234 Having a Chat With Gods
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Author :HotIce
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234 Having a Chat With Gods

—If they called themselves Gods, they at least could do that much. What about having a chat with them? Maybe they will offer the Supreme Blessing

Zowen was interested in being called Gods.

'It's not like I can leave even if I don't want to,' Tang Shaoyang nodded and took a seat across from the figure made of light, "Then let's have a chat, I will answer your question, then you will answer my question too."

"Quite cocky for a mortal being huh!?" It was a different voice. If the beforehand voice hardly discerned whether it was a female or a male voice, this voice was for sure a male, and he seemed to be annoyed with his attitude.

—That's quite normal, they have built a big ego for someone who always sits on the top. They don't like it when someone they deem lower than their status acts like you are. Let's not agitate them for now and listen to what they want to talk about with you.

Zaneos reminded Tang Shaoyang, but the latter shook his head, 'I don't care, I have enough to bow my head, and I will never bow my head to anyone, ever again! Even if they are Gods!'

"Do you want to have a chat or not? If not then give me my blessing. You have taken my 10 gold, and you want me to listen to your grumble or something?"

"Alright, you can leave, let me talk with him instead," It was the neutral voice that spoke again. The Gods seemed to be conversing with each other, "I am sorry for my friend's behavior, before we start with our chat, may I know your name?"

"It's rude to ask someone else's name without introducing yourself, right?" Tang Shaoyang did not follow the opposite party's will. He was challenging them in fact, testing out of something.

"You are right. My name is Rubia, Goddess of Light or people if this world called me Goddess of Harmony," the neutral voice introduced herself.

With such a simple exchange, Tang Shaoyang could tell that these Gods were the ones who needed something from him. That thing was important for them even lowering themselves toward him who they deemed lower than him.

"Tang Shaoyang is my name, an Emperor," a short and simple introduction that suited himself.

Silence ensued between them, the Gods seemed to be surprised. The silence lasted for like twenty seconds before Goddess Rubia continued, "For the start, may I know where do you come from? Your original world I mean,"

"Earth, I come from Earth," since the opposite party was amiable to talk with, he was willing to have a chat, "Now it's my turn. How many Gods does this world have?"

"8 Gods, but if you include the Gods of the Beasts and Gods of the Monster, there are 30 Gods in total that govern this world," Rubia answered the question pretty fast, "How about this, let me first answer all your questions, then you start to answer my question."

"That's a good idea, then let's start with the Class. How the class system works in this world?" He wanted to know how these Gods bestowed Classes to the people. If he could find this out, he could use the trick of his people later.

"Unfortunately, we don't know as well. It already exists before we are born into this world," the answer surprised Tang Shaoyang, "If you wanted to ask me how we bestow the class to the people, that because we are transcendent beings, we gained some of the authority over this world that allows us to give blessing which is the classes but with some of a certain penalty. I can't tell the details until I can fully trust you."

"Actually, I want to talk to you about the things we, Gods, discover while we are exploring the secret of this, about authority, classes, skills, level, and more. The Game, the game which is actually an armageddon for this world. Are you willing to listen to our story?"

The conversation changed from the question and answer to the storytelling. However, Tang Shaoyang had to agree as he was curious about the game Rubia was talking about.

"Alright, I will listen to you for now," he nodded his head, "Good, we discovered many things, including the authority of class, and at some point, we discovered something very very big, The Game! The world will summon something hideous, a creature that does not exist in this world to fight against the inhabitants of this world. The system that is currently inactive will be activated to govern The Game. On top of that, the world will undergo a huge change as well."

"From this huge change of the world, it will mostly benefit the non-human races. It would be easier for them to evolve stronger, but of course, the human is given a chance to survive as well. A system that we, Gods, have been activated, class, level, and skill," Rubia told some of her discoveries to him, but of course, that was not all of them.

"Like sending the original inhabitants to another world to complete a mission is part of the game. Just like you who came to our world to finish the mission," silent followed after her words. She was waiting for Tang Shaoyang to speak but the latter said nothing in response.

The Goddess could not hold it any longer and started to speak again, "Since the system in your world has been activated, we want the information you know about The Game. In exchange, we will give you the Supreme Blessing."

"So that's what you want from me. Information about the game," Tang Shaoyang finally found out what these Gods wanted from him, and he was sure they wanted to know more information, the actual information since what they had was vague.

This time it was he who did not receive a response from the Goddess Rubia, but he went on with his guess, "The fact you want to exchange the information with the blessing, that means you can't do anything to me despite having some 'authority' over this world, even if you are Gods."

"No, we want a friendly exchange since our world may be connected lat–" Rubia was about to finish her words until Tang Shaoyang cut her in, "Don't lie to me if you can do something to me, that annoyed God earlier will rather kidnap me and get the information forcefully from my head instead of offering an exchange like this. I am not that stupid for you to fool me," he smirked at the figure made of light.

"Oh, one more thing. The fact that you want to exchange information with me means your information about The Game is vague and unclear or…" Tang Shaoyang paused for the suspense as the grin on his face was getting wider.

"Penalty, bestowing the blessing of the class has its penalty. Then what about if you touch something you should not touch, the authority of the system, forcefully activating the system without the system's authorization itself, the penalty will be quite big I am sure."

When those words came out from Tang Shaoyang's mouth, Goddess Rubia was silenced immediately. She was not responding to him, and he could see the figure made of light wavered.


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