178 The Change in the Wave Monster
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Author :HotIce
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178 The Change in the Wave Monster

[You have destroyed Level 1 Troll Village]

[Congratulations, you acquired 1 Skill Point]

The notification rang in everyone's head as Lu An ripped the green flag apart. This was the forty-ninth Level 1 Troll Village they had destroyed in the last three hours.

"This is the 49th village, should we go ahead?" Lu An asked his Boss. It was still far from the number of villages from scouting. Lu An found 23 Level 1 Troll Villages, 21 Level 2 Troll Villages, and 3 Level 3 Troll Villages.

Tang Shaoyang also shouted 23 Level 1 Troll Villages, 19 Level 2 Troll Villages, and 1 Level 3 Troll Villages. There were at least 44 villages that were marked, 44 more villages to be destroyed.

Tang Shaoyang looked at his subordinates, the fight to destroy the village was not that hard since it was just stage-1Troll, but running around from one village to another village was exhausting.

"No! We don't know how the village affects the wave, we should get back and prepare for the next wave instead!" He decided to stop their campaign here and now for today. The sun also had set, so they did not know if the forest had dangerous night creatures or not.

He checked the main objective screen to see the time, they had two and half an hour before the next wave to attack the fort.

It took them half an hour to get back to the fort. Lin Duan and his people were staying on the top of the south gate wall. He immediately noticed the Tang Empire went back with a full team.

He was relieved internally, but he was also curious what they did inside the forest? But he knew that they would not tell him anything, he immediately gave the thought of asking them what they were doing inside the forest, "Open the gate!" He ordered one of his subordinates to open the gate.

"Should we? Why don't we let them stay outside," the subordinate sneered at the group that came back from the southern forest. The group was quickly approaching the gate.

"Good idea, but if they somehow enter the fort or destroy the gate, and ask whose idea it is, I am going to give you to them!" Lin Duan could not help but spat at his stupid subordinate. He remembered that one girl possessed a big bear, the wooden gate would be easily burned by the bear for sure.

His subordinate paled and immediately went down to open the gate. Tang Shaoyang immediately went to the food shop as soon as he entered the fort, "You are eating a lot but not fat, I wonder where the food is going to?" Kang Xue scanned her man. Each time they finished a battle, he would have a meal.

"Of course, I don't get fat. After the meal, I am swinging this heavy battle-ax for hours," Tang Shaoyang took out his battle-ax in his right hand while his left hand was holding the tray.

Kang Xue had not eaten yet, so she got a tray for herself. Zhang Mengyao and Lu An joined them as well, so the four had a meal together.

Wei Xi also ordered his food, but he brought the food to the north wall. He went up to the wall and found Captain Cao next to the bell. He walked over and sat next to the older man.

"How is it? What did you guys find in the southern forest?" Captain Cao noticed his new friend was having a meal next to him.

Wei Xi took a bite of the tasty steak and chewed the juicy meat carefully. Captain Cao did not urge him to answer while looking forward, "We are attacking the Troll Village. Our scouts find the village and we destroy the village, hoping the number of the trolls attacked the south gate reduced," Wei Xi told Captain Cao the truth, but it was only half of it as he did mention the reward.

"You should include us if you want to attack the village, we should help too," Captain Cao looked toward his friend, he was being earnest offered his help.

"Nah, " Wei Xi waved his hand casually, "If everyone goes, who's going to guard the fort? Moreover, our people are more suitable for this, we are higher in level than you guys,"

Captain Cao was not offended by Wei Xi's words. He and his subordinates were much weaker than the people from the Tang Empire, that was the fact he had witnessed with bis own eyes. He nodded his head and spoke no more, letting his friend finish his meal.

*** ***

Two hours passed quickly…

Zhang Mengyao was standing on the top of the south wall. With this wave, the 9-hours cycle had been proved to be correct. The two tribes would attack them every nine hours.

'Let's see if the destroyed villages affect the number of the troll,' she thought to herself as she noticed the trolls flushed out from the southern forest. Soon, she noticed that the number of the trolls were not as many as the beforehand wave.

"Hehe, attacking the villages is the right choice," Zhang Mengyao grinned as she excitedly jumped off from the wall. Not long after she landed on the ground, her people came out of the fort, "Form the formation!"

Tian Donghai came next to her and the other four Shield Barriers also formed a line with her, "Do we need formation to face them?" Lu An came forward and asked her.

"Better safe than sorry!" Zhang Mengyao smiled.

"Alright then," Lu An nodded and entered the line. Soon, the formation clashed against the formation. Zhang Mengyao soon noticed something different from the beforehand wave, the fifth wave did not have Stage-1 Troll.

The fifth wave consisted of hundreds of the stage-2 Trolls and ten stage-3 Troll Champion.


[Monster - Troll]

Affiliation: Troll Tribe

Class: Troll Champion

Evolution: Stage 3

Level: 61

Skill: [Berserk Strike], ???


However, the Troll Champion possessed no threat for them. Moon, Tian Donghai, Zhang Mengyao, and Lu An easily killed the ten Troll Champions.


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