230 I Am Not Going to Eat You
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Author :HotIce
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230 I Am Not Going to Eat You

Tang Shaoyang walked together with his party members to the eastern district. Of course, Arina was here as well, following Tang closely. Did not want to lose with the new arrival rival, Liang Suyin walked side by side with Arina to assert some dominance.

Her effort was futile since Arina was oblivious to her thoughts. Arina's gaze never left the man, trying to solve the mysteries in her head regarding him. Liang Suyin misunderstood that and took that personally.

Fan Rui and Gu Yingjie were in the last row, "So, what do you call what happened just now? Legendary Adventurer battle?" Idle, Fan Rui could not help but ask his young friend with a lot of knowledge.

"Mnnn," Gu Yingjie held his chin, "Usually that part comes later when the main character reveals his true power, but the Boss skips a few steps."

"Then what about the women? How can almost all beauties that met with our Boss be attracted to him? I am envious," Fan Rui blurted out his honest thoughts which earned a look from the young man.

"That's called the Main Character's perk, you have to be the main character like our Boss if you want to earn that perk, wait…" Gu Yingjie scanned Fan Rui from the top to bottom, "Or you can be a side antagonist to the main character which is our Boss."

"Main Character's perk? Side antagonist?" Another term he could not understand.

"Yeah, side antagonist aka the villain, a stepping stone for the main character. The backstory is that because you are jealous of the main character, you quit the party and establish a bandit band outside the city to kidnap women to create a harem for yourself," Gu Yingjie started with his imagination while looking at Fan Rui, "Later on, you kidnapped a princess of a kingdom, and our Boss comes to the rescue."

"Mnn, that's a decent story to raise our Boss's fame," Gu Yingjie nodded while tapping Fan Rui's shoulder, "Then what happened to me?"

"Keheuk!" Gu Yingjie made a motion of slicing his neck with his thumb, "You either get executed by the kingdom or get your head chopped off by our Boss!"

Fan Rui rubbed his neck as he felt a chill, he immediately shook his head, "Nah, one is enough for now."

"This is Ropina Inn!" Cao Yuntai stopped in front of a four-story building. His eyes widened in surprise, not expecting the inn would be this big, certainly the biggest one in this street.

Yes, the inn belonged to the people of Ropina Village. In exchange for escorting them to the city, Chief Rick offered them a free stay in their inn. Of course, who was going to refuse the free stuff, they took the offer, and here they were.

"You guys are staying in the Ropina Inn?" Arina who maintained her silence spoke up, "But the inn is still closed until a half month or a month later. They usually open for business during that time."

Tang Shaoyang ignored her words as he knocked on the door three times, 'Does he want to make trouble here?' Arina thought to herself.

But to her surprise, the door opened. A lady around the same age as her, a violet hair that reached her shoulders. This was the reason why Ropina Inn was known in the city, the barmaid was stunning beauty to attract the males to stay and drink here.

"You have come," Elin smiled gently. She hugged and kissed him on the cheek which surprised Arina. The High Cleric realized that the man related to the people from Ropina Inn.

They entered the inn, women were cleaning the inn while the men were repairing the worn-out chair or the table.

"Welcome back~" Delia who noticed her man's arrival rushed toward Tang Shaoyang. She hugged him excitedly before pulling him upstairs, "I have prepared our room," the girl dragged Tang Shaoyang upstairs.

His room was on the fourth floor, the biggest room of the Ropina Inn. Liang Suyin and Elin followed the two upstairs. Arina hesitated for a moment before she decided to follow them as well.

As for Cao Yuntai, Gu Yingjie, and Fan Rui, they were smart enough to not disturb the Boss. But of course, Tang Shaoyang was not doing it in the day of broad daylight. He could still hold his lustful desire even with the four beauties surrounding him.

On the fourth floor, inside his room, Delia showed the man the large bed that could hold 7-8 people to sleep on it, "This is the custom bed I have prepared for us," the girl smiled widely. Liang Suyin blushed immediately as she immediately got what Delia implied behind her words.

"Fortunately, we got the largest bed," Elin nodded as she glanced at Arina who had a slight blush as well, "We just separated for like a few hours, and you bring a new girl."

"Nah, she's my slave, and it's a long story," he came forward and hugged her soft yet tight waist, "If you are interested to hear the story, we have all night for that."

Elin was surprised as she glanced at Arina. The girl was wearing a white robe she was familiar with, Cleric, Priest, and Healer would wear the similar robe as her. However, Tang said she was his slave, she became curious as to how the man could get such a high-grade slave.

"For now, you should Chief Rick to tidy up the inn, I am going to have a bath," Tang Shaoyang as he sat at the edge of the bed, "Let me prepare the water," Delia seemed wanting to join the bath with him, but Tang Shaoyang refused her, "It's okay, I have a slave to do that menial work. You should help your father instead."

Delia was disappointed she could not join the bath but she nodded her head. Elin smiled understandingly, the man wanted to taste the new girl first. She brought Delia with her, leaving Arina and Suyin behind.

"Suyin also wants to join the bath with us?" Tang Shaoyang teased the reserved girl. Her face flushed red and she shook her head before she ran away from the room, leaving more space for the Master and the Slave.

Arina knew that from the start this would come the moment she offered herself to be his slave. Even though she was prepared, her heart was still pounding madly. She was nervous and a bit lost at what to do.

She looked at the man, and she found out he was laying down on the bed with his eyes closed, 'What should I do now?' She never had an intimate relationship with any man in her 29 years of life. Arina did not know how to serve a man.

'He said he wants to have a bath, should I prepare the water first? Is hot water better, or cold water better? It's still noon,' Arina was contemplating what she should do until she heard the man's voice, "What are you doing there? Come here." Tang Shaoyang was sitting on the bed as he tapped the empty spot next to him.

Badump! Badump! Badump!

Arina's heartbeat spiked up, but she followed his words. She sat next to the man, nervousness was apparent on her face.

"Just relax, I am not going to eat you."


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