179 Attacking The Troll Village - Part 2
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Author :HotIce
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179 Attacking The Troll Village - Part 2

Dressed in crude armor, helmet, and much better axes than the Troll Warrior, Troll Champion tougher to handle for sure. However, Lu An easily killed them with his very quick movement.

"Phew~," Lu An looked toward Zhang Mengyao, "It's over," he exclaimed bewilderedly, not expecting they cleared the wave so quickly like this, "No, we are not over yet! We have to help the northern gate," Zhang Mengyao shook her head as she turned around.

Lu An nodded his head and followed Zhang Mengyao, "Where are you going now?" Lin Duan blocked Zhang Mengyao.

"Do we need to tell everything what we are going to do and where are going now to you?" Lu An smirked at Lin Duan as he kept walking forward. The guy made a way for Lu An in return while gritting his teeth and clenching his fist.

Zhang Mengyao shook her head and walked past Lin Duan, "Maybe you should tone down your voice, and be more polite so we will act polite too," what he was doing was just like some a bully or thug would do.

The Tarriors and the slave groups followed Zhang Mengyao and Lu An to the north gate. They soon reached the top and saw the big swarm of the ogres swarming to the formation that formed in front of the gate.

Some of the ogres tried to climb the wall, "It's thousands of ogres," Zhang Mengyao muttered in a low voice, "Boss seemed to be having fun up there!" Lu An noticed a figure far ahead. The figure butchered the ogres seamlessly, alone.

"That's more likely what he would do," Zhang Mengyao commented at the figure who fought alone in the front, "I am going to join Boss," Lu An climbed at the edge of the wall, "You go first, I will catch up soon!" She walked to the other side, "Open the gate and report to Wei Xi you come to help,"

While she was ordering her team, Lu An jumped off the wall. Wei Xi felt something that flew on top of him, he slashed the ogres in the front and looked up, "Tsk, what that brat is doing?" He tched but his lips formed a smile. Everyone noticed Lu An's attraction and landed amidst the ogre.

Captain Cao was one of them, his mouth hung open as he saw something he could not believe, "Switch!" He yelled. 'Shit, almost miss the timing,' he switched his subordinate in front of him, "Thrust!" Just as he shouted, someone landed in front of him, crushing the ogres.

Zhang Mengyao landed with her shield on her feet, crushing two ogres below her. Captain Cao looked at the woman in a daze while the girl looked toward him, "Sorry, for disturbing you~," she smiled at him, causing him to blush.

Her beauty was mesmerizing and a smile while wearing the plate armor gave a different beauty aura to the girl.

The girl took the shield and rushed forward, charging at the ogres. With a swing of her lance, she cleared a big chunk of ogres, it was until "Captain!" One of his subordinates yelled at him, realizing he was late for his instruction.

"Push!" He shouted loudly and followed with, "Switch!" When he was on the second line, the subordinate next to him spoke, "Don't ever dream about the girl, Captain! I heard she's the Supreme General of the Tang Empire and also their Leader's woman! Unless you want to get your head off your body, then you can try to chase after her,"

His body shuddered and yelled back, "What nonsense are you talking about! I have a wife and a daughter waiting for me at home!" He knew that his subordinate was teasing him, but he made it clear less the people from the empire misunderstood him.

"Thrust!" "Push!"

"Huhu, I also heard that the empire also allowed polygamy as long as you can feed your family. I am tempted to move to the empire, Captain!" His subordinate added.

"Mo– Switch!" Captain Cao almost said, "Move!" Instead of "Switch!"

The north gate got the help of dozens of people, though it was only dozens of people, they finished the ogre wave faster than the estimated time. The wave of the ogre was cleared in one and half hours later.

"So, there is no stage-1 Troll in the fifth wave?" Tang Shaoyang asked Zhang Mengyao who was walking next to him, "Yes, it seems the stage-1 Troll spawns from the Level 1 Troll Village, and we have destroyed them all," she nodded in response.

"Will we attack the southern forest again now?" Lu An chimed in with a question. Tang Shaoyang wanted to say yes, but his subordinates' exhausted expression resurfaced in his mind, he shook his head, "No! Let them get a rest, I don't want to suffer casualty because I forced them to fight without rest. We will attack the southern forest after the sixth wave,"

Tang Shaoyang checked the objective screen. Two and half hours since the wave attacked the fort, which meant they had six and half hours before the next wave attacked.

"You guys have six hours to rest, back in your position in six hours!" He yelled to his subordinates, loud enough for the soldiers to his voice as well.

Just like he did before, he got a light meal, four loaves of Soft Bread, and two serving of Cream Soups. Tang Shaoyang returned to his usual spot as he ate the dinner. Kang Xue told him she was having dinner with her family so he ate alone tonight.

After he finished his meal, the soldier from the military came toward him. He recognized the soldier, the captain of the sixty-nine soldiers, and also Wei Xi's new friend as he found the man often hanged out with this captain.

"Do you need something from me?" He asked Captain Cao in his cold voice. He did not forget what Wei Xi told him, playing the bad cop until the end.

Captain Cao had trouble expressing his thoughts, but he braced himself to speak, "Let me and my men take the night duty tonight. Wei Xi told me you are going to attack the Troll in the southern forest after the next wave–"

"He told you what?" Tang Shaoyang raised his voice, causing Captain Cao to flinch, "He told me you are going to attack the Troll Village after the next wave. So, let us help, at least, you can leave the night watch to us,"

"That's it?" Tang Shaoyang thought Wei Xi slipped out and told them about the reward, but he misunderstood him.

"Yes," Captain Cao nodded his head.

"Since you want to help, then I will start to put a little trust in your soldiers," Tang Shaoyang nodded and got off from the wall. When he walked by the two soldiers, he warned them with his deep voice, "Just remind you, if you do something funny while we are sleeping…"

He did not finish the words, but Captain Cao and his subordinate felt a chill to their spines. He and his man nodded while sending the man off the wall, "Oh God! That man is so scary!" His subordinates wiped the cold sweat from his face.

"Don't say nonsense!" Captain Cao rebuked his subordinate as he walked toward the bell.

Captain Cao and his subordinate watched over the night, it was an uneventful night of course. Six hours passed quickly, the wall was safe from the monster.

"Yawn~," Captain Cao's subordinate yawned. He was slightly nervous at first, but since nothing happened, the nervousness was being overwhelmed by the boredom.

"I will replace you two. Get your breakfast or do something you want," a hoarse voice came from their back. The captain and the subordinate turned around, the young subordinate yelped in fear when he saw Bai Yuan's scary face. A face full of scars, he could feel the skin around his face tingling just looked at Bai Yuan's face. The young soldier just could not imagine what he experienced to get those scars.

Captain Cao flinched slightly but he was not overreacting like his subordinate. He slapped the young soldier's head as he bowed his head toward Bai Yuan slightly, "I am sorry for my subordinate's rudeness," the young soldier bowed his head too.

"It's fine, you can go now!" Bai Yuan waved his hand. Captain Cao and his subordinate nodded and left their post to Bai Yuan.

Bai Yuan stood next to the bell for half an hour before he needed to hit the bell. The sixth wave of the ogres was coming. At the same time, the southern gate also rang the bell.

The sixth wave composed thousands of stage-1 Ogre, hundreds of stage-2 of Ogre Warrior, and a hundred stage-3 Ogre Champions.

The flow of the battle was the same as the beforehand battle. They faced the wave with the current team for an hour and half hours before the reinforcement came from the south gate. With the reinforcement, it took them slightly over three hours to finish the battle against the Ogre Horde.

Ten minutes after the battle, Tang Shaoyang assembled the team and attacked the southern forest again. This time his purpose was to clear Level 2 and Level 3 Troll Villages.


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