229 Compensation - Part 2
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Author :HotIce
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229 Compensation - Part 2

Tang Shaoyang actually did not expect the woman would fulfill her words as well. He was surprised the woman would offer herself for the two men.

"Perhaps, are you their sister?"

"No, I am their Party Leader and also their best friends," Arina said that with a calm expression as if being a slave was not the worst for her.

"That's it? Are you willing to be a slave for those two just because you are their friend?" Tang Shaoyang squinted his eyes at the girl. She was acting very suspicious right now. A friend who was willing to sacrifice herself was something he could never imagine.

"Yes, but in exchange, you can't kill them," Arina met with his gaze, "I know you are not going to let this matter rest just like this, that's why I want to exchange my life for those two. Don't kill them!"

"Wow, if that's really true then you are stupid and naive," Tang Shaoyang shook his head but then a smirk formed on his lips, "Fine by me, you will be my slave, and I will let the matter rest."

"Old Man Carlos, can you help me to draft a new oath?" An oath was similar to the contract he drafted for his slaves. However, the oath was more ruthless since if you broke the oath you would get punished with Divine Thunder.

Guild Master Carlos ignored Tang and looked toward Arina, "Are you sure about this? This is not a kid play, Arina!" The old man tried to persuade the girl to change her mind while Tang Shaoyang let them be.

"They are my party members and also my best friend, I can't let them die," Arina nodded her head. She was determined with her decision, but that was mixed with guilt as well.

First of all, doing this, she hoped Deril and Murie would live. Free from the grudge of this high-ranking mage. Second, it was to free them from her as well. She wanted them to get a new chapter of life with a new woman. Her heart and goal were pure.

"What about your party?" Carlos was concerned about the party. Deril and Murie were no longer adventurers, and Arina was the only Platinum Rank. If she became Tang's slave, the Platinum Rank White Tiger would be left with only four Gold Rank Adventurers.

"It's time for them to start a new chapter in their life, without me," the woman smiled, sadness and relief mixed as it could be seen from her expression.

Guild Master Carlos tried to persuade the girl, but she would not budge even a little, "Thank you, Guild Master. However, I have decided to take this road!" Her voice was gentle and calming, but Carlos could tell as well she was firm with her decision.

"Hah…" Old Man Carlos shook his head, "That lass surely would be disappointed if he found out you become someone else's slave."

"Wuu, it seems my slave has many admirers, who's that lass you are talking about? I am pretty sure that lass would come for me if he finds out the lady he admires becomes my slave," At this point, Tang Shaoyang's expression had turned into a playful one.

Carlos shot a glance at the man that shrouded in mysteries, "He's my grandson, Platinum Rank Adventurer as well. You should not worry about him, I will take care of him," then he stood up and left the room.

Tang Shaoyang looked at the blue-haired beauty and the blue-haired beauty returned the glance. Amidst the silence, both exchanged glances without words.

A few minutes later, Guild Master Carlos came back with the leather. The three drafted the oath together before calling the high-priest to seal the oath. In the oath, Tang Shaoyang was forced to swear to not pursue the matter or even try to kill Murie and Deril. In exchange for that, Arina would be his slave.

—Are you going to let them live? That's surprising of you.

Zaneos's surprised and suspicious voice rang in his head. He could not believe that he was going to let the two men who almost killed him live.

'Do you think so? The oath stated that I can't kill them in my initiative, I can't chase to kill them or so, but do you think the two would let this slide like this? The woman they admired becomes my slave, their life as an adventurer comes to an end because of me, and the party they have been working hard disbands. Do you think those two would just stay still and stay away from me? You know human's nature, Teacher.'

—Ah, I see. Indeed, they will come at you, again. A thousand percent, they would come at you again even if you don't look for them.

—Woah, you are so cruel and cunning. You are tricking the pure lady here.

Zaneos's reply was followed by Zowen's apathetic tone.

Tang Shaoyang shrugged as the same high priest sealed the oath. He was the one holding the oath, just like that, a notification appeared in his eyes.

[Individual Arina offers herself to be your slave, will you accept her to be your slave?]

He chose yes without hesitation and his forehead was glowing immediately. A symbol of a person kneeling to another appeared on their forehead, which lasted for ten seconds before the glow died down. Just like that, Platinum Rank Adventurer had become his slave.

"Alright~ Alright~ I want my money now, 2,750 gold from the compensation, and 600 gold from my winning in the trial," Tang Shaoyang extended his hand to the old man with a big grin plastered on his face.

Old Man Carlos took out a big pouch from the back of his clothes and tossed the pouch to Tang. The sound of the money clinking together was so pleasing to the ears. He caught the pouch and opened it to see his money.

33 Platinum Coins and 50 Gold Coins, this was the second day, and he had gotten a lot of money, "The future is surely bright," Tang Shaoyang whistled happily.

His current state and expression were totally different compared to him a few minutes ago. If one saw his current appearance, they would not believe that, in fact, the man was a powerful mage and also the terrifying one at that.

Arina stood from her seat, "Let me heal you," Tang Shaoyang nodded, letting her do her job as a healer. She took off the clothes that covered Tang's refined body. Looking at his build one would mistake him as a warrior instead of a mage.

She carefully opened the bandage so he would not be hurt. When she opened the bandage, she was surprised to see the wounds were half-closing already. Not even half an hour passed after the battle, but the man was almost healed.

A high regeneration body was a body that belonged to the high-rank warrior or knight, 'He's a mage but he also has a strong body, just what is he?' Arina's mind was swirled in confusion. She never heard such a case before.

"I thought you were going to heal me?" She snapped out of her daze when she heard his voice. Arina extended his hand to the wound and cast [Cure].

The cooling sensation spread on the wound and the wound immediately closed, and a few seconds later, the wound vanished. It was as if he never suffered the injuries.

"Alright, my wounds are healed, and I have taken what is mine. It's time to go," Tang Shaoyang stood up from the seat, stretching his body for a moment.

"Wait!" Guild Master Carlos called out. Tang Shaoyang turned toward the old man. He was about to ask him what he needed until the old man tossed something at him. He caught the spinning thing in the air.

It was a badge made of silver, "So I am Silver Rank Adventurer now huh," the grin became wider when he realized he had skipped a rank.

Old Man Carlos rolled his eyes at Tang Shaoyang, "That's Platinum, not silver, can you differentiate between the two!?"

"I can't obviously, but why Platinum all of sudden, I thought there's a strict rule, and bla, bla, bla, bla…" he squinted his eyes at the man, this was suspicious.

"That's because you have defeated two Platinum Ranks in the trial of the duel," The old man explained shortly and asked, "So, what are you going to do now? Are you up for a quest, I have a special quest for you."

"Nah, I am going to settle up in the city first. But I will listen to the quest later or maybe tomorrow. I need some time to relax after the "thrilling" battle," He grinned toward the old man while the latter rolled his eyes once again, "Then I will wait for you tomorrow."


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