146 Beast King
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Author :HotIce
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146 Beast King

On another side of Clarity Forest, Lu An and his team met one King of Clarity Forest.

It was a beast that was similar to an alligator but the scale was made of silver. Fifteen meters long, five meters wide, and three meters tall, a massive size for an alligator.

But the current alligator was in a sorry state. It lost the left eye, its four limbs were bleeding profusely, and a lot of its silver scales were missing. Lu An, Hu Feng, and three Tarriors were facing the King.

Lu An's eyes locked to the tail, the most dangerous part of the alligators. The tail had claimed two lives, one Tarrior, and one slave died from the horrifying strike.

"I can block one more tail attack, you can go for the kill or aim for the other eye," Hu Feng told his plan. Going for the kill was very hard if Lu An could have done it a very long time ago. The only choice was to blind the alligator, giving them a higher chance to kill it later.

Lu An did not immediately reply to Hu Feng as he contemplated for a while. He overused [Dash] now the aftereffects slowly affected his body, 'I can use [Dash] two times at the max if I combine with [Fatal Strike], can only cast one time for each skill,'

"Alright," he nodded in return as a plan formulated in his mind. Hu Feng could see his captain's hand was shaking, he knew that Lu An was at his limit. However, they could not retreat now or the injured would be a meal for this alligator.

Taking a deep breath, Hu Feng rushed toward the alligator who was thirty meters away. He no longer had a weapon but only a shield. His job was to receive the hit, providing a chance for his captain to kill the alligator.

The Silver Alligator King's left eye warily looked at the two humans. No, the eye was looking at one figure, Lu An. The beast king knew who was more dangerous amongst the two.

When the distance shortened to ten meters, Hu Feng gripped his shield tightly. He had entered the range of the beast's attack. However, the expecting tail did not come to attack him. The beast king opened its mouth wide toward Hu Feng.

"Left!" Fortunately, Lu An's order entered his ear, and he subconsciously followed the order. Hu Feng took a light step to the left as the alligator spewed a water bullet from his mouth.

Thanks to Lu An, Hu Feng avoided the water bullet and kept moving forward. When the distance shortened further to five meters, the Beast King stepped forward, trying to stomp Hu Feng with his big foreleg.

"Retreat, Uncle Feng!" Lu An overtook Hu Feng leaped to the head of the alligator. The Beast King shook his snout to throw the human from his head. Lu An pierced the sword through the snout and holding on to the sword, "You can't shake me off, you stupid lizard!"

The Beast King realized he could not shake the human off his body. But it had other means to throw the human. His tailed move, swiping toward Lu an, the tail was so flexible that it managed to reach the snout.

Lu An had predicted this move, he jumped to the air as the tail swept the empty spot. The moment he landed on another part of the wide snout, he activated [Dash]. Lu An did not aim for the remaining eye but the deep wound on the Beast King's back neck. There was a deep cut he left behind after battling the alligators for hours.

[Fatal Strike]

Lu An cast the remaining skill and pierced the deep would with his sword. The sword in his hand was glowing in blue and it pierced through the wound until all blade parts entered the neck, leaving the handle behind. Lu An was aiming for the kill, not the eye.


The Beast King roared painfully, trying to shake off Lu An. Lu An ignored the shake as he pulled the sword to the side.


While holding the handle with his two hands, he jumped off the alligator's head. The sword cut through the next to side and down. Blood spurted to the side as the alligator's head was dangling with only half it connected to the body.

The Beast King instantly died afterward with its body falling to the other side.

"Haha… Haha… Haha…" Lu An's body sprawled to the ground, facing the bright sky. Using the two last skills was greatly taxing his body, he could not even hold his sword properly. The sword fell next to his body and stopped glowing, he just kept laughing as soon as he sensed the alligator died.

He knew that after using the two skills, he would be left with no energy. He risked it and he won, he slew the Beast King.

Not long after that, he heard the notification in his head, telling him he gained one level by killing the Beast King. After that, another notification rang again, he had successfully killed the Beast King and was rewarded with one level and one Level 8 Treasure Chest.

"Are you okay, Captain?" Hu Feng's smiling face came over.

Lu An merely laughed in return.

*** ***

Tang Shaoyang walked toward the Hidden Treasure Chest. He opened the chest casually to find a skill book inside the chest.

'I hope this is Mana Mastery,' with such hope, he picked the book.


[Skill Book]

Skill: Mana Mastery (Apprentice)

Use: 3/3


Looking at the information, Tang Shaoyang grinned ear to ear. This skill would bring his force a level notch stronger, 'I will think about to share the skill when everyone is here,'

"What made you so happy?" Curious, Zhang Mengyao approached her man who grinned by himself. "Good stuff," he stored the skill book to the inventory while replying.

"Alright, let's head back to the safe zone. We can use the village for our temporary camp," there was no beast around the village, so the village was similar to the safe zone. They could sleep without worrying about the beast.

"Let's clean up!" Since they would use the village as their base, they had to clean the dead bodies, "Should we take the armor and the spear?" Zhang Mengyao noticed that the armor and the spear were finely made for the beastmen to wear. It was a pity to throw the gears away.

"Can we use them?" The Dee Guard was 2.5 meters tall, the armor should be bigger than the human's body. Zhang Mengyao walked to the closest corpse and took off the armor, "Huh!? It fits with our body," a gasp of surprise escaped Zhang Mengyao when she measured the armor with her body.

"Then we will take the armor and the spear. Pack up! Pack up!" With a shout and clap of his hand, Tang Shaoyang urged his people. He also helped them, taking out the corpses from the big house.

Ten minutes later, a big pile of beastmen's bodies appeared in front of the village. Moon was standing in front of the small mountain of bodies, glancing toward Tang Shaoyang. With a wave of the hand from Tang Shaoyang, the bear burned the bodies with his blue flame.

While everyone looked at the blue fire engulfing the bodies, the ground shook. From the woods, a big beast came into sight.

It was a giant version of Deere, with a bigger frame of body and antler. The big Deere was staring at the blazing blue fire before moving its gaze toward Tang Shaoyang.

[Basic Detection]


[Beast King - Deere]

Affiliation: Clarity Forest

Evolution: Stage 5

Level: 95




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