219 Gaining Fame
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Author :HotIce
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219 Gaining Fame

The Ropina Village moved under Tang Shaoyang's escort. The supposed ten minutes journey took them an hour to reach Durin Village.

Chief Lod greeted them upon their arrival, but soon his eyes went wide at the sight of the Dire Wolf King, "T-that… T-that… Dire Wolf King!?" He stuttered as he approached the wagon with Dire Wolf King's corpse.

"Hahaha…" Chief Rick let out a satisfied laugh and tapped Chief Lod's shoulder, "That's right! This is Dire Wolf King, and my son-in-law killed it!" He raised his head proudly, it was as if he was the one who killed it.

"Your son-in-law?" Chief Lod turned toward old man Rick. They were a neighbor like for years, Chief Lod knew all of his sons-in-law. However, he knew that none of them were capable of doing this.

"Yup, let me introduce you to my new son-in-law, Tang. He killed the Dire Wolf King last night without battling his eyes," Chief Rick pointed at the corpse, "Look at the body, he killed the Dire Wolf King without damaging the fur. It was a perfect kill."

Chief Lod looked toward Tang Shaoyang with widened eyes. He was shocked that the Wood Rank Adventurer killed the Dire Wolf King, 'Is he really Platinum Rank?'

"Stop with the chit-chat, have you done skinning the pelt, Chief Lod?" The reason they stopped at the Durin Village was to retrieve the pelt. He was direct with his words.

"We are done," Chief Lod looked at Tang Shaoyang before glancing back at the corpse, back and forth. He was in awe but also dubious with the story since the infamous Dire Wolf King was not easily killed.

However, the corpse was enough proof for him to believe their claim. Chief Lod became even more respectful as he motioned Tang Shaoyang to follow him to the village.

The remaining villagers and his party stayed outside while Chief Rick and Tang Shaoyang entered the village. Chief Lod brought them to the Durin Village's warehouse.

Inside the warehouse, the Dire Wolf's pelts were piled neatly. Tang Shaoyang took out the storage bag and directed it toward the pelt.

At the entrance, Chief Lod looked toward Chief Rick, "Are you going to evacuate to the city now?" He noticed the big crowd behind, bringing wagons with their things on it.

When this was mentioned, Chief Rick's smug look replaced with a solemn look as he nodded toward his friend, "Yeah, you should move out earlier too. Gulin Village was attacked by the Dire Wolves, the Dire Wolf King, and its pack destroyed the village…"

Chief Rick told his friend what transpired last night, not leaving a single detail including the four fools who lured the Dire Wolf King to his village.

"Fortunately, Tang was in my village last night, our village would get destroyed as well," Chief Rick let out a relieved sigh and looked to his friend, "You better move out as soon as possible as well, who knows what will attack your village next?" He was not scaring Chief Lod but he was genuinely worried.

"Hah…" Chief Lod let out a sigh, it was not the time to harvest the field yet. He could not leave the village now even if he wanted to, "I can't, we have to harvest the field first before we could move out."

Chief Rick knew Chief Lod's difficulty, but what he could do? He could not do anything to help his friend, "Then be careful, you have to scout the perimeter daily, just in case," the old man tapped his friend's shoulder.

Tang Shaoyang had stored all the pelts, "Thank you for your help," he bowed his head slightly before he left the warehouse. Chief Lod wanted to say something but he was hesitating, in the end, he said nothing as he sent his friend and Tang Shaoyang out.

On the way to the entrance, he saw Yonki came back from there. He was beaming in excitement, and Tang Shaoyang could tell that the hunter had gotten his storage bag back.

The middle-aged hunter bowed his head toward Tang. Not because he walked with the two chiefs, but because he respected him from the bottom of his heart.

Just like that, they stopped to retrieve the wolf's pelt. They immediately left Durin Village after Tang Shaoyang was done. They continued the trip, and It took them three hours to reach the city as they traveled in a group.

Two guards on the top watchtower noticed there was a big group approaching the north gate, "Refuge from the forest is coming! Refuge from the forest is coming!" One guard informed the guards on the gate.

Looking at the city wall, Chief Rick was relieved. As long as he was in the city, he and his villagers were pretty much safe. However, deep inside he was quite excited as well. The bane of the Orin Forest, the Dire Wolf King died and the corpse was with his group.

About ten meters away from the gate, the metal gate was pulled up. Six guards were ready on both sides, everyone who entered the city must be checked. Chief Rick raised his chest and walked forward proudly.

"Rick of Ropina Village reported!" The six guards recognized the old man as they smiled at the old man, "Yo, Old Man Rick, you come earlier this year," the guard came forward and smiled as well.

"Yes, Dire Wolves attacked my village so we have to evacuate earlier," Chief Rick nodded his head a big smile formed on his lips, "Look what we got here!" He pointed at the Dire Wolf King's corpse on the top wagon.

The six guards' eyes immediately went wide at the sight of the massive corpse of a wolf. The guard recognized the corpse, Dire Wolf King, "Y-you killed it!?" The guard that slightly older than the other guards asked the old man.

"Nah, even if I am still at my peak, I could never hunt this thing, let alone," the old man waved his hand as he pointed at Tang Shaoyang, "My son-in-law killed the Dire Wolf King."

One guard immediately recognized Tang Shaoyang, the big battle-ax left a deep impression on him, "Don't joke around, old man. He is just a Wood Rank Adventurer, there's no way he could kill the Dire Wolf King."

"Who said Wood Rank Adventurer could not kill the Dire Wolf King? Are you implying I am a liar?" Chief Rick immediately went aggressive at the guard who questioned him, "If it was not him, then who killed the Dire Wolf King? You? If you can't kill the Dire Wolf Ming, it does not mean the other can't!" The old man sneered at the young guard.

The young guard's face flushed red. It was indeed hard to believe but with the proof and the vouch from the old man, he could not refute the old man either.

"Alright, stop it! Let's check them up and get it done quick," the older guard ordered his subordinates to do a quick check. It was just a formality, the group was allowed to enter the city after a quick check.

Just like that, the group became the center of attention of the street. The people they passed on the street could not help but glance at the massive corpse. Chief Rick seemed to enjoy the attention he received from the people.

Just like that, a story of Wood Rank Adventurer killed the Dire Wolf King, the bane of the Orin Forest spread through to the city.


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