187 The Great Warrior
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Author :HotIce
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187 The Great Warrior

—Stop staring at your status screen, get out, and kill some monsters. I want to try the Spirit Advancement, I wonder if I can get stronger while being spirit.

Karan complained as Tang Shaoyang had been staring at the status screen for like five minutes, doing nothing at all. He shrugged his shoulder lightly and looked toward Zhang Mengyao before locking his gaze on the sleeping Kang Xue.

—Don't tell me you are going to try your absurd skill, [Profound Pleasure]...

—Damn! I am out!

Karan's voice disappeared while Zaneos cut off his connection with Tang Shaoyang. Being a spirit, they could not relieve themselves, so watching Tang Shaoyang did it with his women were the same as torture for them. So whenever Tang Shaoyang had his deeds, the two would cut the connection.

Tang Shaoyang smiled wryly as he shook his head, "Of course not, I am going to watch the wall, now!" He was too excited to sleep, he wanted to try his newly-acquired power in the battle. A night-duty might help to calm his excitement.

On the way to the north wall, Tang Shaoyang remembered something, "Karan, why don't you entertain me with your valiant story of The Great Warrior?"

—Hah, I am afraid you will get discouraged that what you have right now amounts to nothing to what I have experienced!

The Orc proudly declared inside his head.

—I have experienced countless battles and I never lost even once. My people called me God of War but I don't like that title. I am a warrior, not a God!

For some reason, Karan's declaration pumped him up. He took that as a challenge that needed to be surpassed. But he found a hole in his declaration, "Don't lie to me if you never lost, how did you die? Were you dying of old age?"

—Of course not! I died on the battlefield, and I won! I brought ten thousand human elite armies down before I died! I killed each of them before finally, I died. Technically, I won the battle since I defeated them first!

Hearing that, his interest piqued, "You alone?" Tang Shaoyang climbed up the stairs to the wall. He glanced at the bell spot and found two men conversing, 'Captain Cao, and who…?'

—Heh, this is a long story, I have to start the story from the beginning, from my first battle.

'We have six hours of free time until the next wave,' Tang Shaoyang replied through his mind while approaching Captain Cao.

Captain Cao and Fan Rui heard the steps that came closer. They paused and turned around, their eyes widened in surprise when they found who was coming. Cao Yuntai was about to greet the man but the words stuck in his throat, never coming out. The same thing happened to Fan Rui, his mouth hung open but no words came out.

Tang Shaoyang noticed their strangeness, maintaining his poker face, he waved his hand at the two, "You can leave, I will take your spot!" He said that in a flat tone.

Captain Cao was about to refuse that, he was going to say it was okay for him to do the night watch. However, his body did not listen to his thoughts, his muscles did not follow his brain's order. Captain Cao and Fan Rui bowed their heads, "Yes, Sir!"

As the two people left the wall, Tang Shaoyang muttered confusingly, "They are weirdly respectful all of sudden," he kept giving them a cold shoulder to maintain his image as a bad cop. They never showed such respect before, this was confusing to him.

—It's because of your new skill, [Universal Charisma]. The skill will be more effective to someone who admires you if I am not wrong. Do you remember when your girl suddenly knelt to you? That is because of Divine Body's charisma, and it only works for the people who admire you. Lin Duan and his people fear you, so the skill is less effective to them.

"I see…" He nodded his head as he got into his usual spot, "So, when are you going to start, Great Warrior?" He was still waiting for Karan and his story.

Blood Tusk, that was Karan's tribe that resided in the Behemoth Woodland, the habitat of monsters and beasts. Karan's tribe was one of many tribes in the forest since Orc was not the only species that stayed in the forest.

The largest forest was located in the middle of the nine human kingdoms. The conflict between human and monster, monster and monster, and the human between human were common occurrences.

The balance was maintained until Karan entered adulthood and joined his tribe force to battle. His first battle was memorable for the Great Warrior since he almost lost his life.

A battle between a squad of a knight from the human kingdom. Tang Shaoyang could feel the seething excitement when the Great Warrior narrated what happened back then.

At the end of the battle, he was left alone while his kinds died under the hand of the knights. Three knights survived while dozens of his people died including his leader. Three experienced knights against the greenhorn Orc who just entered his first battle.

Karan narrated vividly how he defeated the three Knights alone with a sword that nearly tore his heart. He survived the battle, and the war continued. Since Blood Tusk wiped out a squad of knights, the kingdom hell-bent on destroying the tribe.

That was when the bitter thing started. The Blood Tusk tribe was nowhere near a kingdom, in terms of number and strength. It was just one of many tribes in the Behemoth Forest, which could not be compared to the size of a kingdom with a vast territory.

Even with the blessing of production of the Orc, soon the Blood Tusk tribe was being cornered.

—Our chief died in the fourth battle against those knights, and I was chosen as the next chief. We never lost a single battle, but the casualties were far too many. In the end, we have to escape from our village further into the forest where stronger monsters are living.

—We had to survive in such an extreme environment. Battling against the knights and soldiers who kept pursuing us and also fought against the other monster tribes to secure food and a place to live.

—I remembered, it was still clear in my mind when the King of that kingdom entered the forest with a large force. He was seething in rage, his wrinkles spread all over his places, and he was bald… Hahaha…

"You could still laugh while your tribe is on the brink of destruction? They brought a big force, not just one or two squads, a battalion or more battalions I presume?" Tang Shaoyang wondered if Karan was still in the right mind.

—Of course, I was happy. Those weak and stupid humans made a big mistake. If they kept sending a squad or two squads of their elite force, my tribe would perish for sure. But they brought a big force, my tribe survived!

"Huh!? How so?" Tang Shaoyang suddenly got confused by the story. If the kingdom brought a big army, the chance of Karan's tribe's chance of surviving would be slimmer.

—Because they invaded the forest with a large force. The other monster tribes and beasts would not like their forest was invaded by the human.

It was Zaneos who answered his confusion.

—He's right, that stupid decision caused all the tribes in the forest to unite to fight against the kingdom. It was just a few tribes at first, but soon many tribes joined since the humans wrecked the forest.

—With the forest united, the war spread to the other side of the forest and kingdoms. In the end, it was no longer a war between my tribe and that one particular kingdom. It was a war between Behemoth Forest and nine human kingdoms.

—Do you know what happened after many tribes united? I beheaded the king, that was so gratifying. The kingdom that brought my tribe to the brink of destruction was getting pushed back. We won a battle after a battle, sending them back to their territory.

However, at this moment, Karan who was seething in excitement just now suddenly released a sigh of regret. All the excitement was gone and replaced with a moment of silence.

—Alas, I was being too complacent with everything I had achieved. I led my people into human territory. I wanted them to experience what we, Blood Tusk experienced when they attacked us. But who could expect the new king, the son of the previous king was a madman, sacrificing a city to trap us.

—He set an ambush at the city near the border. Mobilizing all forces the kingdom had, ten thousand armies to surround the city we captured. The new King was hell-bent on destroying us by besieging the city.

—At that time, we don't have a choice but to fight our way out. That was my greatest battle but also my last battle as a living being. Even though I died, I beheaded my enemy as well before I died. Two kings had fallen under my hand.

At the end of his words, he could tell how proud the Great Warrior was when he mentioned two kings had died under his hand. It was indeed a great achievement.

"Heh, I am going to surpass you for sure. You have years to achieve that while I just started my journey. Just you wait," he smiled in return.

At this moment, the bell rang. He was fully focused on the story and did not realize Wei Xi and his subordinates were already on their post. The bell rang which meant the wave was coming.

"A great journey, but my journey will be greater than yours! Your story is over, now let's continue my story and test out some new skills, shall we?" Tang Shaoyang grinned ear to ear as his eyes looked toward the northern forest, where the ogres started to come out and rushed toward the fort.


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