203 Party Ques
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Author :HotIce
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203 Party Ques

"Party?" Cao Yuntai blurted as he did not get what she was talking about. At this time, Gu Yingjie stepped in, "Yes, we are a party, and we are looking for a quest with the highest pay. Can you help us to look for the quest, please?"

Sera, the lady staff scanned the party. Quite odd for a party as all of them were wearing armor and seemed to be close-combat warriors. No archer, no mage, and no healer. It was an odd party.

"Then, may I know your party rank?" The lady asked again.

"Party Rank?" Gu Yingjie and Captain Cao looked at each other. They were clueless about what the lady asked for, "We don't have a party rank, but our Adventurer Rank," Yingjie took out his wooden badge.

The lady's smile stiffened as she realized something. She then looked toward Cao Yuntai who was also showing his wooden badge. The other three also had the same wooden badge, "Are you perhaps a newly registered adventurer?"

"Yes!" Tang Shaoyang decided to step up, "Is there a problem?" The lady looked at him, and she found the man was quite different from the others, "No, there's no problem, but you have to create and register your party to the Adventurer Guild first before you can take a quest for a party," she patiently explained to the newbies.

"The quest is divided into two sections, party quest, and individual quest. If you are a temporary party then you have to form a temporary contract, but if you are a fixed party then I advise you to register your party under the guild," Sera did her best to explain everything since this was her first month working in the Adventurer Guild.

"What's the difference between a temporary party and a fixed party?" He was asking for the benefit from the fixed party.

"If you form a fixed party the guild will reward the party points each time your party accomplished a quest. You can use your party point to exchange good equipment or even skill scrolls!" Sera pointed her finger upward, the upper floors of the Adventurer Guild.

"Moreover, most of the quest requested a party. We rarely receive an individual quest."

"What do I need to register for our party? Do we need to pay some fee or…" Party would benefit them so he agreed to create a party, "Yes, you need to pay 1 silver for each member in your party," as soon as the lady said they needed to pay, Captain Cao and the others had a troubled look on their faces.

Sera did not miss that and she smiled. She came closer to Tang Shaoyang and whispered in a small voice, "I can lend you guys five silver if you don't have money."

"I will pay you double!" Tang Shaoyang immediately promised to pay her double. Sera let out a sweet smile in response, "You don't have to pay me double. As long as you complete your quest, I will be benefited as well your party will be registered under my guide," the lady staff explained.

"Follow me, we have to go to another room for party registration," she smiled sweetly as she came out of the counter.

Tang Shaoyang and his subordinates followed the girl to a room. The room was simple and plain. Wooden floor, couch, and table, and there was a door that led to another room.

"Please sit~," she motioned them to sit on the couch. Sera did not follow them, standing next to the couch, "Can I have your Adventurer Badge? We need your badges for the registration."

Tang Shaoyang handed the badge and followed by his subordinates, "Please wait, this will be quick~."

Then the staff lady headed to the door with their badges. As soon as the lady left the room, Gu Yingjie immediately opened his chatter mouth, "Oh my, the lady is so sweet and pretty."

Fan Rui sighed and tapped his friend's shoulder, "My advice is don't get invested in the girl, we are just a temporary resident here," he reminded his young friend, "Unless you are going for a one-night stand, that should be okay."

Cao Yuntai slapped Fan Rui in the head, "Don't teach him something weird. He's still too young," the older man then looked toward Gu Yingjie, "But I have to agree with this guy, we are just temporary residents here. You should not get invested in a relationship, you have cut it here since this is still early.

Gu Yingjie listened to them seriously and soon he realized what they said was true. Unless he was just going to play with the lady, then it would be fine. However, never crossed his mind he would be a jerk that played the girl's heart. He lowered his head as he had downcasted expression. 

Tang Shaoyang said nothing about the conversation between his subordinates. He was listening to the discussion within his head. They were talking about teleportation and their intricate theories behind it.

'I am giving up, I can't understand what you two are talking about,' he sent his thoughts to the spirits which was followed by Karan.

—Me too! But I wish them to succeed.

Just as the lady staff promised, it did not take long before she came back with their badges. She placed the five badges on the table and another new badge.

"Drop your blood to the new badge and the process will be done," Tang Shaoyang pricked his finger with the needle provided by the lady staff. He was surprised to find the needle easily pricked his tough skin.

He dropped the blood and his subordinates followed quickly. After Gu Yingjie dropped the last drop of blood, the badge shone for like ten seconds.

"Done! We need the last step before your party official is formed. What's your party name?" She took the party badge and asked Tang Shaoyang. From how the other party members reacted, she was sure the man was their leader.

"Tarrior!" Tang Shaoyang answered instantly as if he had prepared the name before.

The lady staff took out something like a pen made of blue feathers. She wrote something on the badge before she handed the party badge to Tang Shaoyang, "Here you are~ Congratulations, your party has been registered!"

Tang Shaoyang took the party badge. New information appeared as he held the badge.


[Adventurer Party Badge]

Leader: Tang Shaoyang

Member: Cao Yuntai, Liang Suyin, Fan Rui, Gu Yingjie

Rank: Wood

Party Point:


"Since you are a newly-registered party, you will start from the lowest rank which is Wood. Taking a party quest will raise your party rank as well individual rank," the lady staff explained as she walked toward the table at the corner of the room. She took out three pieces of paper and placed them on the table.

"I heard you are looking for a quest with the highest pay, right?" The lady was quick with her work. Tang Shaoyang pleased and nodded, "Yes!"

"These are the highest pay for Wood Rank Quest," Sera pointed at the three papers, but there was a paper she put closer to them.


[Dire Wolves Subjugation]

Mission: Hunt the Dire Wolves that roam around the Durin Village

Reward: 1 Silver



[Dire Wolves Subjugation]

Mission: Hunt the Dire Wolves that roam around the Gulin Village

Reward: 2 Silver



[Dire Wolves Subjugation]

Mission: Hunt the Dire Wolves that roam around the Ropina Village

Reward: 1 Silver 50 Copper



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