216 Crazy and Adventerous Night - Part 1
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Author :HotIce
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216 Crazy and Adventerous Night - Part 1

"Sword Maid, huh!?" Elin let out a chuckle as she raised her head to look at Tang Shaoyang's confused look.

"What's Sword Maid?" He blurted out. This was the first time he heard the term.

"A slave battle, at least, the nobles treated them as a slave battle, carrying the weapons for them, using them as meat shield at the moment danger, and f*ck them whenever they want," Elin explained without losing her smile.

'It seems I accept the contract too easily without knowing what it is. But the bond is needed to bring her to my world,'

With a bit grin, Tang Shaoyang lowered his head and raised her chin, "Those nobles must be stupid to use such beauty as a meat slave or treated them as a slave," he kissed the soft lips.

Elin seemed to be prepared for what was coming, she returned the kiss. She was single, but a widow with three months of experience. The moment his tongue entered her mouth, she greeted with hers.

It was short but passionate, Tang Shaoyang had to part the kiss and pulled the woman onto his lap, "Do you remember what I said to you?" His hand was on her waist and buttock, it was very soft.

"You just need one night to make me never forget about you?" Despite her flushing cheeks, she maintained a calm tone in his voice.

"You look mature but you can't be honest with yourself," Tang Shaoyang got closer to her neck, smelling her enticing natural smell, licking and kissing her neck.

He could hear her breathing was hurried, her body was seemingly trembling with joy, "You loved your husband very much!?"

"What do you know!?" When he brought her husband into the topic, she became aggressive, "Thar because you managed to hold back for two years without company of man despite your sensitive body," he took a bite on her earlobe and a moan escaped from her mouth.

He had not touched her vital spot but the latter was already wriggling in excitement, "But don't worry, I will make your love to your husband fade, and your love, your body, and your heart are mine only!"

Elin was about to get angry, but his hand was moving faster. Creeping through her thigh, his finger reached her vital spot that was already wet with juicy liquid.

"Mnnnn~," she tried to suppress her moan. She did not know why, but every single touch from the man was stimulating to her. The words she was about to say, she swallowed it back as a muffled moan escaped from her mouth.

"You are ready, huh!? So how to take your dress off, this dress is rather unique, and I don't want to tear such a stimulating dress," at his words, she moved her hand to the side. She took off something and the treasure behind the dress came into his sight as the dress fell off to his laps.

The perky and round mounds with pinks center showed themselves in front of the devil. Tang Shaoyang buried his head at the treasure, his hand played with the left one while his mouth was playing with the right.

"Ahnnnn~ Ahnnnn~" Elin could no longer suppress her moan. She did not bother to suppress it any longer as she enjoyed it. However, the man seemed getting attached to her breast, she could no longer hold her carnal desire, "Put it in~,"

The words were like a melodious syllable to his ears. Tang Shaoyang placed her on the bed as he stood in front of her. He took off his clothes and pulled down his pants, the majestic little Shaoyang came out of his cage.

Despite the dim light of the room, Elin could still see the shape and the size. As soon as she saw this, a thought crossed her mind, 'his is bigger than Hakop's,'

She sat up and reached the little Shaoyang with her hand. She played the rod with her hand before she put the big rod into her mouth.

Tang Shaoyang was surprised by her action, but he did not stop her. He could feel that her tongue brushed against his rod down there, giving him a new sensation of pleasure.

"Alright, that's enough," he pulled her head from his rod and helped her to get up, "Turn around and hold the bed, raise your bottom," Elin bent her body and stuck her buttock to him.

Tang Shaoyang rubbed the little Shaoyang against the wet hole. His action caused the girl to moan as well. After a moment, he pushed his rod into the juicy hole.

"Ahnnn~" a moan escaped from her mouth, at the same time, her mind blanked. When the second push came in, another moan escaped her mouth as pleasure crept all over her body, "More~ harder~" she subconsciously said.

There was an old saying in this village that said that you would feel the pleasure of having sex if you had sex with the man you loved. She thought the words were true, but she found out now that was not true, at all.

This was the first day she met with the man. Falling in love? No, she never loved the man, at all. She was repaying the man for what he had done, he avenged her husband's death.

"Ahnnn~" her mind blanked, the pleasure she never felt before assaulted her body. She tried to think about what happened to her, 'Was it because she never has intimate contact since her husband's death?' However, her brain was shut off as a big wave of pleasure came again.

Her leg weakened and fell to the bed. She had orgasmed, but the man had not done it yet. She could feel the thick and big rod still filled her, it was hard.

The man placed her on the bed properly, before he started again. The wave of pleasure never stopped after that, she stopped thinking as well as she let the man spoil her.

Twenty minutes later, she was laying down with her face on the pillow. Elin could feel the warm liquid filled her down there. Her breath was ragged and his eyes were half-shut. This was her first time since two years ago, she never thought that sex could give her such pleasure. At least, she never felt this way when she did this with her husband.

She was about to close her eyes, but she felt the thing that was still inside her was still as hard as before.

"I-I can't continue, give me a rest for a moment…" Elin pleaded as she raised her finger to the door, "You can continue with them first,"

"Huh!?" Tang Shaoyang came off from the powerless Elin and strode toward the door. He pulled the door open and saw two women were crawling right in front of the door.

He recognized both of them. The girl on the left was Chief Rick's daughter Delia and the girl on the right was Liang Suyin.

His current state was moved by instinct rather than rational thought. His body was craving for more girls, so he pulled the two girls inside the house.


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