231 Blessing
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Author :HotIce
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231 Blessing

Arina thought the man would do something to her. They were alone in the room, and she was her slave. She basically could not refuse if the man truly asked her to undress. However, he did nothing to her as he kept asking her about her class.

"So how did you get your class?" That was basic knowledge for an adventurer, but the man was more interested in this basic rather than her body, "Radiant Temple, by paying a certain amount of money, you will get God's blessing that will grant you a class, or you can go to the church. If you join the church, you can get a unique class such as Guardian Knight or Priest."

She wanted to ask why he asked her about this while he had a mage as his class. As she knew more about him, she discovered more mysteries about him. Arina tried to ask but the man seemed to distrust her despite their slave bond. He would not answer her.

"How about skills? Did you learn a skill from Radiant Temple too?"

"Yes, God's blessing could grant you skills as well. While Radiant Temple is one of two choices to obtain class, you can learn a skill at the other places. There's a place called Realm Tower, they sell scroll skills. Or you can get a skill from the dungeon as well, ah, if you don't know, Realm Tower is the backing of the Adventurer Guild," Arina told her the basic knowledge that everyone was supposed to know.

"What about your class? Level?" Tang Shaoyang nodded his head and continued with his question. The girl was hesitating and he noticed that quickly, "What's wrong? Is the class considered a secret?"

Arina shook her head, "While class is not, but we never shared our level with the others," she told her hesitation, "My original class is Cleric, and my current class is High Cleric. I have undergone 2nd advancement after I reached Level 100. As for my current, I am currently level 109."

Tang Shaoyang was surprised to hear her level. Her level was much higher than any of his subordinates and almost caught with his, "What about Deril?"

"I told you, the level is classified information that should not be shared. I am sharing mine because of our bond, but I am not oblig–" Tang Shaoyang however repeated the question, "What about Murie's and Deril's class and level?"

Arina choked with her own words, clearly, the man was not listening to her. She looked into the man's eyes and realized this was not a request but order from her Master. A sigh escaped from her mouth, "Deril's class is 2nd Warrior Advancement, Heavy Warrior, and level 112. Murie said his class is 2nd Scout Advancement, Master Scout, and level 114."

"Murie said? So you are not sure about his class either?" Tang Shaoyang got the cue with how she told her about their classes and levels. Arina nodded her head.

"Weird, why are they so weak?" He muttered afterward. From the level, the gap was not too big, and both were 2nd Advancement as well. Yet he easily beat them in the battle.

'They are not weak, it's you who is too strong,' she wanted to tell him but decided to keep her mouth shut.

—The talent system, this world does not have the talent system that will boost their basic attributes as yours. On top of that, the class's gap, your class is clearly much superior to theirs.

Zowen helped him to solve the mystery behind the gap.

"What about talent?" Tang Shaoyang continued with a question that puzzled Arina, "Talent? An inborn talent?" The girl was confused which confirmed their guess there was no talent system in this world.

—This world has a similar system but not the same system as the game system in your world.

Zaneos concluded from the short exchange between Tang Shaoyang and Arina. Tang Shaoyang and Zowen agreed.

"How much do I need to pay to get a class?" He changed the topic.

—That's interesting actually. You have a class, but what about if you get the blessing from the Radiant Temple? Will your class get changed or will you get the second class instead? That's worth a try.

Zowen came up with an interesting theory the moment Tang Shaoyang asked the question. Zaneos's silence indicated he also agreed to the magus' idea to get the blessing from the Radiant Temple.

"Don't you already have a class, a mage?" Arina could not help but ask. She could no longer hold her curiosity back. But she was bound to be disappointed since the opposite would not give her the answer she desired for.

"It's me who asked you, not the other way round," Tang Shaoyang returned flatly.

Arina took a deep breath and continued with her explanation, "There six types of blessing, Minor Blessing, Small Blessing, Normal Blessing, Great Blessing, Greater Blessing, and Supreme Blessing."

"Minor Blessing is the cheapest one, you only need to pay 10 gold, 100 good for Small Blessing, 1,000 gold for Normal Blessing, 10,000 gold for Great Blessing, and 100,000 gold for Greater Blessing."

"What about Supreme Blessing?" The girl excluded the last blessing. He thought it would be 1 million gold, but there was a certain condition for the last blessing.

"Supreme Blessing only for the chosen one, only the person favored by Gods will receive Supreme Blessing. You can't get that with money, Gods will bestow the blessing on their will."

"I see, has someone received Supreme Blessing?" Tang Shaoyang nodded and asked the girl with pure curiosity. He wanted to know how strong the person who received Supreme Blessing was.

"Yes, our King, the King of Garsian is the only person who received Supreme Blessing in the last century. Over two hundred years ago, the Emperor from the south also received the same blessing," the answer was surprising, only a handful of people, not even five people, could get such a blessing.

"Mnn, based on the money I have, I can only get Normal Blessing," Tang Shaoyang muttered to himself, "Then what if I pay for Minor Blessing today, and I pay for Small Blessing tomorrow? Will I get two classes?" Then he thought of something.

"Of course not," Arina immediately retorted to Tang Shaoyang at his ridiculous theory, "You will not get the second class but your current class will be upgraded to a better class. For example, my class. I received Minor Blessing and got [Healer] as my class, three years later, I came back to get Small Blessing, and my class changed to [Cleric]."

—What are you waiting for? Let's try this blessing.

Zowen was excited for some reason, but Tang Shaoyang was not in a hurry. He continued inquiring more things about this world which was actually the basic of this world while Arina answered every question.

"Alright, that's enough for now. Call my party to my room!" He ordered the girl to call his subordinates.

"Didn't you want to take a bath?" Arina asked the man, but her question caused Tang to smile, "My slave seems to be perverted," the words caused her to blush as she immediately lowered her head, "I will call them right away," the girl then ran away.


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