176 Attacking Troll Village - Part 1
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Author :HotIce
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176 Attacking Troll Village - Part 1

Standing on top of the wall, Tang Shaoyang grinned ear to ear while looking at the wave of ogres rushed out of the northern forest. With this, his theory about the 9-hours cycle was correct. The two monster tribes would attack the fort every nine hours.

"You seem very happy? Is there something good happening?" Kang Xue curiously asked. She noticed that since he came from scouting the southern forest, he was always in a good mood.

"You will know once we finish the fourth wave," he smiled at her, "Do you want a ride?" She did not reply to him as she latched her body onto him.

The couple jumped off the wall together. When they landed on the ground, Wei Xi and his team came out of the gate. Kang Xue immediately joined them to form the half-square formation.

Captain Cao raised his shield to the chest area and raised his spear around his armpit. After positioning himself, he looked toward Tang Shaoyang's direction. The middle-aged man saw the man throw something blue toward the wave, killing dozens of zombies at once.

Then the man leaped high to the air, landing amidst the wave of the ogres. There was only admiration in his eyes while watching Tang Shaoyang. The Leader put themselves in the most dangerous line while letting his subordinates stay behind. That was totally different from their Leaders who could only scold and order them around.

After the man landed, he could hear a big roar from the wave of the ogres. From what he could see from his spot, he saw some parts of the ogres flying to the air. Of course, one man could not stop the wave alone as the wave came toward them.

When the wave was fifty meters away from them, Captain Cao yelled loudly, "Get ready to engage!" Along with the shout his subordinate raised their shield. The wave of the ogres then swarmed toward the formation.

"Thrust!" Captain Cao and his subordinates simultaneously thrust their spears forward.

"Push!" Together, they pushed their shields forward, pushing the zombies back, "Switch!" The second line swapped with the first line, "Thrust!" They thrust their spears, "Push!"

The shout filled the battlefield as not a single ogre could break the formation. They stood on their ground, killing all ogres in front of them. The weak soldiers had gotten many levels from the first three waves, they had become a lot stronger than before.

Tang Shaoyang went on a rampage, as usual, none of the ogres could stop him and his battle-ax to crush the ogres. He then noticed that the number of the ogres were more than the third wave. Half of the ogres were stage-2, a sign that the wave became stronger while they got stronger as well.

Nevertheless, despite their numbers and the amount of the stage-2 Ogres could not change the tide of the battle. The fourth wave was cleared in three hours and seventeen minutes, an hour more than the third wave.

"This is not good," Tang Shaoyang muttered as he gazed to the northern forest. If the wave was getting stronger by each wave by a big margin like this, then by the tenth or even twelfth wave, they would only have a little time to rest.

He immediately turned around and walked toward the gate, he was more determined to go to the forest. When he reached the gate, Yu Shun already arrived with his zombies. This meant the south force finished the wave faster than them.

The Keeper burned the corpses while Yu Shun watched from the distance, "Go finish your job quickly, we are going to make a move soon!" He told Yu Shun as the latter nodded his head.

After that, Tang Shaoyang approached Wei Xi, "Fifteen minutes rest, get your men to the south!"

Wei Xi was still clueless they were about to attack the southern forest. He did not know why his Boss asked him to go to the south gate, but he nodded his head as he would soon know.

Kang Xue followed him, "Where are you going?" It was unusual that he only gave them fifteen minutes to rest.

Tang Shaoyang was about to open the door into the fort that he stopped midway, "I am going to take you with me, but I hope you won't tell anything what I am going to tell you to your father, is that okay?" He no longer trusted Kang Jiayi after what he did before.

Even though the old man wanted to share the information with others, he should ask his consent before doing that. Kang Xue's face crumpled when her father was mentioned. Because of the first day, her family's atmosphere was quite tense and awkward. However, she could not blame Tang Shaoyang for that, his father was overstepping his boundary.

"Alright," She gritted her teeth and nodded.

"Good, I trust you. We are going to attack the southern forest. Troll Villages spotted in the southern forest, we are going to destroy them, hoping that by destroying the village, we can reduce the troll number," Kang Xue put up a confused look, there was nothing important information to hide from her father, at all.

"You and your brother can tag along, but I want him to keep this secret from your father? What I can tell you is this will benefit both of you, a lot,"

Realizing her man did not tell her the crucial information, Kang Xue let out a sigh. She nodded her head and turned around, she was going to get her big brother to follow if this would truly benefit them a lot.

Tang Shaoyang pushed the door and to his surprise, Zhang Mengyao was already waiting for him with a tray of food. She smiled at him while giving the tray to him, "Where's Xue'er?" She tried to look for her sister.

"She is talking with her brother," Tang Shaoyang replied as he took the first bite of the soft bread after dipping it into the soup.

"Have the people in the south ready? We are going to move in fifteen minutes!" He ate the food while walking toward the south gate.

"Are you sure? They will be exhausted with a little time for rest," Zhang Mengyao told her concern, after all, their subordinates were low-level, especially the people from the slave group.

"Yes, we should finish the main objective before the time limit, or we will fail for sure," Tang Shaoyang nodded his head. With the wave that was getting stronger, even with him, they would fail to protect the flag in seven days.

"Did you notice? Half of the wave that attacked the fort is stage-2 monsters and their number keeps increasing, can you imagine what we will face on the fifth day? Thousands of stage-4 monsters? Who knows? We should make a move quickly," Tang Shaoyang quickly finished three loaves of bread and a bowl of the cream soup on the way to the south gate.

As soon as both arrived at the south gate, Lin Duan confronted the two, "Where are you going? Do you want to leave us alone in the fort?"

"No, we are going to attack the southern forest. You and your men stay behind to watch the fort!" Tang Shaoyang replied as he tried to bypass Lin Duan, but the latter was not satisfied with the answer, "Then let us follow you!"

"Are you stupid? If everyone is leaving, who's going to watch the fort?" Lu An chimed as he approached them.

"Make half your men stay and the other half will be filled by our men!" Lin Duan insisted to follow since he was afraid of being left behind. Without the Tang Empire, they would be doomed for sure.


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