211 Weird Village - Part 3
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Author :HotIce
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211 Weird Village - Part 3

Rick put a chair and a table at the entrance of his village. A bowl of peanut and jerky beef accompanied with fruit wine of his village's specialty, the old man was chilling while the sun slowly sunk to the horizon.

From behind, Delia approached her father who was just throwing a peanut into his mouth, "Father, the party is almost ready, why don't you join us?"

"The party will start when the main character arrives. Why rush?" The crunchy peanut broke into pieces in the old man's mouth. The old man then looked toward his daughter.

The young girl was dressed in beautiful fur clothes. Rather than clothes, it was a beast leather that patched into clothes. From the side, her attire was showing her high mounds, an attractiveness that hardly refused my many men. On top of that, it also showed her snowy white and smooth thigh.

"Good choice, not only it shows your superiority but it also easier for him to reach the last step!" Her father grinned, proud of her daughter while the young girl smiled in return. Who was not happy getting complimented?

"See, I told you they will come back! The sun has not disappeared yet, the dark has not descended, and our main character comes back," the old man was trying to be poetic, but the girl hardly understood what her father was talking about.

Delia followed her father's gaze into the distance, but she did not see anyone coming. Of course, a retired Gold Rank Adventurer's sight could not be compared to a sheltered girl.

Delia squinted her eyes and soon a group of five people came into her sight. The big battle-ax was an indication that the party was the same party who departed from the village half an hour ago.

She looked at her father in surprise, "How did you know they would return? Can you read the future really?" The girl was looking at her father, gleaming in admiration that caused the old man to smile in satisfaction.

"Of course, I can't. Haven't I told you the people from the Gulin Village are full of jerks?" The young girl nodded her head. Her father reminded her daily to not hang out with the men from the Gulin Village. She was tired and exhausted from hearing that daily, but her father never tired of reminding her.

"I don't read the future, but I calculate the future, and predict the future. Let me predict a future for you, I guess after the people from the Gulin Village find out about the party rank, they kick them out!" The old man smiled at her daughter.

"Huh!? Why? They are strong, you said it they took down the Dire Wolves with only a shield. Especially the man with the battle-ax, you said he killed the wolves bare-handed?" Delia was confused.

"What a naive girl," Rick rubbed his daughter's combed hair that received a protest from her, "I know how strong they are, but those jerks don't know. Those jerks must be thinking the Wood Rank Party is trying to scam their pitiful two silver coins."

"Follow me and judge yourself how amazing your father is," with a big grin the old man greeted Tang Shaoyang.

'This old man should be familiar with the people from the Gulin, and he knew those bastards would refuse them to take the quest,' Tang Shaoyang thought to himself while looking at the sly grin on the old man's face.

For some reason, the grin pissed him more than usual. He was already in a foul mood with those bastards. The thought of not having girls for seventy days straight contributed eighty points into his foul mood. After tasting the threesome, it was too much for him to no having sex for seventy days.

Then his eyes fell on the girl behind the old man. The revealing fur-dress stunned him for a moment. Dress made women? He thought that was the right phrase for the girl's situation.

Early in the day, the girl wore the gunny-sack-like clothes, he could resist the girl. But now, his head had started to fill with perverted thoughts. He shook his head and looked back at the old man. The old man was having a sharp sense and noticed his gaze on his daughter.

"So, why do you guys come back? I thought you were going to hunt more Dire Wolves around the Gulin Village," Rick acted as he did not know anything and asked in pure curiosity.

That face might trick his subordinates, but not Tang Shaoyang who had known everything. He refused to entertain the old man by answering the obvious reply, but Cao Yuntai fell for the trap. The older man started the story with a sigh, explaining the client refused them.

While Cao Yuntai told them what happened in Gulin Village. The old man brought them into the village while hearing the story. Meanwhile, Delia could not hide the astonishment of her expression. Her father was right, the people from the Gulin Village rejected the adventurers, 'Not only jerks, but those villagers are also a fool too!' The young girl thought to herself.

"It's a pity indeed. Then what are you going to do now? We haven't finished skinning your pelt yet," the old man rubbed his beard, "What about staying a night in my humble village? We are going to celebrate since the vile beasts are killed! As for your pelt, it should be finished tomorrow afternoon, it's a hundred and twenty-one wolves, it will take time."

Cao Yuntai did not dare to make the decision for this. He looked toward his Boss instead. Rick also knew that the decision was in the young man's hand, he glanced at the young man with a gentle smile.

"Not like we have another choice?" Tang Shaoyang shrugged slightly as he accepted the offer.

"Right choice, and certainly much better than sleeping in the wild," the old man grinned.

The so-called celebration was eating together in the village square that could accommodate up to two hundred people though Ropina Village only had barely a hundred people or a hundred and seven villagers to be more exact.

A big bonfire was set in the center of the square. Ten whole Wolves were put around the bonfire, from time to time the cook would rotate the wolf.

Tang Shaoyang was sitting in the main seat, surrounded by beauties and "entertained" by Chief Rick who kept pushing his daughter into him.

Later on, one wolf meat was served on the main table. Tang Shaoyang immediately tore one of the legs. Brown sauce coated the meat, as a meaty aroma assaulted his nose. He took the first bite, the meat was surprisingly tender, and the secret sauce was sweet, sour, and a little bit spicy. The sauce suited his taste bud as he enjoyed another bite of the tender meat. The fruity wine was actually good too.

After gulping a mouthful of wine, Tang Shaoyang caught a glimpse of a beauty that caught his attention. The beauty was dressed in a red-fiery fur dress, showing the curvaceous shape.

While Delia was a charming and sweet beauty, this one was mature, fiery, and seductive. Her reserved smile was enchanting, and her body language was inciting for him.

Her violet hair was chin-length, her red-dark pupils like a precious ruby, and her mole below her right eyes added a big point to her alluring charm.

Rick caught Tang Shaoyang's gaze on the girl and chuckled, "As I thought, your type is the mature one since you could resist my daughter's charm."

"Do you know that our village has a unique tradition?" Tang Shaoyang looked at the old man with some interest, "The women have to stay in the village until forty-five while the men have to go out of the village when they reach adulthood!"

"It's indeed unique," Tang Shaoyang nodded his head and gazed at the old man. He wanted to know why the village followed the tradition.

"It's a tradition of this village, and I don't know why," the old man shrugged, "I am also not the native of the village. My first wife was freaking hot. She seduced me and successfully persuaded me to retire, and stay in the village," the old man grinned.

He then pointed at two women, one woman was in her early forties while the other one was in her late thirties, "She's my fifth wife, and she's my sixth wife. I never regretted my decision to stay in the village."

"But why do you keep pushing your daughter to me? You know, I am not going to spend my life in the village, and there's a big chance you will never see your daughter again," he looked at the old man curiously.

"That's the reason. I have known for a long time that my daughter is longing outside the world. Following the adventure like you may fulfill her longing dream," the old man smiled in return.

"That's it?" Tang Shaoyang doubted the old man, "Are you going to trust a stranger like me? Aren't you afraid that I will mistreat your daughter?"

"I know you will not," Chief Rick grinned again, "Let's change the topic. This is boring, do you want to know more about her?" The old man was pointing at the mature lady who Tang Shaoyang eyed early.

Noticing the growing interest in Tang Shaoyang's eyes, the old man smiled, "Her name is Elinova, we villagers called her Elin in short, 28 years, and a childless widow. Her husband who was also a Silver Rank Adventurer died as he encountered the Dire Wolf King three months after they married."

At this moment, a scream resounded amidst the celebration. The scream was coming from the entrance, "Help! Help!"


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