151 The Serpent King
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Author :HotIce
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151 The Serpent King

After lunch, the team went toward the back village direction. The Beast King, since it was a king, should be ruled a certain territory. They needed to come out of the Deere King's territory to search for a new Beast King.

Since they had no information or even a map about The Clarity Forest. The team could only choose a random yet unexplored area to go to. Tang Shaoyang decided to go further toward the back village direction. They crossed the river, guessing the river should be a border or something that divided the territory between the Beat King.

After ten minutes of walking since they crossed the river, they encountered a new type of beast. It was a big snake with a purple scale and red dots. The snake was around seven meters while the longest one they encountered so far was ten meters long.

"Have you guys tried the snake meat?" Standing on top of the snake he just killed, Tang Shaoyang asked the others, "You won't like it," Mu Liqiu commented, "It's bland and hard to eat. It's also full of little bones, with minimal spices, that what you would get,"

Mu Liqiu and her daughter Huo Hongmei had become the team's cook. They had proven to better cook than Kang Xue by making a plain roasted Rabbidog tasted better. Tang Shaoyang immediately abandoned the idea of taking the snake with him. It would just be a waste of an inventory slot if the cook said the snake was not tasty.

They continued the advance for twenty minutes before Zhang Mengyao abruptly motioned them to stop. She seemed to detect something but Tang Shaoyang could not find anything fishy around.

"Did you hear it?" Zhang Mengyao asked as she peered her ears to hear more, "Hear what?" Tang Shaoyang's Sense was much lower, he could not achieve what she did. She heard something slammed to the ground, the slight vibration on the ground, and yells?

She adjusted the direction slightly toward the east and walked slowly. After twenty meters of walking, she confirmed she did not hear it wrong, "Follow me!"

*** ***

On the other side of Clarity Forest

Wei Xi and his team were facing a giant snake. The snake was around thirty meters, deep purple scales with dots that resembled a fire with a golden sheen, and two small horns on top of its eyes.


[Beast King - Serpent King]

Affiliation: Clarity Forest

Evolution: Stage-5

Level: 95



"Shit! Who's expecting the Beast King would be this strong?" Wei Xi cursed his bad luck while surveying the surroundings, "Retreat! I will buy time for you guys, retreat!" With his forearm covering his nose, he ordered his team to retreat.

That was right, poison fog was the reason he did not want to face the Serpent King with his current team. The Serpent King released poison fog through the red dots on its body. They could not come closer because of the poison while the Serpent King could reach with a single sweep of its tail.

No casualties after ten minutes of passive engagement but a few of them suffered injuries, such as a fractured arm to block the tail.

It was as if the Serpent King could understand what Wei Xi told his team. The Beast King hissed as its over a meter tongue danced and its eyes glinted shrewdly. The Serpent King swept its tail to the people who tried to escape.

Wei Xi immediately noticed the Serpent King started targeting his team. He activated [Quick Movement] to cover his people. Fortunately, he had used his 10 Skill Points for [Quick Movement], he arrived in time and slashed his sword against the tail.


The scale was made of steel, or maybe something harder than steel. Wei Xi's sword pushed up as he was pushed back from the clash. The Serpent King without a doubt had more Strength than him.


The Beast King hissed at Wei Xi, clearly unhappy for obstructing to kill its target. The Serpent King rushed toward Wei Xi, with his swift movement, it soon reached Wei Xi. It opened its mouth wide, showing its sharp and long teeth. The serpent wanted to swallow Wei Xi's whole body.

[Quick Movement]

He pushed his body backward, avoiding the deadly mouth. During his retreat, he spent the last 10 Skill Points on his skill, [Elephantine Strike]. Since it was a clash of strength, [Quick Slash] would be useless against the tough scale.

At this moment, a shadow hovered from the top. Wei Xi looked up, lumps of thick green liquid descended toward him. He managed to react in time, taking a light step to the right.

Pssshhh! Psshhh! Pssshhh!

The green liquid corroded the ground as soon as it landed. It sent chills to his spine looking at the corroded ground. If the liquid landed on him, it would be corroded just like the ground.

The Serpent King however did not give a chance for Wei Xi to take a break. Its big and hard tail swept toward him.

"It's time to try [Elephantine Strike - Lvl 2]," This time the Captain of thirteen people did not try to run away. He raised his sword, blue energy covered the blade.

[Elephantine Strike]


He slashed the sword down to clash against the tail. His strike managed to stop the tail, and at the same time, a deep cut was made on its hard scale. Purple blood flowed from the cut while the Serpent King hissed in pain.

Anger was apparent in its yellow eyes, it hissed louder.


At the same time, a thick purple poison ejected out from the red dots on its body. Wei Xi was too happy as he managed to cut the hard scale, and he was caught off by the poison released from its tail.

Soon, he was surrounded by thick poison fog. He tried to cover his nose as he made a big leap backward. Unfortunately, he was too late this time, he had inhaled the poison, a lot to immediately affect his body.

Wei Xi landed seven meters away from his original spot, but he could not land perfectly as his body swayed. His vision turned blurry and his movement turned rigid. He bit his lips to make him sober, it worked for a moment.


He avoided the incoming tail that slammed toward him from the top. It was followed with a spit of corrosion poison, once again, he barely dodged by moving to the side.

At this moment, his legs went weak. Wei Xi knew he was damned the moment he stopped moving. Without looking at the Serpent King, he activated [Quick Movement] and turned around to escape. He decided to run away, without looking back, he dashed with all his might.

The Serpent King did not expect the human could still run even under its poison. Without a second thought, The Serpent King chased after Wei Xi. Alas, [Quick Movement] only managed to maintain their distance for thirty seconds.

After thirty seconds, the Serpent King managed to catch up. The serpent swept its tail toward Wei Xi, sending his body fly. The human crashed into a tree, but it then noticed the human still could run. Amused, it kept chasing after the human, after a minute of chasing, it swept its tail again toward the human's back.

Wei Xi once again sent flying by the tail. He crashed into a tree once again. He did not give up though as he stood again, but this time, the poison had rooted in his body. He fell after taking three steps.

Bored as the human could no longer move, The Serpent King moved its tail to end Wei Xi's life. The tail aimed to crush his head.



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