201 Fifth Portal
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Author :HotIce
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201 Fifth Portal

"Huh!?" Tang Shaoyang was surprised when he found out where he got teleported to. Usually, it was a wilderness or at least outdoor, but this time around, he was teleported into a room?

The wall was made of stone, and the floor was made of wood. There was a long table with a long chair that could fit eight to ten people to sit. The source of the dim light of the room originated from the candle on the table.

Then he heard a gasp of surprise from his back. He turned around, four people were with him in this room. All four were his subordinates, one girl and three men.

He only recognized two of them, the girl Liang Suyin and the older man, Captain Cao. As for the other two, he recognized them based on their equipment, the new recruit.

Tang Shaoyang walked toward the table, sitting there. He was waiting, usually, the objective would pop up not long after they were teleported.

Sure enough, right after he sat the notification rang, and the screen objective appeared before his eyes.


[Portal 5 - Arkania Continent]

Survival Adventure

Main Objective:

-Survive as a team for 10 days



Time conversion:

1 day on Earth = 7 days on Arkania Continent


-One Level 5 Chest and +5 Levels (Reward will be reduced if a member of the team dies!)

Note: Identification card for Arkania Continent is on the table.


"Identification card?" He looked at the table. A wooden plaque about the size of a trick card was right in front of him. He picked it up and information appeared in his eyes.


[Adventurer Badge]

Name: Tang Shaoyang

Rank: Wood


While trying to understand the badge, he noticed the four people were still standing. They were looking at him, standing straight just like a soldier waiting for an order.

"What are you doing? Sit!" With his order, everyone took a seat across from him. They took the adventurer badge on the table for themselves.

Tang Shaoyang asked Zaneos and Zowen who were having a conversation about the portal. He asked them if they knew something about Adventurer Badge. They answered "I don't know before they continue their intricate conversation.

He then scanned his subordinates one by one, three of them were confused with the badge in their hand as well. However, there was a young man that looked excited when he was holding the wooden badge.


Tang Shaoyang tapped the table with his wooden badge. The tap was enough for his subordinate to look at him. Four of them raised their heads and looked at him.

"Since it's a teamwork objective, introduce yourself to your teammate!"

The four exchanged a glance, and Captain Cao took the initiative to be the first, "My name is Cao Yuntai, married, and a father of one daughter,"

"Just a name will do," Tang Shaoyang commented before he glanced at Liang Suyin. He already knew the girl, but the other three might not know her so he let him introduce herself.

Liang Suyin blushed slightly under his gaze, "M-my name is Liang Suyin,"

'Huh!?' Tang Shaoyang was not dense. As soon as the girl blushed, a thought crossed in his head, 'Does she like me?'

He threw away the thought as he looked toward the young man next to Cao Yuntai. He looked quite nervous, "M-m-my n-name is Fan Rui," he stuttered a bit.

Tang Shaoyang nodded his head as he proceeded to the youngest amongst them. The boy was about the same age as Lu An.

"My name is Gu Yingjie!" The young man could not hide his excitement as he introduced himself loudly.

Tang Shaoyang nodded, "You seem excited, what's wrong?" Gu Yingjie nodded his head furiously as he raised the wooden badge, "Of course, I am excited. I am about to be an adventurer!"

Tang Shaoyang looked at the wooden badge. It indeed told him this was Adventurer Badge. However, he was confused why the young man was excited over something like this.

But soon he understood why. Gu Yingjie blabbered to them about the isekai? manga he read before. Adventurer, Adventurer Guild, mission, and so on.

"I see!" Tang Shaoyang nodded his head. That was what Survival Adventure meant. No wonder there was no specific objective. They could get the specific objective or mission from the adventurer guild, and they could get the hidden reward from adventuring.

Not only him, but it also seemed Liang Suyin, Cao Yuntai, and even Fan Rui did not know anything about the adventurer. The objective was clear now, surviving as an adventurer.

Tang Shaoyang took out two Crystal Inventory Bags, he was about to throw the crystal to Fan Rui and Gu Yingjie so they could save the badge in the inventory.

However, he stopped midway as a thought crossed his mind. The inventory bag was something that existed in his world. What if this magical inventory did not exist in this Arkania Continent or it was something rare that not everyone could possess.

'I have to be careful since I don't know anything about this Arkania Continent. The first four portals might be easy, but I can't be careless,' He stored the two Crystal Inventory Bags into his inventory before he shared his thoughts about the inventory bag.

"That's right, from my experiences of reading manga, inventory is usually exclusive only to the main character. It's better to not use the inventory in public, but something like a dimensional bag usually exists in another world. We can buy that instead while we are here," Gu Yingjie was passionate with his explanation.

"But we need money, the currency of this Arkania Continent to buy the dimensional bag. We don't need to worry about money, though. We have Boss, completing a few missions should be easy for us, money should not be a problem for us!"

"Rather than buying useless stuff such as a Magical Bag, we can use the money to get a place to stay and to fill our belly instead. Or you can save the money to buy a skill scroll or even a class scroll if that thing exists in this world," Tang Shaoyang rolled his eyes at the excited Gu Yingjie.

"Refrain from using inventory in the public! Get your weapon ready, we are going to adventure!" Tang Shaoyang took out his battle-ax while Captain Cao and Liang Suyin got their weapon out as well.

After that, he tossed two Crystal Inventory Bags to Fan Rui and Gu Yingjie, "Save your money for something better!" He then walked toward the exit.


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