163 The Second Knigh
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Author :HotIce
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163 The Second Knigh

Tang Shaoyang was standing next to the door. He could not hear what they were talking about and was not interested in hearing them as well. He tapped his heels while waiting for them to decide who was going to get the class.

But then, he felt two presences come toward him from downstairs. He turned his head to the empty hallway and two figures came into sight. One was his father-in-law and the other was the old man he saw in the military camp.

"Why are you bringing him here?" He asked his father-in-law. After what happened before, he did not try to curry favor or get a good impression of his father-in-law anymore. He maintained a certain distance from him.

'As expected, Old Man Kang doesn't have much say in this group,' Fan De secretly took a note.

"He's my friend, and we need to talk with you," Kang Jiayi met with Tang Shaoyang's eyes, "Say it now, I have something more important!" He pointed at the door next to him.

At this moment, the door opened, and Yan Sheng came out of the room. He glanced at the two old men before looking toward Tang Shaoyang, "Tian Donghai will take it, Boss! I can wait longer to get what I want," he expressed his thoughts but did not mention anything about the class.

"Mnn, let's get yours in the next portal," Tang Shaoyang tapped the young man's back, "Then I will leave, Boss," Yan Sheng excused himself and left.

Tang Shaoyang glanced at the two old men, "I have time to wait until you finish your matter," Fan De smiled.

He shrugged and entered the room, Tian Donghai had used the scroll as it was no longer there. He took the [Mana Mastery] scroll and tossed it to Tian Donghai, "Learn, we will explain it to you later,"

Tang Shaoyang and Zhang Mengyao spent ten minutes teaching Tian Donghai [Mana Perception]. He noticed that the time they took to learn the skill was varied. Tian Donghai was the slowest one among them.

After Tang Shaoyang told Tian Donghai about what Mana could do, the young man was excited. He bowed his head and thanked them for teaching the skill, "I don't need your thanks, but I need your contribution!" That was the line he always said when his subordinates thanked him.

Tian Donghai hit his chest a few times, "Leave that to me, Boss! I will do my best for The Empire," he had a big grin when he declared that.

"Good, you can leave and get enough rest. We are going to enter the fourth Portal tomorrow morning," Tang Shaoyang nodded with a satisfied smile plastered on his face, "Hehe, I will train my [Mana Perception] for a couple of hours. My magic power is so low, and it will get depleted fast if I don't increase them,"

After bidding his farewell, Tian Donghai left the room with a big smile. He was so happy to get his class.

"So what happened?" Tang Shaoyang turned toward the girl and asked. He was asking how the two young men could get into this agreement. He thought Yan Sheng would get the class, but it was Tian Donghai.

"It seems Yan Sheng wanted a class that is similar to Wei Xi, Lu An, and Zhao Zhong's class that focuses on the offensive. He stepped down voluntarily after I explained the Knight's perks," Zhang Mengyao explained while shaking her head. Yan Sheng was still too young to be picky for picking class. People would be desperate for a class as it would increase the survivability rate than having none.

"I see," Tang Shaoyang nodded, he was about to ask her about the mana thingy that Zaneos curious about the most but he remembered that two old men were waiting for him, "What's wrong?" Zhang Mengyao noticed and asked.

He told her who was waiting for him. He did not want to meet them but his girl thought otherwise, "Why don't you meet him? You can use them to practice your social aka diplomacy skill. Strength is not the only thing an Emperor should have, but a basic etiquette too," she was teasing him, of course. However, the latter took that seriously and nodded, "Alright then,"

Kang Jiayi and Fan De were in the living downstairs, Mu Liqiu was there accompanying the old men chatting. Their family seemed to befriend each other.

Fan De immediately stood up when Tang Shaoyang came down from the second floor. Their positions now reversed, if it was before, the old man did not bother to greet him, not until he knew how strong and scary the man was.

Tang Shaoyang took the single seat sofa while Zhang Mengyao stood next to him, "Why don't you sit?" It caused the girl to giggle and whisper, "You know, I want to try something in the drama where the secretary would stay beside the Boss to increase the Boss's momentum,"

He rolled his eyes at the girl's silly thought and pointed to the empty seat next to Mu Liqiu, "Sit, you are my General, not just any secretary," Zhang Mengyao smiled and sat, she did not forget to greet her mother-in-law. The current Zhang Mengyao was no longer shy or stiff. She was her man's mother-in-law, so she was her mother-in-law as well.

"What do you want to talk about, old man?" He was rude but he did not care since he did not know his name and this old man could be considered an enemy. They tried to kill him before and the fact he spared his life was a blessing for him.

Zhang Mengyao did not agree though as she sent a glare at him. She wanted him to mask his emotion and treated the old man normally without showing his emotion.

'General, huh? This brat truly thinks he can establish an empire, what a hopeless brat,' Fan De thought to himself after hearing the conversation between the couple.

'Praising him or hero play does not work on him, then I need to draw his sympathy over our situation. I have to be sincere and honest, and an exaggeration honesty about our situation to gain his sympathy so he will help us and lend us his reserve weapon,'

Fan De did not mind his rudeness as he simply smiled, "This old man goes by Fan De, you can call me Old Fan or Old Man will do as well," he showed his friendly attitude.

'Heh, they must need something from me or even my help,' Tang Shaoyang immediately concluded by a simple friendly attitude from the old man, 'The third portal difficulty is much higher than the first two portals, so he comes for the fourth portal. Let's listen to what they want,' he smiled as he secretly glanced at his General, the latter also glanced at him. Both shared the same thoughts.

Tang Shaoyang rubbed his chin as he thought of something. A mischievous smile formed on his lips, "I am the Empire of Tang's First Emperor, Tang Shaoyang. I guess I don't need to tell you how to call an Emperor, right?"

Fan De's smile froze as his eyes widened in shock. He looked at the man with an unbelievable expression plastered on his face. The old man could not believe what he just heard. Tang Shaoyang was basically telling him to call him Your Majesty or something similar to how people normally addressed an emperor.

Not only Fan De, Kang Jiayi, Mu Liqiu, and even Zhang Mengyao could not believe what they heard. She was holding her laughter hard as it was simply funny from her perspective.


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