165 Fourth Portal
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Author :HotIce
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165 Fourth Portal

Zhang Mengyao told her experience in meditation, her increase in Magic Power that absurdly high.

"I gained 47 Magic Power in my first three hours of meditation, is that normal for the first time?" She wanted how much Tang Shaoyang gained in his first meditation.

—Oh my, your woman is a talent. That's so high for a level 1 [Mana Perception]

Zaneos was surprised to hear the number. He exclaimed in Tang Shaoyang's head.

—But that's weird, in this World, your power is measured by a number. The higher the number, the stronger you are, but what made her different? Can we look at her status?

The Demon Swordsman's interest was piqued by Zhang Mengyao.

'That's inappropriate, right? Even though she is my woman, showing the status screen…' Zaneos cut in before Tang Shaoyang could finish.

—Ask her! I am not telling you to force her to show us her status screen. If she does not want to show us, that's fine. But I bet 120% that your woman will show us her status screen

Zhang Mengyao looked at her man's expression, waiting for his response. She noticed a slight frown on his forehead, "What's wrong? Is that a bad thing?"

"Of course not, that is a good thing. I gained like 5 Magic Power for an hour of meditation, you are doing good," Tang Shaoyang smiled, and after hesitating for a moment he asked, "Mengyao, can you show us your status screen? We want to find out…"

"Okay!" She answered immediately but paused midway, "Us? We?" She looked at Tang Shaoyang in confusion.

"Do you remember Zaneos, the spirit I summoned after the battle against the Fogged Ape Tribe?" Zhang Mengyao went with "ah" and nodded her head. She remembered the ominous demon, of course.

"In fact, it was Zaneos who imparted the training method, and now [Mana Perception]. He was surprised by your talent in meditation, so he wanted to get a quick look at your status," he explained.

"It's okay, I don't mind if it's you," Zhang Mengyao as she opened her status screen for Tang Shaoyang to see.


Name: Zhang Mengyao

Class: Knight

Age: 25

Affiliation: Tang Empire

Level: 67

Talent: Insight

Attribute Point: 10

Strength: 146

Agility: 94

Vitality: 182

Stamina: 97

Magic Power: 57

Sense: 50/50

Skill Point: 50

Skill: [Basic Detection], [Envisage], [Shield Wall - Lv2], [Unbending Strike - Lv2], [Mana Mastery (Apprentice) - Lv1], [Mana Perception - Lv1]


Tang Shaoyang's eyes were glued to Zhang Mengyao's status screen. Zaneos also did the same, he remained quiet while carefully looking at the attribute.

"What are you guys doing?" Kang Xue came out of the bathroom with pajamas and a towel on her hair. She just finished taking a bath. Tang Shaoyang did not respond to her while Zhang Mengyao gestured to Kang Xue to stay quiet.

"Come sit here, you should hear our talk as well since it's important for your future as well," She said to Kang Xue in a small voice while tapping the empty bed next to her.

Kang Xue sat next to Zhang Mengyao, and the latter told Kang Xue what she and Tang Shaoyang talked about.

—Sense, it must be because of her high Sense. She can sense mana better than any of you guys that explains why her control is much better and that also explains why she can absorb mana better than you guys!

It did not take a long time before The Demon Swordsman found out the cause. The only abnormal attribute she had was Sense, so that was the most plausible explanation for what happened to her.

'Doesn't that mean her talent is much better than mine?' Tang Shaoyang remembered that her talent was A-Tier while his talent was S-Tier. But if they looked from this, her talent was better than her.

—Maybe yes, maybe no. Your talent may have a hidden feature we haven't uncovered, who knows. Even in the current situation, your talent is superior to her, you can conquer her who has a good talent, after all.

Tang Shaoyang did not know whether his spirit's last words were sarcasm or praise. He did not care, just as Zaneos told him, she was on his side. What he should feel right now was happy to have someone help me could rely on.

"How is it? Do you find abnormality in my meditation?" Zhang Mengyao asked while Kang Xue turned toward him as well.

"No, there's no abnormality, that's your talent's work. The high sense helps you to sense and control mana better than any of us," Tang Shaoyang explained with a smile while Zhang Mengyao was relieved.

After that, Zhang Mengyao stood up, "You two can start first, I am going to take a bath," she stuck her tongue to Kang Xue and ran toward the bathroom.

Kang Xue's eyes widened a little bit. Just now, they were talking seriously about mana and things. How things changed so quickly, she slowly looked toward her man, "Don't you need to meditate or something?"

"Hehe, I can do that later after we finish our business," Tang Shaoyang leaped toward Kang Xue and started the war. Soon, the room was filled with Kang Xue's pleasant moan.

*** ***

The following morning, five-thirty

Tang Shaoyang was sitting cross-legged next to the bed. He was activating [Mana Perception], absorbing the man from the outside. He then opened his eyes and a notification rang in his head.

[You have entered training state for 4:32:45, you have gained 27 Magic Power]

Four and half hours for 27 Magic Power, that was a lot, 'It must be because I leveled my [Mana Perception],' he used 20 Skill Points from the last portal to level up two skills, [Mana Perception] and [Mana Mastery].

"Good progress," he stood up with his top naked. After the war with his two women, he did not bother to wear his clothes as he immediately went for the meditation. He stretched up his stiff body, even though he stayed up all night he did not feel weary or sleepy at all, but just a little bit uncomfortable since he was used to sleeping.

He looked to the bed, Kang Xue was still sleeping under her blanket while Zhang Mengyao had a blanket that covered only her lower part, exposing her upper part. If it was a normal time, he would jump to the bed for the morning quota. But they were still in the Survival Game, and he did not sleep last night, so he won't be doing that to keep his body fit.

Looking at Zhang Mengyao's posture, he smiled to himself. The girl was sleeping with her body slanted to the side, having her head rested on Kang Xue's butt. She was having meditation as well and maybe she fell asleep while meditating. He shook his head at the sight.

"Get up, girl! It's morning already!" Yelling to wake the girls up, he then walked toward the bathroom for a quick shower. The cold water helped him to calm his morning libido.

It was the usual morning, they got breakfast, and lined up in front of the house to wait for the portal. After last night's talk, Fan De or the military did not send anyone to talk again. It was clear that they were not going to join them.

A few minutes later, the portal formed in front of them. At this time, they had gotten used to how the portal formed, no longer amazed by the sight but apprehensive toward the portal. There were a lot of dangerous creatures beyond the portal and they could lose their lives anytime there.

"The portal is here, get ready!" Tang Shaoyang motioned them to come forward. After the third portal, he decided to act in a group. Splitting up seemed to be a bad idea after what happened in the third portal.

His subordinates came closer to the portal, waiting for the order.

"Let's go!" Tang Shaoyang entered the portal and followed by Tang Shaoyang, Lu An, Kang Xue, and more people entering the portal.

The scenery instantly changed. Usually, it would take him a moment to adjust but this was his fourth time, so he quickly adjusted to the change. He scanned the surroundings, it was not the wild like he expected. He saw a building made of stones, typically historical sites or buildings in the movie.

Tang Shaoyang then checked behind him. Zhang Mengyao and the others arrived right after him, currently checking the surroundings as well. While everyone was wondering what they would do and face in the fourth portal, the notification rang in their head.


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