162 Let“s Start The Class
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Author :HotIce
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162 Let“s Start The Class

—Well, you get a nice skill here. You are lacking in movement, this kill may help you

Zaneos commented as soon as the information appeared. The Demons Swordsman was more knowledgeable than he thought. The demon almost knew everything.

Hearing no response from Tang Shaoyang, Zaneos thought his pupil was thinking of his subordinates.

—Well, you can let the Summoner Girl learn the skill since the skill can be used defensively. But such a skill would be a waste for a summoner. You can utilize the skill offensively and defensively while the summoner will only use that to escape.

'Mnn, I am thinking of giving the skill to my knight. With her heavy equipment, she is much slower than the others,' Tang Shaoyang voiced out his thoughts.

—Mnn, that's fine as well, but are you sure? This skill should be rarer than the [Fire Spear]

"Let's save the skill for later. We have many still chests," he turned toward Zhang Mengyao, "Get all the chests out, we are going to open the chest now,"

Zhang Mengyao took out four Level 8 Treasure Chests and put them on the ground. All four chests were from killing the Beast King. Lu An walked over and put the last chest, making it five, "This is the chest I got from killing the alligator,"

Tang Shaoyang looked up, "You can keep that one for yourself or your team," he was not going to take what his subordinate got with their effort. Lu An had a grin, trying to copy his Boss while scratching his hair, "I will let you decide who deserves the reward!"

He nodded and opened the first chest. Alas, his first touch was not that great. He got 200,000 Game Coins from the first chest, it was a zonk.

At this moment, the people who had escaped from the battle came back. Wei Xi came over to tell the battle was over.

Tang Shaoyang went for the second chest. The chest disappeared along with the blinding light and a silver spear laid down on the ground.


[Silver Spear]

Tier: D

Attribute Bonus: +25 Strength


A decent spear, the best tier they could get from the General Shop in the base was Tier-E weapon. He scanned his people while tossing the spear into the air and catching it back. His gaze soon landed on Yan Sheng, he immediately threw the spear to the guy, "That's yours!"

After throwing the spear, he walked to the third chest, 'A skill scroll or class change scroll should be more useful,'

He opened the third chest, again the chest immediately disappeared which meant it was equipment again. Sure enough, it was clothes folded neatly on the ground. There were two of them, one was red and the other one was black. He picked up the red one.


[Fuegis Robe]

Tier: C

Attribute Bonus: +35 Magic Power

Wearing Effect: 15% damage for fire-related spells


It was a good looking robe, with a V-neck and short skirt. It was clear that the robe meant for a woman.

—Decent robe for a starter mage, you can save that for your Flame Mage.

Zaneos did not forget to comment when the information appeared.

'It has +35 Magic Power, Li Na needs this,' but then he shook his head, 'But the other effect would be useless unless I give her the [Fire Spear] skill,' He saved the robe and took the black one.


[Fuegis Cloak]

Tier: C+

Attribute Bonus: +25 Agility

Cloak Effect: 30% Fire Resistance

Bonus spell: [Minor Flash]


—Hoo, the cloak is much better than the robe.

The cloak indeed offered a better option, a bonus skill, bonus attributes, and fire resistance. It was one set with the robe so he saved the set for his future mage.

The harvest was quite good, he was satisfied beside one trashy chest. He then checked the time when they would get teleported back. He still has seven minutes for the remaining chest.

Tang Shaoyang went for the fourth chest and opened it. The chest did not disappear which meant it was no equipment, 'Skill Book or class change is also good,'

It was a scroll laying inside the chest. He picked the scroll and a wide grin formed on his mouth, 'I get my second Knight,'


[Class Change Scroll]

Advanced Class: Knight


Yan Seng and Tian Donghai were captains but only had basic class. He offered Guardsman Class but they refused, 'Surely they are not going to refuse Knight as well,' he saved the scroll as he needed to talk privately.

He walked toward the last chest and opened it, yet another scroll which was actually good. Tang Shaoyang picked up the scroll and the chest immediately disappeared.


[Skill Scroll]

Skill: [Mana Mastery (Apprentice)]


—What a strange coincidence, it's a package with the class.

Whoever got the class, he would learn [Mana Mastery] and [Mana Perception] too. Zaneos had read Tang Shaoyang's thoughts as he would bundle the class and the skill, and The Demon Swordsman guessed right.

Tang Shaoyang saved the skill scroll and turned around with a big clap of his hand, "Alright! The show is over!"

Right after that, everyone got down their ass, waiting to be teleported out from the portal. Despite the casualties, it was a big success as they harvested a lot in this portal. No one complained about the fact Tang Shaoyang saved all the rewards by himself.

Seven minutes passed quickly and everyone got teleported out from the portal. Cheers filled the team as they finally could sleep on the bed tonight.

*** ***

On the Military side

Lin Duan faced the three old men and reported what happened inside the third portal. Lou Jian, Qiu Shan, and Fan De's expression darkened when they heard they lost twenty veterans from a single portal.

Losing twenty of them seemed not enough, "Guns, it did not help much in the battle. The beast we hunted are tougher than just a normal zombie, a few shots are not enough to kill them. We need…" Lin Duan showed his spear. His message was clear to the three old men.

"But where do we get such a thing?" Qiu Shan furrowed his brows. These days people kept a gun instead of a spear or even a sword in their house.

Fan De rubbed his chin as he scanned Lin Duan in front of him, "We have a source to get the cold weapon, but they are not going to give us their weapons that easily after what happened before,"

Lin Duan had the same thoughts, he heard from the soldier that one of their leaders was actually Tang Empire's leader's father-in-law. He wanted these old men to use their relationship to get a handy weapon or even armor from them.

Liu Jian and Qiu Shan's eyes brightened, yes, their old comrade, Kang Jiayi was that crazy man's father-in-law.

"I will talk with Old Man Kang, but I don't think he has words in that group. Our chance for them to borrow the weapon to us is almost nil," Fan De was not that confident with their plan.

"It's worth a try though," Lin Duan chimed in.

*** ***

In the same room, Tang Shaoyang sat in front of Yan Sheng and Tian Donghai separated with a table between them. There was a scroll on the top of the table, Class Change Scroll.

Yan Sheng and Tian Donghai looked at each other. They had checked the scroll, it was the same class as their Supreme General, Zhang Mengyao.

"I want a civilized discussion between you two who's going to get the class," Tang Shaoyang looked at the two young men. Yan Sheng was younger than Tian Donghai, he easily read his thoughts by just looking at the young man's expression.

Yan Sheng kept looking at the scroll, but he hesitated for some reason. He wanted to get a class after what happened in the third portal but Knight was not the class he wanted.

As for Tian Donghai, he had set his eyes on the class. From his understanding of the class, Knight was a balanced class. It had a big defensive skill and it had an offensive skill as well. If there was something Knight lacked, it was their movement. He was waiting for Yan Sheng's decision. Even though he was older, but Yan Sheng's status was higher than him.

"Since we have the first Knight, she will explain to you more things about Knight Class. It will help you to understand Knight Class!" After he finished his words, he stood up and left the room. Not long after that, Zhang Mengyao entered the room. She sat on her man's seat, "Let's start the class,"


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