168 First Wave
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Author :HotIce
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168 First Wave

While Lu An scouted the north forest, Tang Shaoyang went scouting the south forest. He moved around in the forest for a few minutes before he discovered the first monster.

The monster was around two meters tall, wearing short pants, and his skin was red. There was a little of the black hair on his head with two small horns on its forehead. The ragged teeth that came out from his teeth added one dread point to his appearance.

He noticed the monster was holding a wooden club that had the same color as the skin. Tang Shaoyang approached the monster who had the back against him. After he reached the range, he cast [Basic Detection] on the monster.


[Monster - Ogre]

Affiliation: Ogre Tribe

Class: Ogre Warrior

Evolution: Stage 2

Level: 43

Skill: [Tough Skin]


'Stage-2 monster but the ogre has class,' Tang Shaoyang thought to himself while scanning the surroundings. He was checking whether there was more ogre or not.

'This dude is wandering alone, you should not have done that, naughty boy,' he thought to himself while rushing toward the lone ogre.

The ogre noticed the noise from his back when he turned around, it was already too late. Tang Shaoyang had leaped in the air, he clamped the ogre's neck around his thigh and pinned the ogre with his momentum. He immediately held the ogre's head. Without holding back, he twisted the neck to the side.


Even though the ogre's head crooked to the side, the ogre was still alive. The ogre clenched his palm into a fist and punched to the cheek.

The punch pushed Tang Shaoyang to the side, but he only felt a little pain, "A tenacious monster, huh!?" With a smirk, he held the hand that punched his cheek. He jumped and twisted the hand to the back. The ogre had his mouth opened, was about to scream but Tang Shaoyang stomped at the ogre's neck with all his might.


It was another crack resounding in the quiet forest. The ogre's neck caved as blood flowed out from the mouth. This time the ogre stopped moving, dead. After killing the ogre, Tang Shaoyang picked up the red club. He found it was unusual hence try to check over it.

'Huh!? It's actually quite heavy, still far from Destroyer but heavier than the sword or a spear,' he thought to himself while reading the information.


[Ogre Club]

Tier: F+

Bonus Attribute: +10 Strength


"Hoho, it's a decent weapon for a newbie. Should I get one for me?" Holding the club, he remembered his time in the gang where he used a pipe to fight. Different but not too far, with a smile he nodded his head.

He checked the objective screen, he had twelve minutes more before the countdown, "Still have a few minutes to check the surroundings. It will be better to find where the Ogre Tribe is…" he muttered as he moved deeper.

Nine minutes later, he came out of the forest with two red clubs in his hand. He rushed back and knocked on the wooden door, and it took sometime before someone opened the door. It was Kang Xue who opened the small door, and he noticed a frown on her.

"What's wrong?" He asked while walking in, "You can see it soon," that was her reply before she closed the door.

Not far from the gate, right below the stair to climb the gate, there was a crowd gathered there. He walked over to see what happened, "What's wrong here?" He heard a heated argument from the crowd hence he raised his voice.

Sure enough, his voice attracted attention as the argument stopped. His people opened a path for him.

Zhang Mengyao and Wei Xi were confronting five military people. He walked and looked at the five people who wore brand new armor and a sword on their waist and also a gun slung to his back.

"Heh, didn't your leader tell you to not do anything funny?" Tang Shaoyang smirked toward the five men, "Or this is your leader's order?"

The five men looked at each other before a man that looked slightly older came forward, "I am Captain Cao, we are not doing anything funny, but we ask for a fair share of the task. You are placing us in the position where no monster will come, that's not fair. We want at least the north or south gate!"

"Heh, interesting, how do you know there would be no monster that would attack the west or the east gate?" Tang Shaoyang's smiled turned wider as he looked at Captain Cao. He was smiling but his eyes turned cold that sent a shiver to Captain Cao's body.

Captain Cao subconsciously turned toward his left side, and Tang Shaoyang followed his gaze. Captain Cao was looking at the old man, Kang Jiayi. He did not say anything as he walked toward the old man. Mu Liqiu was standing next to the old man, but he did not care.

Tang Shaoyang stood in front of Kang Jiayi, a head taller than the old man, he looked down to the eyes, "I don't care who you are before, I don't give a damn even if you are my woman's father! This is your first and last warning if you do this again in the future, I will regard you as a traitor. There's only one fate for a traitor in my empire, Death Penalty!"

Kang Jiayi froze as his eyes widened in fear. Tang Shaoyang's aura suffocated him, and he fell on his butt. Kang Xue tried to meddle, holding him back from hurting her father but Zhang Mengyao held her back while shaking her head, indicating to not meddle.

Tang Shaoyang squatted down, "If your heart is still in the military then leave! I have enough of your antics!"

[Simulation War Game has started! Good luck~]

At this moment, everyone heard a notification in their head. The game had started.

Tang Shaoyang stood up and walked toward the five men from the military, "As for you, I don't give a f*ck about you guys. The rule is simple if you get in our way or try to harm my people, then I will kill every single of you! Do whatever you people want!"

After that, he turned around and yelled, "Get your ass in position!" With the deafening shout from him, his men scattered around. The archer walked up to the wall while the close combat group stood behind the gate. Wei Xi led the close combat group, standing behind the door.

Tang Shaoyang who was followed by Zhang Mengyao walked to the wall, "How is it? Did you find anything?"

"Yes, Ogre, stage-2 monster with Warrior Class, with a level around 42 to 46. Their skill is [Tough Skin]," while Tang Shaoyang mentioned the detail of the ogre, she took out her note and started writing.

Meanwhile, below the wall, Mu Liqiu was worriedly helping her husband to get up. She could feel his hand was shivering, even she was scared by the sudden outburst.

"Mother, Hongmei, you take care of Father, I am going to join them!" Kang Zian pointed his finger at the group behind the gate. He looked toward his father, wanting to speak something but he held as he shook his head. He left without words.

Kang Xue walked to his father, "Father, you know, the reason I want to bring you with him is hoping you will help him to form a proper military division, not like this. I thought you will be convinced after witnessing how strong this group is," she let out a sigh.

"However, if your heart is still in the military, I will not detain you to stay here with me. If you stay here and keep doing something like this, you will be killed by him for sure," Kang Xue walked forward and hugged her father. She kissed his neck and whispered, "I love you, Father,"

"I have grown up and I have decided to stay with the man I choose even if you are not here," with a big smile, she expressed her thoughts.

Dump! Dump! Dump!

The ground suddenly vibrated, she could feel the slight vibration from her sole, "Now then, I am going to battle," she kissed her mother on the cheek and rushed up to the wall.

When she reached the wall, she was shocked to see the monster poured out from the forest. Hundreds or maybe thousand, there were too many of them.

The first wave of an attack was coming!


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