209 Weird Village - Part 1
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Author :HotIce
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209 Weird Village - Part 1

On the back, Gu Yingjie's eyes shone and blurted out, "This is the legendary bandit encounter!"

"What?" Fan Rui blurted out to question his young friend. He was making sure to hear him right. When they were in the guild, the young guy was saying Legendary Cliche Confrontation, and now this.

"Just watch!" Not willing to give his friend a spoiler, Gu Yingjie gave an unclear reply.

Cao Yuntai immediately turned toward their Boss. From the attire of the group, these people must be the bandit Chief Lod talked about. He was about to ask what they should do but he noticed Tang Shaoyang continued to walk to the village.

As they got closer to the village, they could hear a loud commotion. There was an older voice arguing with a younger male voice.

"Just surrender, Old Fool! You have been poisoned! Surrender and we will give you a quick death!" The younger male voice remarked maliciously.

"You ungrateful, Bastard! I have raised you since young, this is how you are going to repay me? You bastard will be cursed eternally– cough… cough..." Then the older voice replied furiously before coughing violently.

"If you let your daughter marry me and let me be the next chief of the village, this is not going to happen, you stupid old fool!"

Tang Shaoyang was not interested to hear the drama until the end, "Is this Ropina Village?" Amidst the drama, he yelled loudly at the bandit.

Thanks to the yell, the drama that was about to come to an end paused. The bandits who enjoyed the drama turned around to the voice and found Tang Shaoyang and his party.

"Who are you?" The closest bandit questioned Tang Shaoyang.

"Adventurer, come to finish the quest!" He announced his arrival loudly, 'Hah, I never tested this, but maybe [Basic Detection] will work on a human too?' With those thoughts, he activated his skill on the baldy who questioned him.


[Forest Bandit]


Occupation: Bandit

Class: -

Level: 17

Skill: -


'It's working,' he was surprised to find the skill was working fine on people as well.

Right after he mentioned he was an adventurer the bandit opened a path. Between the path, a man with a black eye patch walked toward him. Two scimitars were hanging on his waist with leather armor covering his chest.

[Basic Detection]


[Forest Bandit]


Occupation: Bandit Leader

Class: -

Level: 27

Skill: [Enhanced Strength]


The Bandit Leader scanned Tang Shaoyang from the head to toe. Then he scanned the party a little longer. His right eye lasted longer when he spotted Liang Suyin.

"I will spare your lives but leave your armor, weapon, and the woman!" A hoarse voice flowed from the Bandit Leader.

"What should we do?" Captain Cao asked the Boss. He was quite concerned since the bandit had more people.

"I will kill them!" Hearing the word "kill", Cao Yuntai was stunned for a moment. All this time, they had been fighting against monsters and beasts only.

However, soon he witnessed with his own eyes Tang Shaoyang made his move. He rushed toward the Bandit Leader.

The Bandit Leader did not expect the opposite party would rush toward him without any talk. He was about to pull his scimitars but he had no chance to do so.

The man's hand was holding his neck, raising him to the air. He was choking, trying to release the grip but the choke was too strong. The grip would not budge even a bit under the strong grip.

Realizing his effort was futile, he tried to reach his scimitars. However, his hands never reached the scimitar as his neck was twisted by Tang Shaoyang.


The struggling Bandit Leader went lifeless. Tang Shaoyang released his grips and turned toward the other bandits. Their leader's body fell to the ground with his eyes widened in shock, and did not believe he died.

The baldy who questioned Tang Shaoyang earlier flinched the moment Tang Shaoyang's gaze stopped at him.

"Highhh!" The baldy fell on his butt, but what greeted him next was the shiny battle-ax, passing through his neck. Soon, his vision turned upside down with his also widened in shock.

Cao Yuntai's breath ragged as he witnessed his Boss slaughter the bandit. He froze on the spot and the same for the other two. Not for Liang Suyin since she had seen Tang Shaoyang's ruthless side more than once.

Gu Yingjie and Fan Rui paled at the gory sight in front of them. All this time, they never witnessed how ruthless the Boss was. Cao Yuntai and Fan Rui especially, both shuddered voluntarily.

More than once the military was looking for trouble with the Tang Empire. They now realized how lucky they were Tang Shaoyang did not slaughter them just like what currently happened.

When half of the bandits were killed, Liang Suyin joined the fight. The girl was more courageous than the men as she killed four bandits.

The last bandit tried to run from the devil but Tang Shaoyang threw the battle-ax. The battle-ax was spinning in the air before it crashed to the last bandit's back, killing the bandit instantly.

Not even five minutes passed, the bandits were wiped out. Tang Shaoyang retrieved the battle-ax before he walked toward the old with a black robe. The old man was half-kneeling, clutching his belly.

Next to the old man was a man in his late twenties. Wearing a flashy robe, but he was having an expression that frightened out with snot and tears covered his face. He also wet his crotch area after witnessing the slaughter.

Tang Shaoyang helped the old man to stand up, "Is this Ropina Village?" Instead of answering, the old man was laughing, "Hahaha, what an interesting young lad. That's right, this is Ropina Village! Do you need something from the village, young man?"

Tang Shaoyang was about to say that he accepted the quest from the village, but the energetic old man continued, "Oh, are you looking for a partner?" The old man's muddy blue eyes gleamed as he scanned Tang Shaoyang from the top to bottom.

He was about to reply until a worried female voice interrupted him, "Father, are you okay? This is–" the voice stopped halfway as the woman in rough clothing saw the haughty bandits were all dead.

It was not the face of dreading the gory scene, but more like a surprised and delighted expression. The girl was around twenty, earlier in her twenties. Her jade green pupil dilated in a pure as her lips formed a sweet smile, "Did you kill them, Father? Good job, these scums deserved to die, a horrible death that fit them!" The girl spat at the corpses.

Such a reaction surprised Tang Shaoyang, while the old man was laughing, "I am also happy these scums die, but I don't dare to take the credit!" He then pointed at Tang Shaoyang, "This brave adventurer who killed them all!"

The jade green eyes focused on Tang Shaoyang while her lips curved into a gentle smile, "Thank you for helping my father and my village," the girl bowed her head. While bowing her head, a big cleavage came into Tang Shaoyang's sight.

"Father, this is the antidote!" Then the girl handed a vial that contained a green liquid. The old man swept the vial and chugged it in one go.

Tang Shaoyang did not know how to handle this weird situation. The old man was asking him whether he was looking for a partner and a girl who was not afraid of the gory scene. He felt he just entered a weird village.

"Cao Yuntai!" Not willing to take care of the troublesome formality, he called his subordinate.


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