167 Troll
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Author :HotIce
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167 Troll

No matter how many times he asked, Zhang Mengyao would not tell him why she suddenly kneeled to him. Sitting on the seat, he looked at Zhang Mengyao who also sat next to him.

Zhang Mengyao shook her head, it was not that she did not want to tell him but she also did not know what happened.

Both were spending their time in the main building, and Kang Xue came to them later on. Just like that, an hour passed.

[All participants have arrived, the game will start in thirty minutes!]

While the girls were chatting, the notification rang in their heads. Not long after the notification, Lu An and Wei Xi entered the main building, "The other participants…" Wei Xi just wanted to inform him whose the other participants were but he shook his head.

"They are outside," Lu An merely pointed at where they got teleported.

Tang Shaoyang stood up, yawned as he was bored waiting for the other participants, "I know, they must be the military people and the fire castle," he waved his hand. There were no other people trapped in the Survival Game but them.

"It's Flame Castle!" Zhang Mengyao corrected him but he merely shrugged his shoulder off. The five walked over and when they reached the location, two groups were facing each other. One was his subordinates and the other one was military people and the Flame Castle.

He could feel the tense atmosphere between the two sides since they had a bad past. Lin Duan noticed the five people came over, and one of them was the leader of the Tang Empire.

Lin Duan took a deep breath and walked forward, "I am Lin Duan, the leader of Flame Castle's team. We are here not to fight, I hope you can restrain your people," he cupped his hand and bowed his head slightly.

Tang Shaoyang looked at Lin Duan, no, his gaze was scanning the people behind him. Around thirty people were armed with armor and weapons while the rest were wearing a military vest and armed with guns.

'Around 130 people, huh!?' The opposite party's numbers doubled than ours, 'That's not a problem though,'

Based on the objective, his team was expected to work together with these people to fight against the Troll Tribe and the Ogre Tribe, "As long as your people don't do anything funny, my people would not harm any of you either,"

Tang Shaoyang shrugged his shoulder, he called Wei Xi over, "Lead them to the Equipment Shop, let them equip themselves with the weapon and armor, they look so pitiful,"

His words provoked a few of them, including the soldiers. However, none of them dared to show their dissatisfaction outwardly. They had been warned to not offend any of these guys.

Lin Duan took the words differently, his eyes brightened the moment he heard about the Equipment Shop.

"Follow me," Wei Xi motioned Lin Duan and his people to follow him as he led them toward the Equipment Shop.

Yan Sheng and Tian Donghai came with something, "The barrier is gone, but there's no sign of monster, and our fort is in the open field,"

Tang Shaoyang followed the two to the gate. Earlier, the barrier blocked their eyes to see outside. Now the barrier disappeared, to the west and east were an open field.

A few hundred meters to the north was a forest and the same to the south, there was a forest a few hundred meters to the south too. The open field where the fort stood was like a line that separated the two forests.

"Send a team of five people to the west and one team to the east. Get them to watch the movement from two sides, the remaining will split into two teams. I will be in charge of the north and you will be in charge of the south gate," Tang Shaoyang pointed at Zhang Mengyao and Lu An. Both are the strongest in the group, he was relieved with two of them leading the team.

With just a quick look from the terrain, he could come up with the plan. He chose the defensive strategy since their main objective was to defend the flag from being taken from or destroyed.

"What about the Flame Castle and the military people?" Zhang Mengyao asked out. From the formation, he did not involve them in the formation, "Get them to guard the west and the east gate then,"

He did not put them in the main formation, not because he wanted to isolate them but because he did not trust them. They were far too weak to be trusted to handle an important gate.

Yan Sheng chose four people with him to the west gate while Tian Donghai chose four people to the east gate. Zhang Mengyao brought her main team, Li Na, and the girls. Lu An brought nine Tarriors and nineteen slaves to the south gate.

"Should I scout the north forest before I go?" Lu An volunteered to scout the forest but Tang Shaoyang shook his head, "It's okay, you can go to scout the south forest instead, I will take care of everything here!"

Zhang Mengyao and Lu An then left the north gate. Kang Jiayi had seen everything, and how biased Tang Shaoyang was in making the decision by excluding the military and the flame castle from the main formation.

"You are oppressing them!" The old man confronted Tang Shaoyang. Excluding them from the main formation meant they could not get the fight against the monster. If they could not kill the monster, they could not level up and stay weak.

Tang Shaoyang glanced at Kang Jiayi then he focused on the north forest. He chose to ignore the old man as he did not want to have a pointless debate against someone who had his heart for his old country. The old man was still hoping that he could revive the old country by helping the military.

Kang Jiayi was upset that he was being ignored, he wanted to say more but his son held him back, "It's okay, Father. He's the leader, we have to follow him,"

"That's not okay, how can you let your comrades suffer from his tyranny," Kang Jiayi purposely raised his volume so Tang Shaoyang could hear him, "Unfortunately, the comrade in your mouth is no longer our comrade. The moment my sister forcefully brought us here, they have regarded us as a traitor,"

Kang Zian had tried to greet the one so-called comrades only to receive a cold glare and hostile treatment from them. He pulled his father with him and told him what he just experienced.

Meanwhile, Lu An and Zhang Mengyao had stationed themselves in the south gate, "I will check the forest," Lu An volunteered to scout the forest.

Zhang Mengyao checked the objective screen, they still had twenty-three minutes before the countdown, "Okay, and be careful. Immediately retreat if it's too dangerous," she nodded in response.

Lu An replied with an okay gesture before he went down and rushed toward the forest. A few hundred meters was a short distance for Lu An. He entered the dense forest. Instead of walking on the ground, he climbed to the tree. He jumped from one tree to another tree, and soon he found their enemy.

It was a humanoid monster with green skin. Two big tusks protruded upward and razor-like teeth filled the mouth. The monster was holding a big wooden club in his right hand and wore only a loincloth that covered the vital part. On top of thar, the monster had a good built as eight-packs formed on his green belly with a height of around 2.2 meters.

"Heh, Boss guessed right. The monster truly resides in the forest," he muttered in a low voice, "From the appearance, this greeny monster should be the troll, the Ogre Tribe must be in the north forest,"

Lu An got closer from the tree when he got closer enough, he cast [Basic Detection] on the monster.


[Monster - Troll]

Affiliation: Troll Tribe

Class: Troll Warrior

Evolution: Stage-2

Level: 42

Skill: [Berserk Strike]


'Huuu, this will be a tricky battle,' Lu An squinted his eyes at the lone troll that roamed around with a certain pattern, 'It's a stage-2 monster and with a class,'

"Especially with that doofus from the military and flame castle," the young man shook his head.


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