182 Troll Warlord
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Author :HotIce
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182 Troll Warlord

From behind, Wei Xi and Zhang Mengyao shared the same frustration. Both let out a frustrated sigh, "That's not the plan!"

As soon as they spoke up their minds, they immediately exchanged looks with a wry smile plastered on their faces.

"Who cares about the plan! We are going to crush them with or without the plan!" Lu An did not want to lose as he rushed toward his Boss, "A hopeless kid," Wei Xi shook his head. The young man's adoration to Tang Shaoyang was over the top.

Wei Xi however noticed that the others looked like they wanted to charge forward as well, just like Lu An. However, they did not do so since they were waiting for his order.

"Let's go!" His voice did not contain the same vigor as before, but his people were already pumped up with the show their Boss had shown them. They charged toward the village, following their leader.

Moon also did not stop after destroying the entrance, he ran forward. The bear put his head between Tang Shaoyang's crotch and threw him to the back. The bear and the human charged toward the village without waiting for the team to arrive.

As they entered the village, a crowd of stage-2 Troll Warriors flushed out from the houses and charged toward the big bear. Moon activated [Flame Armor], the blue fire blazed from his ankles and spread upward. It was as if the blue fire had a life in it and recognized Tang Shaoyang as their allies, the fire did not burn him who was sitting on top of Moon.

After casting [Flame Armor], the big guy cast his other skill, [Charge]. Combining the two skills, the bear charged toward the crowd, sending all trolls to fly away on their path.

It was as if Moon could understand what Tang Shaoyang wanted. The bear ignored all stage-2 trolls and charged deeper into the village. The bear and the human soon passed the defensive line created by the stage-2 trolls and faced the stage-3 Troll Champions.

Even with the armor, they had on their bodies, Troll Champions just could not stop the bear, 'Moon is so strong, he just stage-3 but he is already this strong,' comparing to the other stage-3 zombies, beasts, or even monster like trolls, Moon was just far stronger than any of these.

—Crescent Moon Bear itself is a rare mutation of Moon Bear, so Mystical Bear should be a stronger mutation. It's normal for this bear to be stronger than any monster and beast in the same stage.

'There's a Crescent Moon Bear in your previous world as well?'



Karan and Zaneos answered at the same time that surprised him, and Zaneos was also surprised to hear the answer from the silent Karan.

—My tribe allied with the beast tribe to fight against the human race in my world. I remembered a strong couple of bears who led the bear army. They are Crescent Moon Bear but bearing different elemental power from Moon. The Crescent Moon Bears I know are bearing the power of the Earth Elemental and Wind Elemental with different tattoos as well.

'You have a lot of interesting stories, huh!? What about sharing it with me later, your valiant deed in your previous world later? The teacher is not willing to tell me anything about his world,' Tang Shaoyang was interested to hear Karan's story, what kind of life he experienced and what kind of world he lived in.

—I hope you are not getting discouraged after hearing my heroic deeds, how I, Karan can get the title of The Great Warrior!

'I will take that as a challenge!' Tang Shaoyang grinned, he loved the challenge, and he took Karan's provocation as a challenge to him, 'But save that for later, we have to fight these trolls first,'

Moon had passed the Stage-3 Troll Champions line and entered the defensive line formed by Stage-4 Troll Berserkers. There were fifty of them, blocking his path to go further. Behind the fifty Troll Berserkers, five of four meters tall Troll Great Berserker stood behind them.

The five Great Berserkers wore full armor from head to toe, coated with plate armor. Surely, the Great Berserker looked more intimidating than the stage-4 Troll Berserker.

'Let's see how strong I have become after leveling up my skill,' Tang Shaoyang's eyes focused on the troll's neck before he threw the blue axes. The axes were spinning faster as its projection curved to the sides before the axes flew toward the troll.

Troll Berserker was not just any normal troll, waiting for the axes to hit them without doing anything. They reacted by trying to block the flying axes with their ax. Unfortunately for them, Tang Shaoyang's [Wild Axes - Lvl 4] was a lot stronger.

The flying axes sliced the ax just like paper and sliced through the troll's neck. Each of the flying axes sliced three heads, going through to the Great Berserker behind the line. As the axes came for them, a red aura burst out from the Great Berserker's body. They slammed their first to the flying axes, and the axes exploded the moment the ax and the fist clashed.

From the impact, the two Great Berserkers were pushed back for ten meters. The axes were too strong for them.

"Hahaha…" Tang Shaoyang stood on Moon's back and leaped toward the back of the stage-4 Troll Berserker. He was directly facing the Stage-5 Great Berserker, as soon as he landed on the ground, the remaining three Great Berserkers swarmed toward him. They tried to sweep their great ax toward him, but an ear-shattering roar escaped Tang Shaoyang's mouth.

[War Cry]

[War Cry activated, boosting your attributes by 50% for twelve minutes?]

With the insane boost from the skill and the bonus attribute from [Spirit Integration]. Tang Shaoyang's Strength reached over a thousand. Not only the roar boosted his attributes, but the roar also stunned all trolls around him.

Tang Shaoyang's kick reached the closest Great Berserker. The four meters tall Great Berserker fell to the side with just a kick. As the Great Berserker fell while facing the sky, Tang Shaoyang's stomp descended toward the head.

[Earth Split]

A mixed sound of the skull getting crushed and the plate helmet getting wrecked resounded through. The stun effect of his [War Cry] was not over yet as the other two Great Berserkers stayed still on their spots. He turned around and leaped toward one of the Great Berserkers. His hand reached the troll's neck and pinned them down on the ground.

[Earth Split]

"Bye bye~," he stomped the Great Berserker's head, and the satisfying sound once again resounded as the head was crushed under his foot.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

Killing two Great Berserkers helped him gain two levels. It only made the grin on his face wider. As he eyed the closest Great Berserker, a shadow flushed into the battlefield. Lu An came from the top, slashing his sword down to the Great Berserker.


The Great Berserker blocked the strike easily, "Boss, spare me some big dudes, you can't take all of them by yourself like this!" Lu An complained his Boss had killed two out of three stage-5 Great Berserkers.

"You can't be that greedy to want all of them, right?" Another voice came from the side, a familiar voice he heard every day in his ears. He turned his head to the side, Zhang Mengyao and Wei Xi worked together to reach here.

"Then you guys can have these three, I am going to take the guy on the throne seat. They are barely entertained to me," he grinned as his sharp eyes landed on the troll who sat on the high platform, watching the fight from his throne.

Tang Shaoyang walked toward the platform. As he tried to get closer to the platform, the two Great Berserkers who got pushed back by [Wild Axes] tried to stop him.

"Your opponent is me, greeny!" Zhang Mengyao blocked the great ax with her shield while Wei Xi blocked the other one with his sword.

Tang Shaoyang ignored them as he walked to the stairs of the platform. He did not go up to the platform as he stared at the Troll Warlord who also got up from his throne seat that was made of white bone.

[Basic Detection]


[Monster Lord - Troll Warlord]

Affiliation: Troll Tribe

Class: Warlord

Evolution: Stage 6

Level: 147



The Troll Warlord wore full-body red-blood armor without a helmet. He was a meter shorter compared to Great Berserker, having messy deep blue hair, and two horns on his forehead. As the Warlord looked down at him while pulling two great axes from his back.

[Flash Step]

Tang Shaoyang's figure disappeared and appeared again in front of the Troll Warlord. With his two hands holding the battle-ax, he slammed Destroyer to the warlord.


The Troll Warlord was caught off guard as his body was sent flying to his throne seat. The troll tried to get up immediately but Tang Shaoyang was faster than him. With another [Flash Step], Tang Shaoyang appeared next to the Troll Warlord.

[Earth Split]

Tang Shaoyang stomped to the head. Along with the stomp, the platform also collapsed. Even with the falling platform, Tang Shaoyang had his right foot on Troll Warlord's face.

Of course, the lord was tougher than the normal troll or even Great Berserker. Even with [Earth Split] to the face, the Troll Warlord did not die. His hand reached his foot, holding his ankle tightly. At the same time, his body released a red aura, covering his body with the red aura.

—He is going Berserk, I advise you to kill the Troll Warlord now.

Zaneos's concerned voice rang in his head. Even without his teacher's advice, he was going to end this quickly. 

"Since one is not enough, what about the second one!?" Tang Shaoyang raised his free foot and stomped the Troll Warlord on the chest.

A big dent in the shape of Tang Shaoyang's boot formed on the chest. At the same time, a crunching sound resounded, a few of its ribs should be broken with the stomp.

With the stomp on the chest, the Troll Warlord released his grips on his ankle. However, the red aura was getting wilder, indicating the Troll Warlord was still alive even after two stomps.

Tang Shaoyang was surprised by the tenacity shown by the Troll Warlord. He raised his right foot and stomped the head once again. The cracking noise resounded again, an indication the Troll Warlord's skull cracked under the stomp.

The ground below the Troll Warlord started to split as well, as a crack like a spider web started to spread. The red was just getting wilder in each stomp, "I admire your strong will, but this should be the end!" After he finished his words, once again he stomped the head with [Earth Split].

This time, the Troll Warlord's head crashed into the ground as the ground split open. The red aura instantly vanished, a sign that the Troll Warlord had died.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

[You have reached Level 101! Congratulations, you have satisfied the condition for the 2nd Advancement!]

[You can proceed with the 2nd Advancement by opening your status screen!]


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