213 Testing New Skills
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Author :HotIce
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213 Testing New Skills

Before Old Man Rick could voice the protest at the plan, Tang Shaoyang left the formation. He called the man a few times but he was being ignored.

"What's wrong with your leader?" Chief Rick turned toward Cao Yuntai, but the old man soon found out that these people were not so concerned about their Leader.

"Don't worry, Chief Rick. That's how our leader always fights," Cao Yuntai smiled at the old man, "That's now what I want to know! If it's just normal wolves, then I would not have worried. That's Dire Wolf King, even a Gold Rank Party could not hunt that vile thing!" The old man pointed at the gigantic wolf.

Captain Cao shook his head, "That should not be an issue for him. He will be fine!" His Boss could handle stage-6 Three-Headed Ogre, so he thought it would be fine to face the wolf king.

The Dire Wolves they faced so far at most at stage-3 Dire Alpha Wolf. The King should be around stage-5 or stage-6 at best. That was Cao Yuntai was not worried in the slightest.

Meanwhile, there was an argument in Tang Shaoyang's head. It was Zowen against Tang Shaoyang and Karan.

–Integrate with me, it should be easy for you to wipe these wolves with my power.

The new spirit, Zowen wanted to experience what was the feeling of [Spirit Integration]. As a magus, she wanted to research and do anything for her magic.

"No, your power is surely convenient to wipe them, but your power will ruin the fur. I need the fur to raise money to buy the skill scroll," Tang Shaoyang shook his head, rejecting the idea of [Spirit Integration] with Zowen which was supported by Karan.

–Yeah, don't listen to this conceited magus. You should integrate with me instead.

–Shut up, you horny Orc!

–Lightning bitch!

Tang Shaoyang ignored the quarrel as he cast [Advance Spirit Integration]. This was the first time he used the skill after the evolution. He opened the status screen for a quick peek.


Name: Tang Shaoyang

Race: Human

Class: Spirit Master

Age: 26

Affiliation: Tang Empire

Level: 113

Talent: Divine Body

Attribute Point: 0

Strength: 1195 [+800]

Agility: 146

Vitality: 764 [+500]

Stamina: 358 [+200]

Magic Power: 168

Sense: 17

Mana: 1680/1680

Skill Point: 5

Skill: [Basic Detection], [Spirit Summoning - Lvl 3], [Spirit Contract - Lvl 2], [Advance Spirit Integration - Lvl 1], [Mana Mastery (Apprentice) - Lvl 3], [Mana Perception - Lvl 3], [Flash Step - Lvl 5], [Spirit Eyes - Lvl 3], [Spirit Advancement], [Universal Charisma (Passive)], [Enhanced Strength - Lvl 1], [Raged Alteration - Lvl 1], [Lesser Regeneration (Passive) - Lvl 3], [Tough Skin (Passive) - Lvl 1], [Profound Pleasure (Passive)]

Contracted Spirit (3/6): [Karan - The Great Warrior] [Zaneos - The Demon Swordsman] [Zowen - The Lightning Magus]

Spirit Skill:

[Karan Skill]: [War Cry - Lvl 5] [Wild Axes - Lvl 5] [Earth Split - Lvl 5] [Revolving Axes - Lvl 5] [Monster Aura (Passive) - Lvl 5] [War Stomp - Lvl 5]


—This is insane! This is broken! This is cheating!

For a true warrior who worked hard to reach Tang Shaoyang's level, this was cheating. Even though Zaneos had not figured out his attributes in number, Tang Shaoyang's attribute from the skill was insane.

Tang Shaoyang ignored the voices in his head as his focus was on Karan's skill. There were three additional skills. [Monster Aura] was passive, he could not figure out what it was since there was no explanation or anything about the skill. He had to find out about that later.

"[Revolving Axes] and [War Stomp], let's try these two new skills first," he leaped to the air, "But I did not expect the skill would be at level 5, all of them."

Tang Shaoyang slammed the battle-ax to the wolves below him. Two wolves died under his feet while a Dire Wolf had its body split by the battle-ax.

[War Cry]

He immediately cast [War Cry]. A roar came out from Tang Shaoyang's mouth, stunning all the wolves around him.

[War Cry activated, boosting your attributes by fifty percent for ten minutes!]

He then cast the next skill, [Revolving Axes]. His mana then formed six axes, the axes were floating around him. Then the six axes revolved with him as the center, shredding the wolves in a twenty meters area.

"Ah, shit! The skill is too brutal! It ruined my fur," dozens of wolves died from the [Revolving Axes] with their bodies shredded into pieces.


The Dire Wolf King released a howl. The surrounding dire wolves rushed toward Tang Shaoyang. Even the wolves who were about to reach the village turned around. The Dire Wolf King directed all its underlings toward Tang Shaoyang.

"Let's try the new skill for the last time!" Tang Shaoyang then activated [War Stomp]. His right foot raised on its own before stomping the ground.



The booming sound resounded as the big shock wave spread out from his stomp. All the Dire Wolves within forty meters range were flying away. The shock was so strong that the wolves could not hold their footing and were blown up by the shock wave.

Once again, the area in his surroundings was emptied again, "Not bad, but will not be used very often," That was his remark for the second skill.

"I am done testing the new skill, let's finish the battle now!" Tang Shaoyang then directed his base to the Dire Wolf King and the latter met his gaze with its bluish eyes.

[Flash Step]

He ignored the smaller wolves and came for the big one.

[Basic Detection]


[Beast King - Dire Wolf]

Affiliation: Dark Winter

Evolution: Stage-5

Level: 99



'Dark Winter? Not Orin Forest? But it's just stage-5. Let's end this quickly.'

The affiliation was telling him that the Wolf King had someone backing it, "But it does not matter. I am looking for you too, 4 Gold 50 coppers!" He grinned and rushed toward the gigantic wolf.

The Dire Wolf King opened its mouth wide. Mana started to gather inside.

—Mana Shoot, it's equal to a tier-three spell. Dodge if you don't have any defensive skill!

Zowen reminded Tang Shaoyang. But the latter shook his head, "I can't dodge or it will hit the village," he may not have the defensive skill, but there was always a way to cancel the opponent's skill.

[Wild Axes]

Tang Shaoyang threw the spinning axes at the gigantic wolf's lower jaw. The distance between the two was only ten meters, and since the Wolf King was casting a skill it could not avoid the spinning axes.

The spinning axes tore the power jaw of the Wolf King and canceled the Mana Shoot at the same time.

The Dire Wolf King was howling in pain. Tang Shaoyang took this chance to get closer. He moved to the side and raised his battle-ax, aiming for the wolf's neck. He was still thinking about the fur, doing a quick kill to maintain the fur.


However, his battle-ax slammed to the empty ground as the Dire Wolf King's figure flashed to the side. He could only see a streak shadowy figure flashed around him.

"Do you think you can confuse me by running around?" Tang Shaoyang grinned as he activated [Spirit Eyes].

A view overlapped with his sight. He saw the shadowy figure was moving around him from the top. Then the shadowy figure tried to pounce him from behind, the blind spot, at least the Dire Wolf King thought.

With a big grin plastered on his face, Tang Shaoyang threw the battle-ax to the air. Then he leaped to the air as well, causing the Dire Wolf King to miss.

"Taste my over 1500 Strength attribute!" He punched the head as soon as he landed on the top of the Dire Wolf King.

The stage-5 Dire Wolf could not hold its footing from the impact as its head crashed to the ground. Tang Shaoyang immediately hugged the Dire Wolf King's neck.


He twisted the neck, the crisp of the cracking bone sound was so satisfying in his ears.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 4 attribute points!]

Along with the notification, it created a heavenly melody to his ears. The smile on his face was getting wider.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Tang Shaoyang then caught the falling battle-ax with his right hand. With a big grin, he scanned the wolves who surrounded him, "It's time to clean up."

However, before he could make his next move, the Dire Wolves turned around. They ran away from him, running back to the forest instead of pouncing at him.


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