149 Men“s Dream
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Author :HotIce
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149 Men“s Dream

It was two hours ago

Tang Shaoyang was sleeping on top of the leaves. Today was not the most exhausting day for him, but sleep would always help him to recover faster even though he could open his eyes for three nights and three days of battle.

His breathing was steady and calm until he felt something snuck into his pants. He immediately opened his eyes to find Zhang Mengyao was still awake. Her hand slipped into his pants and rubbed the little Shaoyang gently.

"What are you doing?" He whispered in panic, Kang Xue was on the other side, sleeping right next to him. He was surprised by her bold move. On top of that, they were in a crude wooden house with very bad soundproof.

"It's been a week, I can't hold any longer," she sent a seductive whisper to Tang Shaoyang's ear. Of course, she understood her urge, but they were not in the right place to do the deed, "I will suppress my voice, I promise~,"

Tang Shaoyang did not reply to her request. But her gentle hand kept caressing little Shaoyang down there. He was on the verge of exploding but managed to hold his desire barely, "Look, little Shaoyang is more honest," sure enough, Little Shaoyang erected tall under her hand gentle care.

"Keep it low, okay?" In the end, Tang Shaoyang gave up and kissed her lips. While kissing, he pulled her pants down while she pulled his pants down, exposing their lower part. Zhang Mengyao turned around while guiding the Little Shaoyang, the bottom there was already wet and Little Shaoyang entered smoothly.

"Hummm~," a muffled moan escaped from Zhang Mengyao's mouth. Tang Shaoyang then started to piston it up from the back with his hand holding her waist.

Slowly, his hand climbed to the erected and supple breast. He played with her breast while pistoning faster, "Ahhh~" a moan escaped Zhang Mengyao red lips caused Tang Shaoyang to abruptly stop his movement. He slid closer to her and whispered from her neck, "Lower your voice, or you will awaken Kang Xue," Zhang Mengyao turned her head, "I know, continue~," she then kissed his lips.

Tang Shaoyang started to move again, he planned to finish this soon. Not satisfied with the position, he pushed Zhang Mengyao down and climbed on to her body. From the back, he started to push Little Shaoyang again, faster.

Zhang Mengyao was having a hard time to suppress her voice as a muffled moan kept coming out of her lips. She closed her eyes as she enjoyed the moment.

Five minutes later, Tang Shaoyang got his head closer to her ear, "I am about to come," Zhang Mengyao nodded her head, "Mnnn,"

After a while, he stopped moving and laying down on top of Zhang Mengyao. He had come inside, with a relieved sigh and satisfied smile, he turned toward Kang Xue's direction. Zhang Mengyao also did the same, she turned her head to the other side.

Kang Xue was awake, watching Tang Shaoyang on top of Zhang Mengyao with her flushed red. Various scenarios flashed in Tang Shaoyang's mind. He thought he was screwed here, both women already accepted, but having sex in front of the other woman was still a no. It was too early for a threesome, he thought.

However, none of the scenarios in his head happened. With a mischievous smile, Zhang Mengyao spoke something unexpected, "Do you want to join us, Sister Xue?"

Kang Xue jolted in shock and her face reddened further. She did not answer it but the answer was clear on her face. Zhang Mengyao turned toward her man and sent a whisper, "What are you waiting for? She's still shy, you should take the initiative," she rolled her eyes.

Tang Shaoyang immediately came down from Zhang Mengyao's body. When Little Shaoyang pulled from the cozy hole, Zhang Mengyao let out another muffled moan.

Tang Shaoyang thought Kang Xue ran away from the house. That was the most likely scenario that would happen in this situation in his head, he did not expect the girl was willing to do it.

Of course, he without hesitation approached the girl. He flipped her body toward the ceiling and kissed her lips. His hand started to roam around, fondling her E-cup breast.

Impatient with the move, Kang Xue pulled the remaining clothes on Tang Shaoyang's body, showing his firm build. Tang Shaoyang did the same, he took off her shirt down to her pants. Her bottom was already wet just like Zhang Mengyao before they started.

Tang Shaoyang guided Little Shaoyang to the Kang Xue's bottom and pushed in.

"Mnnnnn~," a long suppressed moan escaped Kang Xue's lips. At this moment, Tang Shaoyang had lost his reasoning, he did not care whether the people outside heard them out.

Burying her face into her breast, he started pistoning faster. Unbridled moaning escaped Kang Xue's mouth, she could no longer suppress it. At this moment, Zhang Mengyao approached from the top, "You are going to disturb the others' sleep, dear," after saying that, she kissed Kang Xue.

This was where they started, full two hours, the women took a turn to get their share. They tried various kinds of positions, and now, Zhang Mengyao was on Tang Shaoyang top. She moved her hips up and down until she reached the climax with a satisfied moan.

Zhang Mengyao laid down weakly next to Tang Shaoyang, "I have enough," she kissed her cheek before Kang Xue shoved her to the side, "This should be my last round too," Kang Xue followed Zhang Mengyao's position. Zhang Mengyao let out a giggle and closed her eyes.

The new round started, Kang Xue started her campaign, following Zhang Mengyao's guidance. Ten minutes later, Kang Xue also fell after reaching a climax. Both women slept with their heads on Tang Shaoyang's chest after a thrilling night.

Tang Shaoyang also closed his eyes after the long round. The three immediately fell asleep.

Right at 5 am, Tang Shaoyang opened his eyes. It was his natural time to wake up every morning. He pushed the two girls gently to not wake them up. Kang Xue and Zhang Mengyao were already awake the moment Tang Shaoyang's body moved.

"I want to wash up," he did not need to explain why he needed to wash up. Battling, running all day, and last night's packed action, his body was sticky from sweats. It was uncomfortable so he wanted badly to wash up.

He stood up and wore his clothes. To his surprise, both girls also woke up and wore their clothes. The three then headed out together. It was still five in the morning, the sun had not come up yet so outside was still dark.

The three took a light step to not awake the people who were still sleeping. There was a medium-size river at the back of the village, about two hundred meters from the village. They headed toward the river in the dark.

When they reached the river, Zhang Mengyao immediately took off everything and jumped off to the water. Her breast shook slightly as she jumped. 

They had done a careful check, the river should be safe. Kang Xue was more reserved than our General. She slowly took off her clothes and joined Zhang Mengyao. Releasing a long sigh, Tang Shaoyang joined the girls.

"What with the long face?" With a wide grin, Zhang Mengyao approached the man, "You two are torturing me," he shook his head helplessly.

"Do you mean this?" Her hand reached the erected Little Shaoyang. It was still morning, the right moment to get riled up, and the two girls showed him their naked bodies.

"It's still early in the morning, do you want to have a few rounds before going back?" Zhang Mengyao asked with a wide grin, she was getting bolder and bolder, "I have watched a movie where a couple having sex in the pool, do you want to try?"

"Girl, you are asking for it," Tang Shaoyang pulled the girl and pushed her to the edge, then he thrust her from behind, "Mnnnnn~" Zhang Mengyao let out a pleased moan.

Kang Xue was watching the two dumbfoundedly, not expecting this would happen. It was in the wild, outdoors. She thought they were just going to have a quick bath before going back.

The surface river shook as the two had an intense battle. Kang Xue could see Zhang Mengyao's pleased expression while being rammed from behind, 'Did I make the same expression?' She wondered while watching the two.

Around seven minutes later, both reached climax. At this time, Kang Xue had half of her face buried underwater, red from embarrassment despite last night's crazy night.

Zhang Mengyao turned around with a mischievous smile, "Do you want to try?" At her question, Tang Shaoyang turned around as well. Kang Xue could see an expectant gaze in Tang Shaoyang's eyes. However, Kang Xue did not have the guts to do that outdoors, she shook her head.

Zhang Mengyao expected Kang Xue's response, her smile widened as she came out of the water, "Don't regret it, girl," she then pulled Tang Shaoyang out of the water, "What about in the wood? Do you want to try it?"

Zhang Mengyao boldly pulled him near a tree, with her hand on the tree, she stuck her ass up. After that, she winked at him.

Tang Shaoyang was being spoiled by the girl, without hesitation, he thrust Little Shaoyang inside. The second round started, the couple was getting wilder as they continued. They reached a climax in ten minutes, Tang Shaoyang however was not satisfied. He flipped her body toward him and raised one of her legs. The third round started.

The wild round ended ten minutes later, but Zhang Mengyao saw the blazing desire in Tang Shaoyang. However, she needed some time to take a breath. She pulled Tang Shaoyang's ear and whispered, "Stupid! Kang Xue is still shy, you should take the initiative," she had to pass the man to her sister.

Tang Shaoyang's eyes brightened up, he turned around and leaped to the water. Kang Xue yelped in surprise. He hugged her and planted his lips on hers. Just like Zhang Mengyao said to him, Kang Xue could not refuse the advance. Not after watching a wild and intense exchange between them.

They started in the water and continued to the wood. They started their morning with a crazy battle. Kang Xue's mind went blank, the thrill of having sex outdoor excited her even more.

Tang Shaoyang was in a state of ecstasy, he was in men's dream but this was not a dream but an exciting reality. A threesome and added with outdoor sex, he would never such thing would happen before the disaster struck. That morning, he indulged himself with the two girls.


I miscalculated the main character's attributes (Chapter 142 - Mana), now I have corrected it. Shout out to PowerArmorGuy for pointing it out. The attributes up to date to the latest chapter.


Name: Tang Shaoyang

Class: Spirit Contractor

Age: 26

Affiliation: Tang Empire

Level: 85

Talent: Divine Body

Attribute Point: 0

Strength: 289

Agility: 100

Vitality: 185

Stamina: 112

Magic Power: 86

Sense: 13

Mana: 860/860

Skill Point: 20

Skill: [Basic Detection], [Spirit Summoning - Lvl 2], [Spirit Contract - Lvl 1], [Spirit Integration - Lvl 1], [Mana Mastery (Apprentice) - Lvl 1], [Mana Perception - Lvl 1]

Contracted Spirit (2/3): [Karan - The Great Warrior] [Zaneos - The Demon Swordsman]



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