148 A Piece of Advise
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Author :HotIce
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148 A Piece of Advise

Back to the village

After slaying the Beast King, they regrouped back to the village as the night arrived. Kang Xue and her family were busy finishing the Individual Objective while the main team faced the Beast King.

Thanks to Rabbidog that Tang Shaoyang got from the first portal, they did not worry about the good for at least three days. Sitting around the bonfire with Rabbidog being roasted on it, Tang Shaoyang looked at the couple.

Yu Shun and Luo Lan, both were very clingy, not he did not like that, but something that bothered him, "Are you going to bring her to every mission you take from The Empire later?" Out of nowhere, Tang Shaoyang asked.

Kang Xue and Zhang Mengyao glanced toward him while Yu Shun and Luo Lan looked up to him. There were only five of them, it was clear that the question was directed to Yu Shun.

"I thought you say that you would never meddle in our personal affair," Yu Shun raised his tone as he questioned the meaning of his question.

"Indeed, I am not going to meddle in your private affairs. Take it easy, Young'un, I am just asking you," Tang Shaoyang shrugged slightly as he took the Rabbidog's leg from Zhang Mengyao.

"Depend on the mission, if it's too risky then I won't bring her with me," Yu Shun's brows started to crease while Tang Shaoyang took a bite of the crisp part of the Rabbidog's leg, "Why do you ask?"

"I am just concerned about your safety," Tang Shaoyang decided to end the topic there as the young man seemed to take his intention in a different direction. He did not know their backstory so he took the second bite instead of continuing the topic.

"What do you mean? I am good, especially with my new zombies. You don't need to worry about my safety," Yu Shun refuted strongly at the remark, he felt being looked down on.

Tang Shaoyang put his meal aside and grinned at the offended Yu Shun, "Said someone who I saved twice," Yu Shun immediately stumped at that, he had nothing to say as it was simply the truth.

"I have watched how you fought," Tang Shaoyang pointed at Luo Lan with Rabbidog's leg, "Her! Because of her, you can't release your maximum potential or your zombie I guest! You used your zombies as a meat shield instead of a weapon,"

The three stage-3 zombies became a wall to protect his girlfriend while Shredder, the only stage-4 zombie, was doing the assault. That was how Yu Shun always fought. He explained everything in detail, his flaws.

"If this continues, the same thing with the Flame Castle's people will be repeated. If you die, all your effort protecting your girl is futile, without you, she is just a juicy lamb," Tang Shaoyang took the third bite, chewing the tender meat, he stopped Yu Shun to speak with a wave of Rabbidog's leg.

"Let me finish," he looked toward Luo Lan, "My advice is not for him but you, fight for yourself girl! Until when you are going to hide behind your man's back. What if he is not near you? What if he died because of protecting you? Are you going to bring your man down to hell with you?" Tang Shaoyang spoke with a big grin.

"Stop! We will take care of that by ourselves. Moreover, didn't you promise protection for us?" Yu Shun raised his voice, but once again, Tang Shaoyang merely shrugged lightly, "I offered protection, but what if something stronger than me appears? Something like a dragon?" A mischievous smile formed on his lips, "Who knows? The world has turned upside down, after all. Your girlfriend should at least learn to run,"

"For example like now, I am away from the base. What if a horde or maybe two horde zombies attacked while I am not there? I offer protection for my people but we don't know if something scary will appear. I mean well, don't rely on other people but rely on yourself!" Tang Shaoyang still had a grin on his face as he took the fourth bite.

"Stop it, you are scaring them," Zhang Mengyao nudged her man as she rolled her eyes. With the meat in her hand, she came toward Luo Lan. She was consoling the poor girl who was getting scared over Tang Shaoyang's outspoken remarks.

Kang Xue merely looked at the girl before looking back at Tang Shaoyang. She was once in Luo Lan's position, it was the time when she met Tang Shaoyang for the first time. She thought the man would protect her forever, but he threw her to face the zombies. But in the end, Kang Xue knew that her man just wanted her to have something for self-defense, he meant well with his undiagnosed words.

Soon, the five wolfed down the whole Rabbidog. After they finished Rabbidog, Tang Shaoyang threw the Mana Mastery skill book toward Yu Shun, the latter caught the skill book with confusion over his expression, "My teacher says the skill book will be useful in your hand! Learn the skill and contribute more to The Empire!"

He stood up and waved his hand while threading toward the only big house. He took the house for himself while the others chose the others. Zhang Mengyao bid her farewell to Luo Lan and Kang Xue followed her man to the house.

Luo Lan looked at Tang Shaoyang's back. The man did not bother to choose the right words to not hurt her. He said that straightforwardly but after some thought, she found what he said was not wrong. She recalled the past incident where they would encounter scums or zombies. Yu Shun would always protect her, but what if he was not near her, or what if his man was hurt?

Then she recalled how Zhang Mengyao bravely fought the beasts. The courageous woman always had her man's back in the fight. Working together to slay the Beast King, suddenly, a surge of emotion flooded out, she wanted to be someone like Zhang Mengyao. She did not want to be protected anymore but strive together with her boyfriend.

"What's wrong, dear?" Yu Shun asked his girlfriend with a concerned tone, "Don't take his words seriously, I will be always near you to protect you," he pulled Luo Lan into his embrace.

"Thank you," she replied quietly, "But I want to change, I don't want to be protected forever, I want to help you as well. Can you help me, dear?" Her voice was small but it struck his heart.

Yu Shun wanted to reject the idea, but he could not bear it. If he refused, he knew that he would hurt her more, "Good, I will help, but we will start from the stage-1 beast,"

"Hehe…" Luo Lan let out melodious laughter, "Thank you, dear. I want to be like Sister Mengyao and Kang Xue, fighting together with the man they love," she wanted to end this parasitic relationship, she wanted to help her boyfriend too. She knew that Yu Shun never thought their relationship was parasitic but she felt that way. She was on the side who was always receiving from her boyfriend but gave nothing to her man but her body. She wanted to change, a big change.

At midnight, in the village head house

Tang Shaoyang was laying down facing the ceiling.

"Mnnn~ Mnnn~ Mnnn~", on his top, Zhang Mengyao moved her hips up and down while suppressing her moan. Kang Xue was watching from the side, her face was flushing red, and both women were stark naked. Tang Shaoyang never expected that his dream for a threesome would come this fast. He was wondering how they could reach this point smoothly.


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