183 Harves
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Author :HotIce
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183 Harves

[You have reached Level 101! Congratulations, you have satisfied the condition for the 2nd Advancement!]

[You can proceed with the 2nd Advancement by opening your status screen!]

[You have killed the Troll Warlord!]

[Congratulations! You acquired 1 Bonus Chest, 1 Level 7 Treasure Chest, 1 Hidden Treasure Chest, and +1 Level]

The series notification rang in his head while he was showing his white teeth, grinning happily with what he got. The Treasure chests spawned next to the corpse of the Troll Warlord who died with his head crushed.

Tang Shaoyang looked back, Lu An, Wei Xi, and Zhang Mengyao had killed the stage-5 Great Berserker. Now they were fighting together with Moon against the stage-4 Berserker. Even though they were getting surrounded by the stage-4 troll, none of the Troll Berserkers could land a hit on them.

His subordinates focused on their battle which caused him to smile. That meant they trusted him that he could kill the Troll Warlord. Gaining their trust was surely gratifying.

Tang Shaoyang checked the objective screen, the time barely passed seven minutes since they started their assault. They still had time before the next wave coming for the fort.

He then turned toward his reward, despite the notification about an advancement, he did not check what was that. He walked to the Bonus Treasure Chest, "Crystal Inventory Bag for sure," he predicted what was inside the chest as he opened the chest.

Sure enough, his prediction was spot on, twenty Crystal Inventory Bags were laying down inside the chest. He took and stored it in his inventory before he walked toward Hidden Treasure Chest.

"Mana Mastery Skill Book please," he opened the second chest, and he found a skill book inside, "I am quite lucky today," he thought it was a [Mana Mastery] skill book.

Tang Shaoyang picked the skill book and froze when the information appeared in his eyes. It was a not [Mana Mastery] skill book, but, 


[Skill Book]

Skill: Fireball

Use: 3/3


—Basic skill for a mage, but you can let your summoner girl learn as well. The skill will be handy in her hand. Why don't you check the 2nd Advancement? I am curious!

Zaneos openly told his desire about the new thing such as the 2nd Advancement. However, Tang Shaoyang shook his head, 

"A new thing means we need a lot more time to get an understanding of the thing. What we lack now is time, I am going to open the reward then end the battle after that. We can check it after the next wave, we will have a lot of time since all our force will be focused on The Ogre Tribe,"

He walked toward the last treasure chest, Level 7 Treasure Chest. The last chest contained a scroll, it could be a skill, and it could be a class as well. He would know as soon as he picked the scroll.


[Class Change Scroll]

Advance Class

Class: Berserker


"A class with a focus of offensive attack, the class fits the criteria that Yan Sheng looks for. But I don't know if that guy wants this class. He's picky about picking class," Tang Shaoyang shook his head at the thought of Yan Sheng rejecting the class given to him twice.

He shook his head and stored the scroll into the inventory, "Let's search for the flag now," he looked around the rubble as he stored the corpse as well. He recalled that he saw a green flag behind the throne sear, so he was looking around to find the flag.

It did not take him a long time to find the flag since it was a big flag. The flag was piled up below the rubble. Despite the impact of the collapsed platform, the flag was still in perfect condition. He ripped the flag apart easily and the notification rang again in his head.

[You have destroyed The Troll Capital!]

[Congratulations! You acquired 40 Skill Points!]

[You have defeated The Troll Tribe!]

[The Bonus Objective "Defeat the Troll Tribe" is completed!]

[Congratulations! You acquired 20 Skill Points, 1 Level 7 Treasure Chest, and +2 Levels!]

Tang Shaoyang was truly harvesting the Skill Points in the fifth portal. In total, he had gathered 250 Skill Points in total.

—This Survival Game is insane, you will get a lot stronger by just leveled up your skill!

A voice filled with envy rang in Tang Shaoyang's head. It was natural for Zaneos to feel envy. He had to work hard to master and learn the technique. It took him months or even years to reach a certain level, but in this world, everyone could be strong as long as one was dared to take a risk smartly.

Especially someone with Tang Shaoyang's class, he needed to increase one of his skill's levels then he would be incredibly strong. Tang Shaoyang did not know how to respond to Zaneos since this was truly unfair, but it was not his responsibility for this matter either. The one who was responsible for this was the mastermind behind this absurd game.

"Since the battle is over, it's time to clean up," he raised his head to look at the battlefield. The Troll Tribe's army was getting pincered by the main team and four people. One side was being dominated by four powerful individuals while the other side was a team composed of veterans. It was just a matter of time before the troll army wiped out.

*** ***

Meanwhile, back to the fort, the situation was not as good as on the other side. Unrest spread out between the soldiers as the Tang Empire's people had not come back yet.

Captain Cao looked at the objective screen and then looked at Lin Duan. Wei Xi had told him how the 9-hours cycle worked. Based on the time, he estimated the wave would come in ten minutes, and Lin Duan seemed to know about that as well.

"We are going to leave the fort, they have abandoned us, they want to kill all of us!" Lin Duan's agitated voice worsened the tense atmosphere between them. Lin Duan's subordinates echoed in agreement.

Of course, the soldier did not say anything, they looked toward Captain Cao, the highest position amongst them. The soldiers were waiting for Captain Cao to make a decision.

"What are you waiting for, Captain Cao? We will be dead, getting swarmed by the monster if we try defending the fort by ourselves!" Lin Duan raised his voice, trying to persuade Captain Cao to leave the fort with him.

Captain Cao did not look to Lin Duan, but he scanned the soldiers, his subordinates. He was tasked to lead the soldiers by the three leaders of the camp to assist Lin Duan to finish the portal and also trained the soldiers.

The conversations between him and Wei Xi flashed in his heads. Lately, his new friend persuaded him to join the empire with tempting conditions, but it was not the alluring conditions that persuaded him to join. It was the promised home for his family.

He heard how advanced the base the empire had, and also how safe the place from zombies. Not only that, from what he heard from Wei Xi's mouth, they were preparing to build a farm to get a permanent food source, the medic division, and the schooling system for the kids. He was shocked and did not believe that at first, but now he wanted to believe that, for his son and daughter.

Of course, it was just a story from one mouth, but he believed Wei Xi nevertheless. He wanted a new home rather than waiting for the uncertainty like the government. Captain Cao took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment, it was a hard decision, and he had decided to take a big step in a new direction.

"I am sorry, Captain Lin Duan!" He bowed his head to Lin Duan, "And I am sorry, everyone, my comrades!" He bowed his head to the soldiers.

"From today onward, I am no longer Captain Cao, but just Cao Yuntai. I am no longer your captain, I have decided to join the empire," Cao Yuntai's declaration caught the soldiers off guard. None of them expected their captain would announce such a thing.

"I am here not to ask you to join the empire as well. You can do whatever you want, this is just me, my decision, and I will stay to defend the fort," the man that was about to reach forty bowed his head and walked toward the north wall, to his post.


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