150 Leveling Up Skill
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Author :HotIce
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150 Leveling Up Skill

Only when the sun started to light the horizon did the three come back from the river. Their hairs were still wet, not hiding the fact the three went bathing together.

As soon as they came back to the village, Mu Liqiu stared dagger at her daughter. Without any words, she walked toward Kang Xue and pulled her to a random house near them. Kang Xue had a pleading look on her face while looking at Zhang Mengyao and Tang Shaoyang. She was asking for help, but the two ignored the pleading look and walked toward the square.

"What are you doing?" Mu Liqiu asked with a reddened face as soon as they entered the house. She suppressed her voice so the people outside did not hear her.

"I was taking a bath, what's wrong, mom?" Kang Xue played innocent as she asked back, appearing to be ignorant of what her mother talked about. Mu Liqiu was about to scold her daughter, but she let out a sigh instead while rolling her eyes at her daughter, "Do it in moderation!" After saying that Mu Liqiu went out of the house.

Kang Xue followed while her face still flushed red. She looked around and let out a relieved sigh when no one looked at her. She then spotted the two people who abandoned her, they were gathering with the others.

"Have you guys finished your Individual Objective?" Tang Shaoyang inquired while they shook their heads in response. Battling the Beastmen and raiding the Beast King took their time, "Then, we will finish our Individual Objective first before we look for another Beast King,"

"It seems one of our group has killed one Beast King as well," Zhang Mengyao found out that they only needed to kill three more Beast Kings when she was checking her progress on Individual Objective.

Tang Shaoyang nodded understandingly, "It should not be a problem for them, the Beast King is not that strong, after all," yesterday's fight was not challenging for him. Under their teamwork, the Beast King was easily taken down. Yu Shun did not even participate in the fight.

"I am not sure about that, our team is the strongest one. We have four advanced classes here, while the others…" Zhang Mengyao shook her head. Not she underestimated the others, but the other teams were consisting of a normal class.

"More reason for us to finish our Individual Objective faster. The region around here should be safe since we killed the Beast King. We will split, or maybe grouping is fine as well. Finish the Individual Objective, we will move to the new region to regroup with the other teams," Tang Shaoyang clapped his hand and stood up. That was the plan for today.

The group split into four, Zhang Mengyao was going with Kang Xue's family. She planned to help them to kill the stage-3 beast while Li Na went to a hunting group with the veteran Tarriors. Yu Shun, his girlfriend, and his zombie army were the third group. The last one was Tang Shaoyang, he chose to be hunting alone.

Zhang Mengyao's team

Kang Xue and Kang Zian showed a big improvement, stage-2 beast posed no threat to them. While Mu Liqiu could face the stage-1 beast well. Of course, their target was not Deere. The aftermath explosion was still dangerous for them.

The old man, Kang Jiayi also did well so far, he was no longer watching from behind but actively helped his wife and his daughter-in-law. The team smoothly finished the Individual Objective by noon.

By noon, everyone gathered in the square once again, "I got ten Skill Points," Zhang Mengyao told Tang Shaoyang what she got from finishing the Individual Objective.

"Me too," Li Na nodded as well, "Then we got the same reward," Tang Shaoyang nodded his head, "Go prepare the meal, we will depart after lunch," he instructed Kang Xue.

"You, you, and you! Follow me!" He pointed at Zhang Mengyao, Yu Shun, and Li Na. The three did not know why the Boss called them, but they followed him to a wooden house.

Tang Shaoyang took the second Mana Mastery skill book and tossed it toward Li Na, "Learn the skill, we will start after that," [Mana Perception], Tang Shaoyang wanted to teach them the skill.

—Are you okay with the man? Is he trustworthy enough to be taught?

Zaneos's concerned voice rang in Tang Shaoyang's head. He was surprised that his disciple let Yu Shun learned [Mana Mastery]. He now wanted to teach the young man [Mana Perception] as well. He was concerned with this since [Mana Perception] was a very crucial skill in this world.

'It should be fine. In order to gain his trust, we should trust him first, right?' He replied calmly, but of course, he would warn the young man too, "Listen, what you will learn in this house should never be known by others, even your girlfriend!"

Yu Shun knew the warning was directed to him, he was hesitating slightly, "Is this very important?" It would be better if he did not learn this important thing if he had to exchange something.

"Very! It's about Mana! I suppose you already knew the importance of mana, right?" Zhang Mengyao nodded since he had told her before, but Yu Shun had experienced it himself, the importance of mana, especially with his class.

"What I am about to teach you is a skill, [Mana Perception]..." He told them about [Mana Perception] while Li Na was still clueless about the mana. Only then Yu Shun realized the importance of the thing his Boss was about to teach him. A skill that would help to increase his Magic Power.

"If you teach the third person without my consent, I will consider you as a traitor. A traitor only has one end, Death!" Tang Shaoyang's deep voice entered his ears, sending a chill to his spine. Yu Shun took a deep breath and nodded, "I swear, I, Yu Shun will…"

"I don't need you to swear, but I need you to not spread the skill without my consent. Can you do that?" Tang Shaoyang cut Yu Shun midway and questioned the young man. Clearly, Tang Shaoyang was not someone who believed in that kind of thing.

"I can! I promise you…" once again, Tang Shaoyang cut him off midway, "Good! Now listen to me carefully…" he guided the three just like how Zaneos guided him.

Minutes later, Tang Shaoyang leaned his back against the wooden wall while watching the three who tried to sense Mana.

'Is there any way to see Mana with my eyes? A skill maybe?' Curious, he asked Zaneos.

—Hmnn, it's not a skill, maybe more like a talent. Just like your ridiculous talent which could satisfy women

Zaneos remarked sarcastically as the talent sounded ridiculous to him. On top of that, he found out it was him who asked that kind of talent. Of course, The Demon Swordsman also knew it was just a crazy coincidence. The man did not know how things work and just tested it out but actually worked.

Tang Shaoyang shrugged his shoulder lightly, "I never regret it though," then he nodded his head, a talent that could see mana. He was curious about what kind of talent that was.

While waiting for the three to learn the skill, Tang Shaoyang opened his status screen. He had been saving Skill Points, but Skill Points were very hard to get, and he only managed to save 30 Skill Points so far.

'Do you have any good suggestions on which skill I should level up, Teacher?' From level 1 to level 2, he needed 10 Skill Points, but from level 2 to level 3 he needed 50 Skill Points.

—[Mana Perception] and [Spirit Integration], these two skills will help you in the short and even long term.

The Demon Swordsman answered instantly. His firm tone and how confident he was with his words almost convinced Tang Shaoyang to distribute the skill points instantly.

'What about [Spirit Contracts]? I will run out of space soon after I summoned the third spirit,'

—My advice is to save the remaining 10 Skill Points, you don't need extra space while you barely can integrate with me. Even if you cast [Spirit Summoning] and summoned a strong spirit, you will likely be rejected for the contract. You are too weak for a strong spirit, it's just your luck that you can summon me and Karan who are willing to listen to a reason.

Tang Shaoyang could not refuse the Demon Swordsman as it was the fact. Two times [Spirit Summoning], he did not need to fight to establish the contract.

"[Mana Perception] and [Spirit Integration] then…" he decided to not argue and distributed the Skill Points.


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