186 2nd Talent Advancemen
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Author :HotIce
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186 2nd Talent Advancemen

His lips molded into a wide grin as he looked at his own status screen. Three new skills, more bonus attributes were added each time he leveled up, and all his existing skills gained a level.

"Let's try a new skill," Tang Shaoyang was eager to test the new skill. By now, he had returned to his lodging house, "Let's see,"

[Spirit Eyes]

As he cast the skill, a new view overlapped with his vision. He was dizzy for a moment with the sudden overlapping vision. He quickly adjusted with the new vision and soon realized the overlapping was actually a view from the top.

His eyes viewed the wall while [Spirit Eyes] gave him a view from the top to the fort. Yes, the overlapping view was the view of the fort from the top. He moved the spirit eyes and soon, he realized the spirit eyes had a limited range. He could not see the wall clearly as it turned fuzzy.

Tang Shaoyang furrowed his brows and directed the vision to his lodging. To his surprise, spirit eyes could see pass through the wall. He saw his own figure who was sitting faced the wall. A meter next to him was Zhang Mengyao, sitting cross-legged while activating [Mana Perception]. On the straw bed in the same lodging house, Kang Xue was sleeping peacefully.

He tried looking around and found the range of [Spirits Eyes]. Around thirty meters area, that was the range of his skill with his body as the center of the view.

—How is it? What does the skill do?

Zaneos did not share the same view as him and asked. Tang Shaoyang told him what [Spirit Eyes] did, he showed his disappointment.

—This skill will be very useful in a special terrain like a dense forest for example. You can see your enemy while your enemy can't see you.

His eyes brightened up when he heard that. Indeed, in such a terrain he would be at a big advantage, 'There's no useless skill, but useless user,' he thought self-deprecatingly.

Tang Shaoyang canceled the skill and cast a new skill, [Spirit Advancement]. The skill did nothing but showed a screen to him.


[Contracted Spirit]

Karan the Great Warrior (C-Tier Spirit) – Advancement Requirement: Monster Sacrificial (0%)

Zaneos the Demon Swordsman (B-Tier Spirit) – Advancement Requirement: Demon and Undead Sacrificial (0%)


[Monster corpse, Demon Corpse, and Undead Corpse are not detected or out of range! Safricial canceled!]

—B-Tier spirit, huh!?

Zaneos's unhappy voice rang in his head while Karan remained silent. Clearly, the Demon Swordsman was unhappy with the rating. Tang Shaoyang decided to stay silent as well, less he would accidentally hurt his Teacher's pride if he spoke something.

He checked the last skill, [Spirit Charisma (Passive)]. It was a passive skill, so it was automatically activated if he did not want to. However, he did not know what the skill did, "So, what's with this third skill?" He muttered in a low voice.

—A skill that would give a spirit a favorable impression of you! At least, that is what I feel toward you since you received the skill, maybe the skill will help you to establish a contract with the new spirit.

Zaneos did not linger around with the rating of his strength as he tried to help his student. Karan also followed up as well.

—Indeed, you look more pleasant now. You should use the ogre for my advancement, ah, why did your subordinate burn the corpses, what a waste, it could help me get stronger.

Karan took [Spirit Advancement] positively. He did not mind being graded C-Tier Spirit.

"Next wave, I can use the corpses of the ogres for your advancement. But what if my spirit is a human? Do I need humans' sacrifice for my human spirit?" He was imagining himself killing the other people for his spirit to advance to the next tiers, getting stronger. By then, his name would be notoriously famous, and it would not be beneficial for him, no one was going to come to join his empire for sure, "I hope my next spirit is not a human," he was not praying for a stronger spirit.

Tang Shaoyang put those thoughts aside as he looked back to his status screen. His gaze landed on one of his skills that had reached the max level, [Spirit Integration - Max Level (evolve)].

He was not expecting to get his skill maxed out. He then tapped the "evolve", and a pop-up screen appeared.

[Do you wish to evolve [Spirit Integration] skill? Y/N? (200 Skill Points)]

200 Skills Points were needed to evolve his skill, even after crazily harvesting the skill points, he did not have enough skill points, " I need 20 more Skills Points," his hand was itchy, wanting to press "Yes" immediately. But he knew that his skill would never go through evolution without enough skill points.

—Check your talent, there's an exclamation mark there.

Of course, Tang Shaoyang noticed the conspicuous red exclamation mark next to his talent. He was more curious about his newly-acquired skill so he tested his skill first. With his teacher's reminder, he tapped the exclamation mark.

[Do you wish to proceed with the 2nd Talent Advancement? Y/N?]

'Yes, of course!' He screamed internally. If not for Zhang Mengyao and Kang Xue, he would scream in delight for sure.

[You have acquired Divine Body's Talent Tree!]

[You have acquired 1 Talent Point!]

This time he was not brought to the white room. He was still in his lodging room but there was a big screen that appeared in front of him.

[Divine Body (Strength)] -\u003e [Divine Body (Strength \u0026 Agility)] -\u003e [???] (1 Talent Point)

[Divine Body (Strength)] -\u003e [Divine Body (Strength \u0026 Vitality)] -\u003e [???] (1 Talent Point)

[Divine Body (Strength)] -\u003e [Divine Body (Strength \u0026 Stamina)] -\u003e [???] (1 Talent Point)

[Divine Body (Strength)] -\u003e [Divine Body (Strength \u0026 Magic Power)] -\u003e [???] (1 Talent Point)

[Divine Body (Strength)] -\u003e [Divine Body (Strength \u0026 Sense)] -\u003e [???] (1 Talent Point)

—My advice is to get the Strength and Sense! Sense has a big advantage to your growth if we look at your woman. But choosing Vitality is not a bad choice either since it's your main focus since the start.

Knowing his student's thoughts, Zaneos spoke before Tang Shaoyang asked him for advice. Because he knew that his student was not going to ask him, so he spoke first, giving one more option into his consideration.

"Surely, Sense is handy in a certain way, but it is less effective for me because of my fighting style. Moreover, I have [Spirit Eyes] that could see everything around me," Tang Shaoyang responded thoughtfully.

"As for Agility, I don't think I need to increase my movement since I have [Flash Step] now, spending Skill Point on the skill will fill the gap in my movement,"

"Stamina, I have your method to increase my Stamina. I don't think I will need this one. The same for Magic Power, I am not a mage, but a close combat fighter. This will be my second choice. Moreover, I have [Mana Perception] to increase my Magic Power,"

"Vitality, aside from my main focus, I have no way to increase my Vitality naturally. I have to allocate my attribute points to increase my Vitality,"

Zaneos could not refute that, his student got the point he overlooked. If he thought carefully, his student was well rounded with an incredibly high amount of Strength. His flaws were covered with his skills. In the end, no matter what he chose, everything benefited him in many ways since he lacked nothing. On top of that, [Spirit Integration] would likely make him even stronger. He had a cheating-like class.

If he wanted to be a Swordsman, he only needed to integrate with him. [Spirit Integration] with Karan would turn him into a butcher with a crazy amount of strength and ridiculous skill. If later he could make a contract with a mage spirit, he could become a mage as well.

In the end, Zaneos shut his mouth and let his student choose what he wanted. No matter what path he chose, only a bright future awaited him.

Of course, Tang Shaoyang chose the obvious choice, it was Divine Body (Strength \u0026 Vitality).

[Consumed 1 Talent Point! You have chosen Divine Body (Strength and Vitality)]

[You have learned a new skill, [Enhanced Strength]]

[You have learned a new skill, [Raged Alteration]]

[You have learned a new skill, [Lesser Regeneration]]

[You have learned a new skill [Tough Skin]]

[Divine Body's perks have been enhanced. You have learned new skills [Boundless Charisma (Passive)] and [Profound Pleasure (Passive)]]

[Friction Skill detected! Initiate skill fusion, [Boundless Charisma (Passive)] and [Spirit Charisma (Passive,)]]

[Fusion Skill has succeeded! You have learned a new skill, [Universal Charisma (Passive)]]

[The 2nd Talent Advancement bonus attribute has been applied! You will gain +4 Strength, +2 Agility, +3 Vitality, +2 Stamina, +2 Magic Power each level up!]

[You have completed 2nd Talent Advancement!]


Name: Tang Shaoyang

Race: Human

Class: Spirit Master

Age: 26

Affiliation: Tang Empire

Level: 104

Talent: Divine Body

Attribute Point: 0

Strength: 354

Agility: 123

Vitality: 231

Stamina: 135

Magic Power: 150

Sense: 15

Mana: 1500/1500

Skill Point: 180

Skill: [Basic Detection], [Spirit Summoning - Lvl 3], [Spirit Contract - Lvl 2], [Spirit Integration - Max Level (Evolve)], [Mana Mastery (Apprentice) - Lvl 3], [Mana Perception - Lvl 3], [Flash Step - Lvl 3], [Spirit Eyes - Lvl 1], [Spirit Advancement], [Universal Charisma (Passive)], [Enhanced Strength - Lvl 1], [Raged Alteration - Lvl 1], [Lesser Regeneration (Passive) - Lvl 1], [Tough Skin - Lvl 1], [Profound Pleasure (Passive)]

Contracted Spirit (2/6): [Karan - The Great Warrior] [Zaneos - The Demon Swordsman]


—Your talent and your class equally broken, F*ck!

For the first time since the Demon Swordsman summoned as a spirit, he cursed.


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