194 Zowen The Lightning Magus
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Author :HotIce
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194 Zowen The Lightning Magus

The piled-up corpses poofed into blue smoke and swirled around, spreading strong gale in the process. Ten seconds later, the smoke formed a blue cloud and slowly rushed to the air. The cloud spread and covered around a hundred meters in the sky.

Under everyone's gaze, the blue cloud darkened as lightning flashed from the darkened cloud.

Rumble! Rumble!

It was followed up by crashers. This was the third time he activated [Spirit Summoning], and all three summonings had a different phenomenon.

The first time was something like green gas and wild aura, the second time was black smoke and sinister aura, and the third one was a blue cloud, lightning, and fierce aura.

"I hope I won't be summoning a Demon Race again," Tang Shaoyang muttered under his breath. The demon was strong but it was pointless if he could not integrate with the spirit as it could harm him.

Zaneos told him so, humans and demons were two creatures with a clashing element. The Demonic Energy or mana produced by a demon was extremely harmful to the human body. The reason why Zaneos did not want to integrate with Tang Shaoyang.

—Should not be not a demon. We demons have a sinister aura, but this one does not have that.

Zaneos's words were surely assuring to him. The lightning behind the darkened blue clouds was getting intense until the lightning filled the clouds. The darkened blue cloud now shone brightly because of the lightning.

While the lightning was getting more intense, the lightning then suddenly flashed down, striking the place where the corpses were piled up before. The lightning burst out, causing the people who watched from the distance to take a step back.

"Who has summoned me?" A melodious voice yet masking with the assertive tone rang.

[You have summoned Tier B+ Spirit, Zowen the Lightning Magus]

Tang Shaoyang took one step forward and faced the spirit he just summoned. He did not reply to the voice but stared at the spirit. Her body was made of lightning, and her face has no feature, straight flat.

"It's me, who will be your Master!" Tang Shaoyang spoke up, causing the spirit to focus on him.

Zowen merely chuckled at Tang Shaoyang's bold claim. She scanned the man from the top to the bottom before she shook her head, "You? Become my Master? Don't joke around, your mana is so pitiful little, your gears don't have Lightning Resistance either, do you think you can win against me?"

"Oh, don't tell me you don't know that you have to beat me in a fight before we can establish a contract?"

Tang Shaoyang was not offended even though the spirit looked down on him, "I love the challenge, we don't know the result until we fight."

"I told you, you could never win against Magus! Only Magus could defeat a Magus like me," Zowen scanned the surroundings, she found the buildings around her were foreign to her.

"How about this? I have an offer for you, I will become your spirit under a different contract," Zowen met with Tang Shaoyang's gaze, 'Huh!? There's something weird about him, somehow he gives off a favorable impression even though this is our first meeting,' she tried to look at the other humans, but they gave off a different feeling.

"Oho, you propose a trade, is it? Let me hear what you have?" Tang Shaoyang let the spirit lead the conversation. Establishing a contract without fighting was good. Even though he did not know what Magus was, this spirit was a rank higher than Zaneos.

"Kill the magus calls Toran for me, then we can establish a contract for ten years! I don't care what your method is, kill him for me then we will establish the contract!" The Lightning Magus voiced her offer.

—She should be a newbie spirit!

—Yeah, without a doubt she is a newbie spirit!

Zaneos and Karan shared the same thoughts the moment the newly-summoned spirit voiced out her offer. It was a rare moment for both spirits to agree on a certain thing that caught his interest.

'Newbie spirit? What does that mean?'

—She just recently died, she becomes a spirit with a lot of resentment and vengeance. If she is an old spirit, she should know that this is a different world than her original world. But she does not notice that.

Zaneos explained inside his head and received an agreement grunt from the orc spirit.

—Heh, this is actually an easy contract. You just need to say yes, and you can get her. She does not know that the contract could not be modified as well, and Toran is not on Earth.

Indeed, if he agreed and they established the contract, Zowen would be trapped with him. As for the agreement to kill Toran, there was no way he could achieve that if the target was in a different world.

'Is he in the mars? Maybe Jupiter?' Tang Shaoyang wondered where this different world was while smiling toward Zowen who was waiting for his reply.

"Unfortunately, I can't help you to kill Toran," he shook his head, "Why? Are you afraid of him?" Zowen asked the man.

"No! There's nothing I am afraid of…" He paused midway, he focused his attribute on Vitality because he was afraid of guns and other moderns. Was he still afraid of those weapons? The answer was yes, he might be immune to the normal gun, but what about the rocket launcher and tanks? The answer; he was still afraid of these modern weapons. As for Toran? There was nothing to be afraid of this guy.

"Anyway, it has nothing to do with that, but…" Tang Shaoyang explained that she came from a different world, and the guy named Toran might not exist in this world.

"I can't kill the man if the guy called Toran is in a different world. I can't take the offer," he refused the offer for a different reason.

Zowen fell silent immediately. Once again, she scanned the surroundings, the building built differently than the building in her kingdom. Then she looked toward the man, for some reason, she respected the man for telling her this fact rather than exploiting her ignorance to establish the contract.

"Hah…" Zowen let out a sigh, if not for her vengeance that caused her to be a spirit, she would gladly start a new journey with this man, alas, she had to kill Toran, the main reason she turned into a spirit.

"It's a pity, but thank you for telling me that. It seems we are not fated," her voice softened as she spoke, "I have to kill Toran, I can't establish a contract with you,"

"Fated? I don't believe in fate though!" Tang Shaoyang grinned at the spirit, "I am not going now to the thing called fate to dictate my life, I am the one who chooses my fate! Now I have summoned you, you are mine!"

Badump! Badump! Badump!

Zowen for some reason felt thrilled with the bold declaration from the man. She met with his strong gaze, "So you choose to fight me even though you know you can't win?" She maintained her cool faces despite the thrill.

"As I said before, we don't know who's going to win until we fight! And I am confident that I am going to win," he smirked at the Lightning Magus, "Also, you don't have to worry about your vengeance, from what I know about this shitty game, there's a possibility for me to travel to another world,"

"Let's stop the chit-chat, we will know who's the winner soon,"


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