160 Talent Reroll Scroll
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Author :HotIce
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160 Talent Reroll Scroll

Zhang Mengyao appeared in front of Tang Shaoyang and cast [Shield Wall]. The shield wall blocked the fire, "This is the reason I choose [Knight]," she wanted to be useful for Tang Shaoyang, she wanted to protect him as he protected her.

"Good job~," a whisper entered her ears. She knew that was Tang Shaoyang's voice.


Tang Shaoyang leaped over the shield wall, he passed through the fire that got spread out because of the shield wall. The Winged Lion had not realized he was on the top. With a smirk, he focused his right foot on the lion's head.

[Earth Split]

The kick forced the lion to close his mouth as the fire spread through inside his mouth, sending the fire back to his throat. Right after the kick, Tang Shaoyang brought down the battle-ax to the head, splitting the skin.

After a series of attacks, he immediately hopped off down from the lion as he sensed the burning sensation from his feet.

The Winged Lion shook his head from the dizziness while blood on his forehead evaporated. The splitting skin also healed at a visible rate. After a while, he managed to balance his body and turned his head toward Tang Shaoyang who was smirking at him.

Furious, Guardian of the Clarity Forest let out an angry roar. Right after that, his body streaked toward Tang Shaoyang. Different from the last time, Tang Shaoyang immediately reacted by throwing [Wild Axes].

The axes pierced his forelegs and the Guardian Beast immediately stumbled forward.

"Beast is still a beast, relying on instinct more than your brain!" Tang Shaoyang was right in front of the lion, swinging his battle-ax the nose. The chunk of the lion's upper part of the nose was sliced by the battle-ax.

The Winged Lion was beyond furious, as it was about to stand up, Moon was already in the air with his fire paw, there were two of them now. The Mystical Bear immediately slammed the paw to the head.

Boom! Boom!

The Winged Lion's head slammed down to the ground once again. At this moment, Wei Xi and Lu An leaped to the head, finishing their unfinished business.

Wei Xi activated [Elephantine Strike] then [Quick Slash] in the short time, slashing down the Winged Lion's left eye. Lu An activated [Dash] and appeared in front of the Winged Lion's right eye. He stabbed the sword to the eye.

Losing his vision, the lion was about to go rampage but Zhang Mengyao was in the air. Aiming her lance to the neck, she activated [Unbending Strike]. Her body flashed down and pierced the neck with her lance. The crunchy sound could be heard, indicating the lance was breaking down the bone on the lion's neck. With the lance pierced through the Winged Lion's neck down to the ground, the lion stopped moving.

The fierce and bright crimson flame around his body also started to disperse. Tang Shaoyang was about to hammer the Guardian of the Clarity Forest with his next attack, he was about to raise his battle-ax but he heard a notification in his head.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

—Weird! How can your woman concrete the mana better in her weapon than you? The mana density in her lance is thick, not only the mana strengthened her skill, but it also sharpened her lance.

Zaneos who had been watching from his space voiced his doubt. It was brief but the Demon Swordsman caught it.

—Does she level up her [Mana Mastery]? If not because of that, she would not be able to kill The Winged Lion with that one strike.

"Maybe she has a talent with mana?" Tang Shaoyang was as clueless as Zaneos. He never asked his subordinate to share their status since it was their privacy even though she was her woman, he never asked her to share her status.

—You should ask her about that. This is essential for your growth and your people as well. If it's the thing that could be taught, then it will benefit you and your people!

"Heh!? You are just curious and want to know, right? You are always this excited when we discover something new," Tang Shaoyang caught the Demon Swordsman red-handed. Despite being a mere spirit, Zaneos would be always passionate when he was talking about knowledge. So when they always made a discovery, he would be this excited.

What he got was a silence from the Demon Swordsman. Tang Shaoyang rook that as a yes, "Don't worry, I will ask her about it later," he stored the battle-ax to the inventory and greeted Zhang Mengyao who just came down from the beast.

He hugged her and brought her body to the air before he spun together with her, "My Beautiful General is surely amazing, she now could kill a beast that I can't kill,"

Zhang Mengyao's face flushed red with sudden praise from him, "What are you talking about? It's our teamwork that killed the beast," she buried her head into his shoulder.

[You have killed the Guardian of the Clarity Forest]

[Congratulations! You gained +1 Level, 1 Level 7 Treasure Chest, and 1 Hidden Treasure Chest!]

[You have completed the Individual Objective!]

[Congratulations! You gained +20 Skill Points]

[You have completed the Side Objective!]

[Congratulations! You gained +20 Skill Points and +1 Level]

[You have completed the Main Objective!]

[Congratulations! You gained 1 Level 7 Treasure Chest, +10 Skill Points, and +2 Levels!]

[You will be teleported back in 10 minutes!]

Tang Shaoyang was stunned at the series of notifications. The reward was so abundant, four levels for finishing all objectives and fifty skill points on top of that.

Zhang Mengyao had broken free from him a long ago, looking at him dumbfoundedly. Not only two of them but others also the same.

"Hahaha…" Tang Shaoyang let out a big laugh as he approached the lion's corpse. He stored the corpse in the inventory while walking towards the Treasure Chest. Four Treasure Chests were laying down next to the dead body. Two Level 7 Treasure Chests, one Hidden Treasure Chest, and a chest with no name.

"We have ten minutes, let's open the chest!" 

He walked toward the chest with no identification and opened the chest. The usual blinding light shone and twenty Crystal Inventory Bags were lying down inside the chest. As usual, he shared one each to the captain and saved one for Yu Shun. That guy was a special case so he planned to give him one privately later.

After that, he went to the Hidden Treasure Chest, 'Mana Mastery Skill Book, please,' he said that to himself before he opened the chest.

Another blinding light shone, it was longer than the beforehand chest. When he opened his eyes, a scroll could be found inside the chest. It was not a skill book like he wanted but scroll usually gave him a surprise.

He took the scroll and sure enough, the scroll was giving a surprise once again. It was not a scroll skill or class change, it was something new even to him.


[Talent Reroll Scroll]

Reroll: 1x use



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