188 Spirit Advancemen
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Author :HotIce
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188 Spirit Advancemen

Tang Shaoyang leaped off the wall and ran toward the horde. While running, he activated his two new skills.

[Enhanced Strength]

[Your strength has been enhanced. You will gain +25 Strength for five minutes!]

[Raged Alteration]

[You have entered a raging state, boosting your Strength by 10% for one minute!]

—That will be an insane boost if you cast [Spirit Integration] as well.

Zaneos commented inside his head.

"We can try that as well," Tang Shaoyang grinned as he activated [Spirit Integration] with Karan. His skin turned green, muscle started to bulge up as veins could be seen on his skin.

—Where's your weapon?

Karan joined to speak. His Master usually would always have a weapon in his hand, but he did not take his weapon this time. It was as if Zaneos could read Tang Shaoyang's mind, he spoke exasperatedly, 

—This guy is doing something silly, he wants to test how strong his body is, I am sure!

"Hahaha… My teacher truly knows his student well," Tang Shaoyang crossed his arms on his chest and charged forward to the ogres.

[Spirit Eyes]

A new vision overlapped within his eyes. He had gotten used to this so he adjusted quickly. The [Spirit Eyes] gave him a vision of him and his surroundings from the top.

[Flash Step]

It was a movement skill, but if one looked from the third point of view, they would see Tang Shaoyang's body flashed instead of moving. However, with his [Spirit Eyes], he saw his figure blurred and moved toward the ogres at extremely fast speed.

He crashed his body to the ogres, and from the top, he could see the ogres spattered around, flying everywhere. It might not necessarily kill the ogres, but the Ogres also could not stop his advance.

—Only you! Using the skills for something like this!

Zaneos was left speechless with what his student was doing. He was not fighting but having fun with his new skills. As for Karan, even the monster who relied on his brute force said nothing about what the human did.

Zhang Mengyao came out of the gate after hearing the bell. When she reached outside, she was watching her man crash his body into the horde. She could see the ogres were flying around, of course, it was the stage-1 ogre.

"Seems fun, unfortunately, I am only fast, my body is much weaker, I can't try that," Lu An commented from the side. Wei Xi heard that and looked at the young man in horror, "That's the point?"

"Stop the chatter, let's finish the wave and get everything done," Zhang Mengyao was embarrassed about what her man did. That was not something he should do in front of his subordinates.

The battle ensued, with all force focused on defending one gate, the wave was easily defeated despite the overwhelming number. There was one particular strange event in this battle, the ogres did not leave a single corpse. All the ogre's dead bodies disappeared without people noticing.

Everyone looked toward Yu Shun, he was usually tasked to dispose of the dead bodies. They thought it was related to him, but Yu Shun shrugged his shoulder and pointed his index finger at the Boss.

Tang Shaoyang was starting into the air, with a frown formed on his forehead. Everyone knew that their Boss was looking at the invisible screen, the status screen. However, everyone was confused, how could their Boss make the dead bodies vanished? Inventory? No, they had heard even the inventory bag had a limited slot. Thousands of ogres would be too many to save into the inventory.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang looked at the screen while shaking his head. Indeed, he was the culprit behind the dead bodies' disappearance. Using the ogre's corpses for a sacrificial offering to make his spirit stronger. However, despite the thousands of ogre's corpses, the result was not satisfying.


[Contracted Spirit]

Karan the Great Warrior (C-Tier Spirit) – Advancement Requirement: Monster Sacrificial (7.43%)

Zaneos the Demon Swordsman (B-Tier Spirit) – Advancement Requirement: Demon and Undead Sacrificial (0%)


"It's thousands of ogres, seriously!?" Tang Shaoyang could not believe that the sacrifice was lacking. He knew that it was impossible to have Karan advanced in one go, but he thought it would be at least 50% or even 30%.

—If the spirit can be upgraded easily, you will break the balance for sure. I am not surprised if in the future there is a force that would set up a subjugation team to take you down. Your class is already broken with what it is.

Zaneos reminded Tang Shaoyang that his class was broken or simply overpowered. However, for some reason, his tone was hopeful, there was no envy in it.

—Why don't you try to sacrifice the Beast King, Beast Guardian, and the Troll Warlord? Maybe it will go up much more.

"Nay!" Tang Shaoyang rejected outright the idea of sacrificing the precious bodies, "I am going to use those corpses for [Spirit Summoning] so you will have one more friend to talk with," that was the plan of him gathering the corpse. What he needed was the last corpse of the Three-Headed Ogre for the last piece.

After the battle was over, everyone went back to the fort. The Tarriors and the soldiers headed back while Tang Shaoyang stayed outside with Lu An, Wei Xi, Zhang Mengyao, and Yu Shun stayed behind.

"Me, Lu An, Wei Xi, and…" He looked at Shredder, Yu Shun's only stage-4 zombie, "Can you direct your zombie from afar to scout the forest?" The Shredder's hand-like sword hanging down as the dried blood covered the blade.

"That should not be a problem," Yu Shun nodded his head, "Good, four of us will scout the northern forest. We are going to scout the forest only, and tomorrow we are going to finish the portal!" Tang Shaoyang stretched his hand and looked toward Zhang Mengyao, "We are going then."

"Mnn~ Be careful," Zhang Mengyao bid her farewell as she waved her hand to the figure that slowly receded to the forest.

The group of four, three humans, and one zombie entered the northern forest. As soon as they entered the forest, they split up into four different directions. Tang Shaoyang stopped after a hundred meters of running.

"Let's see, leveling up [Spirit Eyes] should give me more range…" He spent 40 Skill Points to level [Spirit Eyes] to level 3. After that, he activated the skill. A wide range view entered his vision, it was a dense forest.

He tried to move his vision and realized the range of the vision had reached a hundred meters area. He focused the [Spirit Eyes], soon the trees vanished from his vision, giving him a view of a hundred meters of land.

"Tsk, only a hundred meters, here I hope the vision could reach a five hundred meters area…"

While maintaining [Spirit Eyes], he continued his scouting. With such a big range of view, he easily navigated his direction. Thanks to [Spirit Eyes], the scouting was going well.

Five hours, they finished scouting the northern forest within five hours. 50 Level 1 Ogre Villages, 40 Level 2 Ogre Villages, 20 Level 3 Ogre Villages, and the Ogre Capital, they managed to locate all these villages within five hours.


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