169 First Wave - Part 2
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Author :HotIce
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169 First Wave - Part 2

"Archer! Get ready!" Zhang Mengyao yelled loudly, "Shoot in range!" She instructed with a big shout.

"Are you sure, it's okay to leave Lu An alone?" Tang Shaoyang asked her woman, "That's not okay, of course. But Li Na is there with him, should not be a problem. Just checking what kind of monster attacked the north gate," she turned to the side and noticed Kang Xue who just came up, "If the ogre matches with your description, you should take care of Xue'er. She's still reckless in the battle because what she faced has never been these many and strong before,"

Tang Shaoyang nodded, there was no need for her to remind him. Kang Xue was tasked as the medic in this expedition, so he would never put her in danger. Zhang Mengyao left the north wall since she came here to solve the issue.

Before she went down from the wall, she whispered something to Kang Xue before leaving for the south wall.

Kang Xue watched the big wave of the red monster. Her heart was thumping in nervousness, but then, she felt a strong grip around her waist, pulling her to the side, "Don't leave me too far, just follow my back, or you can stay behind the wall?"

It was not the words to comfort her nervousness, but his voice that calmed her beating heart. It was a belief that had been planted deep in her heart that as long as he was with her, she would be safe.

"Mnn, just leave your back to me~," her tone contained cockiness and playfulness.

At this moment, the five archers started to release their arrows. Three out of five archers struck the head, and the three ogres immediately fell. The remaining two arrows hit the thigh, causing the two ogres to fall and stomped by their comrades.

"Huh!?" Tang Shaoyang noticed something different, he found out that the ogre was weaker than the one in the forest. Easier to kill, and also more fragile than the one he encountered in the forest.

At this moment, Yan Sheng and his three men came to the north gate, "West gate is safe, Boss! No monsters attacked the west side, but I leave one man just in case a situation arises,"

"Good, join the group and get ready to battle then, they are coming!" Tang Shaoyang pointed at the big wave of a red monster with his thumb casually.

"Yes!" Yan Sheng did not waver at the sight of the countless monsters that poured out from the forest. He replied in a strong tone and went down to join Wei Xi.

Below the wall, Wei Xi looked at Captain Cao and his subordinates who were unsure what to do. Tang Shaoyang's outburst frightened them, he shook his head and smiled at what happened before.

Wei Xi approached the older man, "Captain Cao, is it?" He asked while offering his hand for a handshake.

Captain Cao was dazed for a moment before he reached Wei Xi, "Ah, yes. I am Captain Cao,"

"If you are a Captain Cao, then I am Captain Wei. I am the captain of this team for now," he introduced himself, though his actual position was Vice Supreme General, but he was ashamed to mention that to the opposite party.

"Ah, yes– hello, Captain Wei," Captain Cao nodded, a bit unsettled because of what happened before, "Take it easy, My Boss is a little bit harsh and strict because of our bad past," Wei Xie tapped Captain Cao's shoulder, "We have a lot to talk to cooperate in the battle, but we have an enemy coming soon," he pointed at the gate with his thumb, "For now, can I trust our back to you and your team? We will be the vanguard,"

Wei Xi was offering for cooperation which Captain Cao sought. Asking for one of the main gates was out of his emotion because he thought these people wanted to suppress them by giving them an empty gate. No monsters meant they could not level up. Even so, he did not trust Wei Xi's soft approach.

"As I said before, we need time to talk, but we don't have that time now. I hope you don't betray my trust," Wei Xi gave an unexpected big hug to the stiff captain before he went back to his post.

While Tang Shaoyang had given up to recruit these soldiers, Wei Xi had not given up yet. Their main purpose to come to HZ Bay was to recruit them. He knew that he had a slim chance of persuading their superiors, he directly approached the soldiers.

'Since Boss has played his bad cop role, I will be playing the good cop role,' it was his duty as a trusted aid to fill what his Boss lacked.

Meanwhile, on the top wall, the five archers had taken down dozens of ogres. He pulled Kang Xue closer to him, "Are you ready?" She turned to look at her man, "For what?"

She saw the smile on his face, a mischievous smile that she rarely saw. Before she could get the answer from him, he brought her with him to jump off the ten meters tall wall. Her eyes widened in shock as she was not ready for this, but she could not scream either as she was too shocked.


They landed safely, but it did not relieve her shock. The monster wave was fifty meters away from the gate, but he walked toward the gate and knocked the gate hard, "Oi! Open and fight the monster, what are you doing, nestling inside?"

Wei Xi opened the small door, surprised to see his Boss who was on the top now outside the gate, "I thought we are going to defend the gate,"

"Of course, we are, but how are you going to defend the gate if you hide behind the gate? Are you going to wait for these monsters to destroy the gate?" Tang Shaoyang rolled his eyes while Wei Xi grinned in return.

"Guys, stop with the chit chat, they are here!" Kang Xue yelled upon noticing the Boss and his subordinate were chatting instead of hurrying.

"I am here, follow me!" Tang Shaoyang rushed back to the girl, "Huh!? Where's your battle-ax?" She focused on the red monster army earlier, so she just noticed Tang Shaoyang was holding red clubs instead of his usual battle-ax.

"I don't need my baby to face these weaklings," Tang Shaoyang cast [Basic Detection] on one of the ogres who reached his range.


[Monster - Ogre]

Affiliation: Ogre Tribe

Evolution: Stage 1

Level: 25

Skill: -


'As expected,' the ogre he encountered in the forest was tenacious. He believed that they would be killed with at least three arrows in their head, not just one.

Kang Xue also cast her [Basic Detection] on the ogre, 'They are just stage-1 monster, and their level is lower than mine. I have to be careful to not get a sneak attack from my blind spot,'

Tang Shaoyang rushed forward, and she followed with the scythe in her hand, 'Aim for the head or neck!' Kang Xue reminded herself.

Crack! Crack!

She heard a loud cracking noise from the front. She looked up and saw two ogres' heads crooked to the side as they fell to the side, died in one strike of her man. Even the harmless club became a lethal weapon in her man's weapon.

'I can't lose!' While Tang Shaoyang faced all the ogres in the front, Kang Xue faced the ogres that came from the side. Since her man attracted all the ogres' attention, she slashed at the ogre who tried to attack him from the side.


Her scythe cut the neck halfway, causing the ogre's head to dangle on his body while the ogre fell, 'My strength is still lacking, I have to allocate some points on my Strength later,'

She ducked her head as the same red club swept through. She kicked the ogre and swept her scythe to the closest ogre. The ogres swarmed to the couple while the remaining still advanced toward the gate.

The second line of the defense was Wei Xie and his team. They formed a straight line as soon as they found the monster was only a level 25 stage-1 monster. Again, their number was too little to face the swarm of the ogres. The overwhelming number of the ogres swarmed to the gate.

In front of the gate, Captain Cao had his 79 subordinates form a half-circle to protect the gate with him in the front, "Stand on your ground if you don't want to be looked down on by them! They trusted us the gate, so we will defend the gate with our lives!" Captain Cao yelled.

"Yes, Sir!" They replied loudly while putting their shield upfront.

"Hold your spear tight!" Captain Cao instructed as he gazed at the overwhelming numbers of the ogres.

Five meters away, three meters… two meters… one meter…

"Thrust!" He thrust his spear and followed by his men. With the thrust of their spears, they eliminated the first line of the ogres.

"Shield!" Captain Cao yelled while raising his shield.

"Push!" When the ogres reached them, they pushed their shield forward, slowing the ogres, "Switch!" The front line retreated as the second-line took a step forward, "Thrust!" They eliminated another line of ogres.

Shield! Push! Switch!

The same course of action was repeated. Thanks to their perfect coordination, the ogres could not pass them.

After repeated such a course of action five times, Captain Cao heard a notification of leveling up, "Second-line allocated your attribute! Focus on Strength and Stamina!"

Three hours later, the ogres' corpses scattered around. Captain Cao breathed heavily as ogres' blood soaked his leather armor and sweats soaked his face and back. The battle was exhausting and overwhelming, but they ended up with a big victory. But then, he froze up when he looked ahead, his eyes widened while his pupils shook, and his jaw dropped open.


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