174 Investigating The Troll Tribe Territory
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Author :HotIce
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174 Investigating The Troll Tribe Territory

Four hours passed by quickly, the fort started to fill up with chatters as the Tarriors and the soldiers just woke up from their slumber. Four hours were enough for them to get back to their peak.

Sitting next to Kang Xue, he could hear the metal boots clanking while a series of steps followed. From the noise, he could tell that was his people doing their morning warm-up, 'They are more dedicated than I thought, should I join to encourage them as well?' He was thinking of joining them.

"Mnnn~," Kang Xue fixed her head on his shoulder. She could sleep soundly despite the hard ground and the hard backrest. Normally, he would wake her up but remember yesterday's battle, he let her sleep a little longer.

Twenty minutes passed by, the five archers took their position while maintaining a certain distance from him. They had a tray of food as well with them, watching over while enjoying their meals as most of them did not eat after the last battle, straight went to sleep.

"Wake up," he nudged the girl who was unaffected by the disturbance. The girl slowly opened her heavy eyelids, rubbing her sleepy eyes to get a clear sight, "How long have I been sleeping?"

Tang Shaoyang opened the objective screen, "four hours and nineteen minutes," he gave her the exact answer.

She immediately shoved the blanket away and stood up, "Why didn't you wake me up?" The girl protested as she folded her blanket up, she then noticed the archers already in their position. Yan Sheng had replaced Bai Yuan's place as well, "I miss my morning routine," that was what she regretted.

"It's just running, you can do it anytime," he brushed her protest with a simple wave of his hand as he also stood up, throwing the blanket to her, "I am going to get my steak, I need to fill my belly before the next wave," staying awake all night caused him to hungry.

Tang Shaoyang walked down off the wall, the objective screen was still in his sight. He was looking at the time, in forty minutes, one of his theories would be proved correct or wrong. So far everything went well, the fact that the monster wave did not attack them between the interval was a good thing.

As soon as he reached down, Kang Xue brought the two blankets in a different direction. She did not say anything where she went to, and he did not ask her either. He headed to the Food Shop, ordering a Tasty Beast Steak and a Cream Soup.

He went back to the wall, sitting in the same position, the same tray food, but a different meal. Looking at the forest in the distance, he savored the tasty steak with the fork. He pricked the steak with the fork and took a big bite.

Halfway finishing his steak, Kang Xue sat next to him with her tray as well. She was having two loaves of Soft Bread and a bowl of Cream Soup.

"You did not eat last night, is that enough?" He wondered if the bread was enough to fill her. "My stomach is not as big as yours," she replied while snapping the bread and dipped it into the Cream Soup.

Both finished their meals together, and time quickly flew by. Tang Shaoyang opened his objective screen again, this was already the seventh time, and there was still twenty-seven seconds before the 9-hours cycle time limit.

5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

"They come!" Kang Xue yelled to notify Yan Sheng. The latter immediately hit the bell, alerting everyone inside the fort. Not only the north wall, but the Troll Tribe also attacked the south wall as the bell in the south wall rang.

Tang Shaoyang stood up, under the dim moonlight, he could see the shadows coming out of the forest. Not just one, but many of them. From the size of the ogre, he predicted the ogre was still the same stage-1 ogre.

Just as he was about to jump off the wall, Kang Xue held his hand, "Give me a ride to go down," he brought her with him, "Alright, you wait for Wei Xi, I am going now," Kang Xue nodded her head, "Mnn, be careful,"

Tang Shaoyang took Destroyer out and rushed forward, 'It's the 9-hours cycle, so we have nine hours until the next wave. I am actually quite smart to guess the pattern,' he praised himself inwardly.

'Then, we don't have time to play anymore. Clearing the wave faster will give us more time to rest, and more time to investigate the forest,' he made up his mind as he activated [Spirit Integration] with Karan.

When the distance between him and the wave was ten meters, he immediately cast [Basic Detection].

'They are still stage-1, the stage-2 must be in the backline,' he thought while casting another skill, [Wild Axes].

His mana concentrated in his hand, forming two axes before he threw them toward the wave of an ogre. The axes spun and whistled in the air.

Slash! Slash!

The axes slashed through the ogre, splitting their bodies apart. The axes did not stop there as it kept slashing through to ten ogres behind.

"Whew! It's only a level higher but it has become a lot stronger," he exclaimed in a small voice. After leveling up his [Spirit Integration] all Karan's skills also leveled up to Lv2. Fighting against the stage-6 beast did not show much of its prowess, now the skill showed its true prowess.

With a big grin plastered on his face, he leaped to the air. His leap brought him ten meters into the air, he landed in the middle of the ogre. Since Kang Xue did not follow him, he was free to move.


A lion-like roar came out of his mouth, stunning the surroundings ogres. All of the ogres froze, their movement stiffened.

[War Cry activated, boosting your attribute by 40% for ten minutes]

He spun his body while swinging his battle-ax, killing all ogres in range. Their bodies were brutally sliced by the battle-ax. With a 40% bonus attribute, Tang Shaoyang went on a rampage. Each of his swings, at least three to five ogres would die, no matter if it was stage-1 ogre or even stage-2 ogre. He went all out from the start so they could have more time to investigate the forest.

Despite the number of ogres reaching a thousand, they cleared the wave much faster than before. Less than two hours, they cleared the wave.

Captain Cao looked at the man who stood amongst the corpse in awe. They could clear the third wave faster thanks to the man. It was not that exaggerated that the one man was much more effective than all of them. Half of the wave was killed by the man alone.

Tang Shaoyang canceled his [Spirit Integration] and walked back to the fort. Wei Xi greeted him with a smile, "The next wave should be attacking us in seven hours, but keep a watch over the wall! I am going to the south!" He trusted the north wall to Wei Xi.

Kang Xue followed him as they headed to the north gate. She did not know what to do with the spare time, so he decided to follow him.

Tang Shaoyang had shared his theories with Zhang Mengyao. From his plan, they should be able to clear the wave fast. The Knight Tian Donghai, Zombie Apostle Yu Shun, The Summoner Li Na, The Assassin Lu An, and The Knight Zhang Mengyao. Five people with an advanced class on the south gate, the third wave should be easy for them.

When he arrived at the gate, they had finished the third wave already. Yu Shun was currently burning the dead bodies.

"Boss!" Lu An called him when he arrived, he turned toward the young man, "Are you ready?"

"Anytime, Boss," Lu An grinned in return. While the two were exchanging words, Zhang Mengyao came over, "Are you sure, only two of you?"

"Yes, we don't know if my random theory is right or not. It might be a coincidence, so two of us should be enough since we are only going to investigate the forest," after saying that, he left the south gate and went to the forest to the south, toward the Troll Tribe Territory.


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