199 Zaneos“s Wishes
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Author :HotIce
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199 Zaneos“s Wishes

Zaneos slowly opened his eyes, his red pupils unfocused as the sunlight dazzled his eyes.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The clanking sound resounded as he tried to move his hand. Soon he realized his hands were locked in a chain. Not only his ankles were coiled by a chain as well as his neck.

When his eyes adapted to the sunlight, he saw a sea of humans in front of him. Raged, fear, hatred, and all kinds of negative emotions were directed toward him.

"Haha… haha…" there was no need for him to figure out what happened and where he was. Zaneos laughed self-deprecatingly and hatred surge from inside. It was as if it was not enough to trade his life for a measly three years truce, but The King agreed to have him humiliated like this.

Zaneos could not believe that The King he respected would do this to him. He had dedicated his life to the kingdom, now he had to be humiliated like this.

Anger rose inside his heart, he tried to move but his body was too weak to break free from the chain. His movement only causes a clanking sound from the chain.

Anger and hatred filled his heart, his eyes turned redder. The white of his eyes turned black and the red deepened. He heard the human with a white dazzling armor speaking next to him, but he could not hear him. The speech was directed to the sea of humans.

'Why? Why? Why?' He was a respected warrior who had fought for years for the kingdom. Why did The King hand him to the humans? If his life was what mattered, why didn't The King just kill him and hand his head to the empire?

Why had to be like this? Why did The King have to let the humans execute him? Why did The King let his honor be sullied by the humans he despised the most?

He respected The King. He admired The King. He revered The King. But now, all of those feelings vanished into a thin air, it had transformed into hatred, vengeance, and anger. It was as if the negativity from the humans were transferred to him.

Blood trickled from his eyes, veins popped around her eyes, and his eyes bulging. Zaneos's current expression terrified the humans. They were pointing their filthy fingers at him, swearing at him, and stones rained upon him.

Ten minutes long, countless stones rained at him. Alas, the stone could not scratch his skin. By now, the human with dazzling white armor finished his speech. He pulled out his sword and raised it to the air.


The sword descended to his neck and, Zaneos's vision turned upside down. He could tell that his hand was flying to the air. But there was no change in his expression. Death was not something he was afraid of, but soon his vision darkened.

*** ***

"That Demon King is stupid for sure. If it was me, I would fight the Dragon Rider!" Tang Shaoyang boldly exclaimed in the room, "Sacrificing my subordinate for a truce? I would rather my empire get destroyed!"

—That's because you never met a Dragon!

Zaneos surprisingly took on his King's side in this regard.

"Meet me, then I am going to taste Dragon's meat," Tang Shaoyang declared.

—That's because you never met a Dragon!

Zowen also took Zaneos's side. As someone who had seen a Dragon, she agreed with the demon.

—Haha… If you are afraid before a battle you will never win! A coward hardly wins in a battle, Mark my words!

Karan took Tang Shaoyang's side.

—Hopeless brutes!

Zowen did not bother to argue against the orc.

"So, what do you wish? What is your desire to establish a contract with me? I will do my best to help you, Teacher!" Tang Shaoyang asked the demon, "The Demon King? Do you want to exact revenge against that foolish king?"

—Yes! That's one of my many desires! First, I want to go back to my original world and ask The King! I want to know the reason! I want to know why he has to resort to that for a measly truce.

"That's it?" Tang Shaoyang asked again.

—Of course not. I am going to raze my precious world. I am going to kill every single demon, humans, and also Dragon!

A great hatred and fury seeped into his words. Tang Shaoyang could feel the hatred by just hearing his voice.

"Hmmm, killing a Demon King, destroying the empire, and hunting the dragon. I can help you with that, but mass slaughtered is a big No! I fight, I conquer! That's my principle, I will turn those people into my people so you can't kill them!"

—I don't need your help to do that. I just want you to revive me! I want you to give me a physical body! I will exact my vengeance with my hands!

—What? He can revive us!?

Zowen's excited voice followed.

"Hmmm… I don't think I can't do that, but if you have a way–" Tang Shaoyang did not finish his words as Zaneos cut in.

—No! You can revive me! The current you may not be able to revive me, but I believe your class can revive us. I don't know how many class advancements you have to go through, but I am sure if you stay with your class, you will be granted a skill to revive the spirit!

Tang Shaoyang fell silent, he rubbed his chin about the possibilities of resurrecting the spirits, "Then what about Zowen? Why did you insist on me establishing a contract with her? Is she related to your revival plan?"

—Zowen is a magus. She can be a help to create a portal to a different world.

"I see," Tang Shaoyang nodded his head, "Then what do you mean that I have to stay with my class? This is a powerful class, so of course, I will stay with my current class,"

—The advancement class, I hope you stick with your current path. I am afraid if you change the direction of your advancement, you may not get the resurrection skill.

—Take example [Spirit Commander], it's a class that summons a spirit to fight for you. If you choose this class, I am afraid that I will be permanently bound to you, and you may not get the resurrection skill.

"I see, what if I chose to be [Spirit Commander] or [Spirit Kindred] instead?" Tang Shaoyang could not help but ask the demon.

—I will convince you to choose [Spirit Master]!

"I see," he nodded and smiled, "Thanks for being honest with me. I will do my best to help, but why can't you just be honest with me? I mean what you want is what I want as well! Getting stronger, class advancement is my goal as well,"

—That's because he did not trust you. Do you forget what Demon King did to him? He trusted and respected the Demon King yet his trust was betrayed. Meanwhile, you are just a brat he just met, do you think he will trust you? He must have a trust issue after what happened.

Zowen replied in the stead of the Demon Swordsman.

"I see, but don't worry though. I promise you guys to help. I will do my best to my ability!" It was as if a load of a burden lifted from her shoulder. He was relaxed and stood up, he needed to get rest, a preparation for the next portal.


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