171 Food Shop
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Author :HotIce
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171 Food Shop

Tang Shaoyang, Zhang Mengyao, Tian Donghai, Lu An, and Yan Sheng gathered in the main building. They were discussing how to face the incoming attack.

The main objective of the game was to protect the flag from being taken or destroyed, so they had to stay in the fort to fight.

The problem was they did not have information about the enemy while they only had less than two hundred people. In the first wave, there were at least three to four hundred ogres and trolls, quadrupling their numbers.

If these two tribes only attacked the fort once a day, then they did not have a problem for the incoming day, but if they attacked three or even five times a day, their people would be exhausted, and it was just a matter of time before the fort would fall.

Tang Shaoyang tried to move the flag, so if they were at the limit, they could flee with the flag since the flag was the main object they should protect. However, the flag could not be removed as he received a warning from the system.

"So, your plan is for us to attack the tribe instead of defending the fort?" Zhang Mengyao asked after listening to his concern. Since the flag could not be moved, they only had two choices, defend or attack. Fleeing was not an option.

"Unless you have a better plan, then we don't have any choice. We don't need to destroy the tribe, we only need to kill their leader," Tang Shaoyang replied while scanning the others. The Troll Warlord and Three-Headed Ogre, they only needed to kill these two.

"I can do the scout, I will gather information about the forest as much as possible," Lu An was someone who always followed the order since the Boss decided to attack, he would volunteer to scout the forest. That was the best he could do with his fast movement.

"Not today, tomorrow! We will see how bad the first day would be," Tang Shaoyang shook his head, the first wave could be considered easy for them, "Good, let's get going. I heard the fort also has a Food Shop," having a meal after exercise was not a bad idea.

"Don't get too excited Boss, the shop only has three menus, bread, soup, and steak," Tian Donghai shook his head in disappointment for the menu. The first two and three days might be okay but after that, he would be tired of eating the same menu.

"Better than having nothing," Tang Shaoyang headed out of the main building. He heard there were two Food Shops, one was in the south and another one in the north. Thanks to the food shop, they did not worry about food.

Tang Shaoyang went to the shop since it was closer to the north gate. When he reached the shop, he saw Wei Xi was blending with the military people. They seemed to have fun as they smiled while chatting, with a loaf of bread and a bowl of cream soup.

He furrowed his brows, wondering what this subordinate of his was doing with these people. Wei Xi noticed his presence and waved his hand, he returned with a nod as he proceeded to the shop.

"What is Wei Xi doing with them?" Zhang Mengyao curiously asked, "Don't know, you should ask him," Tang Shaoyang shrugged slightly. They stopped in front of the shop, and the menu appeared in front of him.

[Hard Bread - 3 Survival Coins] [Soft Bread - 10 Survival Coins] [Plain Soup - 7 Survival Coins] [Cream Soup - 20 Survival Coins] [Beast Steak - 50 Survival Coins] [Tasty Beast Steak - 200 Survival Coins]

"Huh!? Does that mean 50 coins steak is not tasty?" Tang Shaoyang muttered to himself while looking at the menus. He had many of these Survival Coins so he ordered the expensive menu, Soft Bread, Cream Soup, and Tasty Beast Steak.

The wooden window opened, beyond the window was just darkness. He could not see what was inside looked like as a tray appeared out of the darkness. The tray flew toward him and landed at the wooden bar right in front of him. The tray was filled with the foods he ordered, a bread, a bowl of soup, and a plate of steak.

[Thank you for your purchase]

A translucent screen appeared in front of his eyes before the wooden window closed again. His hand was itchy to see what was inside, but one of his subordinates had tried once to open the Equipment Shop. They could not break the wooden window and the system warned them all the Survival Coins would be confiscated if they tried to break the shop again. He did not want to humiliate himself by repeating the same thing.

He brought the tray and got to the random lodging house with Zhang Mengyao and Lu An followed him. Just like its name, the steak was indeed tasty. Much better than the roasted Rabbidog with salt and pepper. The bread was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Dipping the bread into the Cream Soup made it tasted better.

The food was satisfying and after they finished their meal, they parted their ways. Tang Shaoyang went back to the north gate while Zhang Mengyao and Lu An went back to the south gate.

He was waiting for the second wave. The game would not be that simple with just one wave of attack a day. Despite expecting another wave of attack, the Ogre Tribe did not attack them again even after six hours of waiting.

'Should have asked Lu An to check the forest if they don't attack us again,'

Sitting on the edge of the wall, his face was illuminated by the yellow sunlight. The sun was ready to set while Tang Shaoyang opened the objective screen. It was a few seconds before six hours after the first wave. He stood up, he had been sitting up here for almost six hours. He was bored and wanted to fill his belly with the soft bread and the cream soup.

Just as he was about to turn around, he saw a group of ogres come out of the forest. Not just a group, but another wave of ogres, the second wave was coming, "Bai Yuan! Ring the bell!"

Actually, he did not need to yell as Bai Yuan hit the bell as Tang Shaoyang yelled at him. The ring of the bell alerted all the people, including the soldiers.

Kang Xue rushed to the wall as she checked the incoming enemy. Her eyes glittering in excitement, "I am going to kill more monsters!" She blurted out subconsciously.

"Excited, are you?" Tang Shaoyang grinned at his woman. The girl was timid before, but now she was excited at the sight of the monster. "Hehe, I don't want to lose against Sister Mengyao, I am going to catch her soon!"

"There's still a long way to catch up, you have to work harder," he merely smiled at her enthusiasm, "Are you ready?"

Kang Xue came closer to her man and put her hand around his neck, she gave a quick peck on his lips before giving her reply, "I am ready,"

Tang Shaoyang picked her up and jumped off the wall.


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