana not only strengthened the skill, but the mana could be used manually such as creating a barrier.

He controlled the mana from the mana pool, ejected it out, and spread the mana to cover his body. After he was done with this, he rushed forward and charged forward to the nine flame spears. The moment the fire spear hit his mana barrier, it burst out, engulfed his body.

However, the fire could not touch Tang Shaoyang's skin because of the mana barrier he created. Only a pang of heat reached his skin. What happened next was a one-sided slaughter, the beastmen, and even the village head was helpless in front of Tang Shaoyang.

Amidst the slaughter, Tang Shaoyang heard a notification, telling him he had leveled up.

After killing all the beastmen inside the house, he checked his mana. He left with 300 mana, creating a mana barrier consumed a lot of his mana. He did not bother to recover the mana and headed out of the house.

Outside, the Dee Guards from the right-wing had come to help. However, the reinforcement did not help at all, with Moon and Zhang Mengyao in the front, the Dee Guards were easily slaughtered.

He was relieved to see this, stage-4 beastmen did not pose a threat to his team. Did not want to be left out, Tang Shaoyang joined the fray. All Dee Guards in the village were killed in fifteen minutes.

[You have destroyed a hidden village of Clarity Forest!]

[Congratulations! You gained a hidden reward, a Hidden Treasure Chest!]

On the square's center, a blinding light burst out, and everyone closed their eyes. After the light died down, a treasure that emitted bright purple light appeared in the square's center.


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