180 Troll Berserker
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Author :HotIce
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180 Troll Berserker

[You have destroyed Level 2 Troll Village]

[Congratulations! You acquired 2 Skill Points]

The notification rang as Tang Shaoyang ripped the green flag apart. He got 2 Skill Points from destroying Level 2 Troll Village, and this was the fortieth Level 2 Troll Villages, the last of the level 2 village. With this, he had gathered 130 Skill Points in total, that was a lot of them.

"Should we continue?" Wei Xi approached him and asked. It had been almost three hours since they entered the forest. That meant they only had slightly over three hours before the seventh wave to attack the fort.

"We will continue!" Tang Shaoyang had checked the time and they still had the time to continue, "Then I will lead the way!" Lu An came forward and said. He was the one who scouted this area, so he would naturally lead the team.

Under Tang Shaoyang's command, everyone followed Lu An. They did not bother to move slowly just in case the troll was alerted since what they lacked was time. Everyone rushed toward the direction where Lu An went.

They encountered the wandering stage-2 Troll Warrior. Lu An killed them instantly to clear the path. With their speed, they reached the destination in five minutes.

"That's the Level 3 Troll Village," Lu An stopped in the distance as he pointed at the direction where the village was.

Wei Xi and the others immediately came closer to see the village. Level 3 Troll Village was completely different from the beforehand village. Rather than a wooden fence, level 3 village had a sturdy wooden wall, and also a pair of watchtowers at the entrance.


[Troll Village]

Level: 3

Chief: Stage-4 Troll Berserker

Population: 150x Stage-2 Troll Warriors, 50x Stage-3 Troll Champions


Tang Shaoyang approached them and asked, "How is it? The stage-2 Troll Warriors should be fine for them, right?"

"Them" in his mouth were his subordinates, The Tarriors and the slaves. He was concerned that they would not be able to fight the stage-2 Troll Warrior.

"Stage-2 Troll Warriors should be fine, but stage-3 is still too much for them," Wei Xi voiced his opinion in his subordinates' strength. Zhang Mengyao had to agree with Wei Xi, "But some of them could fight the stage-3, Fu Dandan, Dai Wenqian, and Liang Suyin are capable to kill the stage-3,"

"Then this is the plan, I, Zhang Mengyao, Tian Donghai, and Moon will lead the charge. Lu An, Wei Xi, Yu Shun, and Yan Sheng stayed with them. You should take care of the Stage-3 Troll Champion that attacks the formation!" He then turned toward Li Na, "You assist the formation," the girl nodded her head as she knew her power was on her summon, Moon.

"Good, I want Moon to explode the watchtowers with his fire," he made a gesture of explosion to the bear who was behind Li Na.

"Pwuah!" He added an explosion sound effect while gesturing to the bear. Li Na smiled as she conveyed Tang Shaoyang's words. He was asking Moon to blow the watchtowers with [Flame Torrent].

Hearing Li Na's whisper to his head, Moon stood up with his hind legs, tapping his chest with the paw, telling Tang Shaoyang not to worry about that, "What are you? An ape?" Tang Shaoyang rolled his eyes at the bear.

Soon, everyone was ready to start their attack on Level 3 Troll Village, "Go!" With Tang Shaoyang's words, Moon flushed forward. When the distance reached twenty meters, Moon tapped his two paws to the ground.

Boom! Boom!

The flame burst out from the ground of the watchtowers, burning and destroying the watchtowers made of wood.

"Charge!" Wei Xi shouted while raising his sword toward the village.

Tang Shaoyang, Zhang Mengyao, Tian Donghai, and Moon had already reached the entrance by now. The [Flame Torrent] alerted the trolls inside the village as they flushed out from the wooden house.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Tang Shaoyang's swings whistled through the air, butchering the trolls before they could retaliate. Tian Donghai and Zhang Mengyao worked together to repel the trolls that got closer to them. Meanwhile, Moon was more brutal, a paw made of flame created in the air. He slammed the flame paw to the wooden house.

Thanks to the bear's brutality, the village was on fire. The blue fire quickly spread through the other houses. At this time, Wei Xi and the other entered the village, clashing against the bunches of the stage-2 Troll Warriors.

Tang Shaoyang never stopped, he rushed to the core of the village where the main building was located. The stage-3 Troll Champion could not hold him as a swing of his battle-ax threw them away from his path. Of course, one strike could not kill the stage-3, but Zhang Mengyao, Tian Donghai, and Moon were ready to take care of the leftover left by Tang Shaoyang.

'Even with a class, I am still far from Boss. I can't even match my pace with General Zhang,' Tian Donghai smiled bitterly while comparing himself with Tang Shaoyang and Zhang Mengyao. He felt with or without him, it would not change the situation much.

At this moment, Tang Shaoyang noticed a troll came out from the main building. The troll had bigger tusks, taller around three meters tall, and the black armor covered most parts of the body.

Helmet, wrist guards, steel boots, armored skirt, and plate armor. His two shiny axes on both hands told him that the axes were different from the axes used by the stage-2 Troll Warrior, and stage-3 Troll Champion.

"You are mine!" Tang Shaoyang yelled and leaped up to the air. He slammed the battle-ax down toward the stage-4 troll. The latter reacted by raising the two axes to block the incoming attack.


The troll managed to hold his ground under Tang Shaoyang's strong assault. Not only that, after the troll blocked the attack, the troll sent a kick to Tang Shaoyang's belly who was still in the air.

The kick sent Tang Shaoyang to fly backward. The kick gave a tingling pain to the belly as he landed while rolling on the ground. The kick was strong but not a threat to him, "You are quite strong for a mere stage-4 monster,"


[Monster - Troll]

Affiliation: Troll Tribe

Class: Troll Berserker

Evolution: Stage 4

Level: 63

Skill: [Berserk Strike], ???


"Unfortunately, my opponent is not you but the time! I don't have time to play with you!" Tang Shaoyang grinned as he activated [Spirit Integration]. His skin turned green as his muscle bulked out.

[Wild Axes]

He threw the axes toward the Troll Berserker, spinning in the air toward the monster. The Troll Berserker raised his axes, deflecting the spinning axes with the skill to the air. Tang Shaoyang could see the troll's axes shrouded in red energy.

[Earth Split]

"Then what about this?" He then stomped the ground with his right foot.


The ground shook and split open, cracking toward the main building. The ground was split open, causing the main building to split as well. The Troll Berserker was caught off guard as his body swayed.

Slurgh! Slurgh!

Two spinning axes pierced the shoulder, pushing the troll down. At this moment, Tang Shaoyang was already in front of the Troll Berserker. He swung the battle-ax to the chest, sending the Troll Berserker crashing to the splitting main building.

He leaped inside, The Troll Berserker crashed to the next of the green flag.

[Earth Split]

Tang Shaoyang stomped the Troll Berserker on the chest. His foot destroyed the plate armor down to his chest, and down to the heart.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

He pulled the flag and ripped it apart.

[You have destroyed Level 3 Troll Village]

[Congratulations! You acquired 3 Skill Points]


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